How To Hack Into Someone’s Discord Account?

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Discord which started as a gamer-centric chat platform, overtime has become a common texting app for people of all fields. Today you can find all types of people on Discord and not just gamers. Your child, friend, or partner must also be there on Discord.

If you are willing to read their messages or listen to their voice chats then this article is for you. Here I will show you how to hack someone’s Discord.

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Why Would Someone Want To Hack Into Discord?

hack discord server

Discord is not the safest app on the planet because it has its share of dangers which makes parents concerned about their child’s safety on this platform. Hence, most parents want to hack Discord servers and messages to protect their children from the dark side of Discord.

Similarly, a person would want to hack into their partner’s Discord account to check if they are cheating on them. It’s a bit awkward to read but yes, Discord is slowly becoming the favorite chat app for cheaters. The reason is that one can meet strangers with similar interests easily on this platform. Secondly, no one doubts that someone can use a platform like Discord for cheating purposes.

Apart from all this, if you run a business then you may also want to hack into your employee’s Discord account to check if they are trading the company secretes with a third person.

Can You Hack Someone Through Discord?

We have learned about the reasons why would anyone want to hack into someone’s Discord account. Now let’s find out that is it even possible to do that.

So yes, it is possible to hack into someone’s Discord server, messages, etc. There are many ways to do that. You can hire a hacker for the job or you can steal their password with the help of a keylogger program or by social engineering techniques.

However, the method that I prefer or recommend is to use Discord hack tools. The reason is that these apps are much easier to use and very effective for hacking Discord APK remotely. You just need to install these apps on the target device and in return, they will allow you to get access to someone’s Discord account and read all their chats, and listen to their voice chats.

How To Hack Someone’s Discord Account?

There are lots of apps to hack Discord available in the market and I have tested most of them. But you don’t need to go through all of them as I am presenting to you the 4 best Discord hack apps that will let you spy on someone’s Discord DMs, servers & voice chats.

All these tools to hack Discord that I am going to share below work almost similarly. You have to first purchase the app from their official website and then download and install the app on the target device. Once the app is properly installed on the target cell phone, you can head over to your hack app dashboard and remotely hack into the target person’s Discord account.

1. KidsGuard Pro

How KidsGuard Pro Hack Discord?

  • With KidsGuard Pro you can read the chats made in private and public servers and DMs using screenshots.

kidsguard pro for discord

  • You also get a keylogger function inside the app that records all the words typed on various apps installed on the target phone including Discord.
  • It even tracks the Discord notifications for you.

Other Important Features

  • KidsGuard Pro can record phone calls of the target person.
  • It even tracks the location of the victim very accurately.

Why Do I Recommend It?

  • While using KidsGuard Pro, I found that it is the best Discord hack tool under the budget.
  • The app is very easy to use and has a good UI as well.

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2. pcTattletale

How pcTattletale Hack Discord?

  • pcTattletale can help you hack into Discord with the help of its screen recording feature.

Discord dms

Other Important Features

  • The other important features of the app include live screen recording with the help of which you can see what they are doing on their screen in real-time.
  • pcTattletale can track the exact location of the target Android phone.

Why Do I Recommend It?

  • I personally like pcTattletale very much because it lets you see what someone is doing on their Discord app in the form of a video.
  • You also get a free trial with this spyware. So you can test it before purchasing its plan.

Click Here to Try pcTattletale

3. eyeZy

How eyeZy Hack Discord?

  • eyeZy is one of the most used Discord hack tools for the fact that it can very well hack Discord messages with its keylogger.

hack into someone's Discord

  • The app also has a screen recorder feature that can record Discord screenshots. However, when I tested it only tracked WhatsApp & Instagram screens. Maybe there was something wrong with my target device, it may work for you.

Other Important Features

  • The other features of the app include browser history tracking and blocking website with adult content on kids’ devices.
  • The app has a built-in feature to track the exact location of the target phone.

Why Do I Recommend It?

In my test, I found that eyeZy works very accurately. It can help you effectively hack into someone’s Discord messages.

Click Here to Try eyeZy

4. TheOneSpy

How TheOneSpy Hack Discord?

  • With TheOneSpy app, you can listen to Discord voice chats and calls very easily, and that too without rooting the target phone.

hack discord voice chats

  • This app also allows you to hack Discord messages.

Other Important Features

  • The app lets you hack the target phone’s camera and microphone remotely.
  • With the TheOneSpy app, you can steal the passwords on the target phone.

Why Do I Recommend TheOneSpy?

  • Out of all the Discord hack tools on the list, TheOneSpy is the only app that lets you hack Discord voice chats without root.
  • It is one of the most advanced spyware I have used so far.

Click Here to Try TheOneSpy

Final Verdict

Hacking into Discord is slightly easier than hacking into Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram because all these platforms are end-to-end encrypted but Discord is not. However, that does not mean that anyone can hack into Discord servers and read someone’s chat. One must have the technical skills to do that. But don’t worry if you do not have the right skill set because you can always make use of Discord hack apps to access someone’s Discord server and messages.


How Do Hackers Hack Discord?

Hackers make use of phishing and social engineering techniques to hack into someone's Discord.

Is It Possible To Hack A Disabled Discord Account?

No, you can't hack into a disabled Discord account.

Can You Hack Discord Server Ownership?

If you can somehow get access to the server owner's Discord account then you can transfer the ownership of the server to yourself. But remember, it is against Discord's terms & conditions.

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