How To Hide A Spy Camera In Room, Car & Plain Sight

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Although spy cams are getting stealthier day by day, they are still not impossible to spot. Someone with sharp eyes can still find a hidden camera, especially with anti-spy gadgets like these that allow you to scan for such secret spying devices. So no matter how small-sized camera you buy, you need to place it carefully so that no one can notice it.

Now you must be wondering how to hide a spy camera, right? Don’t worry, in this article, I am going to share with you the best places to hide a camera in the living room, car, and outdoors. So without any further ado let’s start the article, shall we?

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Reasons To Use A Hidden Camera

Before hiding a spy cam let’s find out why do people use it in the first place. There can be multiple reasons why people use a covert camera but the most prominent reasons are:

1) Investigation: Journalists and private investigators use hidden spy cameras to collect evidence or to shoot a sting operation on the target person without them knowing.

2) Shoplifting Prevention: Most retail store owners use hidden cameras to prevent shoplifters from stealing stuff. This work can be done using CCTV also, but smart thieves know how to dodge a CCTV. However, they don’t know where the spy camera is hidden and hence it is easy to catch them in the act.

3) To Keep An Eye On Babysitter: Most working parents hire a babysitter to take care of their baby when they are out for work. However, a babysitter being a stranger can be a threat to your child. Therefore it’s important that you keep an eye on them, and for this purpose, a spy cam is the best solution.

How To Hide A Spy Camera

Conceal A Spy Camera At House

If you want to hide a spy camera inside your house or living room then the following are the best places to install them.

1. Hide The Hidden Camera Behind A Mirror

hide a spy camera in mirror

There are special two-way mirrors that are partially reflective and partially transparent. You can put the camera behind such type of mirror. But choose the mirror carefully, if you have a mirror that is way too transparent then the target person can easily see the camera hidden behind the mirror. While if it is too reflective then the camera cannot record the footage clearly.

Acrylic two-way mirrors are the best mirrors for hiding a camera as they are 70% reflective and 30% transparent. This allows the camera to stay low-key and at the same time capture everything clearly. You can find an acrylic mirror on Amazon.

2. Hide The Spy Camera In A Wall

If you are using a wired camera to spy on someone, which I don’t recommend then the wall is the best place to hide it. I say it because this way you can manage the cords easily without revealing them.

A wall clock is the best place to hide the camera on the wall. If you are using a mini spy camera then you can easily camouflage it behind the watch markers, preferably at 12′ o clock position because it is at the top and you will get a good view from there.

wall clock

You can also easily conceal a camera behind a wall painting. No one will know that the beautiful painting on the wall is keeping an eye on them.

3. Smoke Detectors

smoke detector

A smoke detector is the best place to hide the spycam in the room because it is mostly out of sight. So it’s relatively hard to detect a camera in it. Secondly, from the top angle, the camera can capture a wide area.

4. Use Other Household Items As A Cover

stuffed animal

If you get a little creative then you can use anything literally anything in your home as a cover to hide the camera. You can place the camera on the bookshelf between your books, or you can place it in the lamp beside your bed.

Most people also use a tissue box to hide the camera and some even go one step further and install it in the eyes of stuffed toys. So there are endless possibilities if you are really desperate to hide the camera inside your house.

How To Hide A Camera In Your Car

Most people want to hide a camera in their car to keep an eye on their child’s driving. The best place to hide a camera in a car is the air vent on the dashboard. For this, you need to make sure that the camera is wireless and is small enough to fit in the vent.

hide camera in car

Besides this, you can also put the camera in your car mirror, sunglasses holder, or any other such place which is out of sight of the driver or co-passengers. Some people love to keep stuffed toys on their car’s back seat or parcel tray so you can also put a camera in the eyes of the toys to keep an eye on someone in their car.

Hide Camera Outdoors In Plain Sight

Hiding a spy camera at home or car is easy because you get a lot of stuff where you can conceal it. However, when it comes to spying on someone outside, it’s hard to keep the camera hidden. But don’t worry I will help you with that as well.

You can install a spy camera on the tree outside your home. If you have not yet ordered a camera then you can buy this camouflage security camera. It blends well with the branch and leaves of the tree, hence no one can detect it.

If you want to see who scratches your car when you park it outside then you can hide the camera in the birdhouse like this one. A birdhouse is big enough to easily store a camera inside it even the wired ones.

hide camera in plain sight

Also, you can easily hide a camera inside your mailbox to see who tempers with your mail. The trick to hiding a spy camera in plain sight is to play around with objects nearby and blend the camera with them so that no one can notice it.


So these were some tricks using which you can easily hide a spy camera at home in your room, hall, or kitchen. Apart from that, you will be able to hide a camera in your car and even in plain sight with the help of these methods. You can hide both transmitting and non-transmitting spy cameras, but the transmitting cameras can be detected by an RF detector. So it’s better to go for the ones that store footage in the local storage of their device like button cameras. Since they don’t transmit it’s easier to keep them hidden.


How Do You Hide A Camera In Plain Sight?

Try to blend the camera in the surroundings so that it gets camouflaged and no one can easily detect it.

How Do You Hide A Camera Behind A Mirror?

Go for two-way mirrors which are more reflective than transparent like acrylic mirrors. This way you can easily hide the camera behind a mirror because the person on the other side cannot see it but the camera can record everything.

How Can You Hide Pinhole Camera?

Due to their small size, they can be easily hidden within a tissue box or any other such place.

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