How To Install And Use A Keylogger On Android And Computer

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You must have heard a lot about Keylogger, right? That it’s a kind of software that can expose each and every word that your spouse or your teen writes in various apps on their phone.

First thing first, yes that’s true. Keylogger is not a fuss, they are actual software.

But Keylogger is not something that you can find in the Play Store or download from the internet and start tracking the words your loved one’s type.

For Keylogger to work on the target phone, you need to purchase the service of a spy app, install it on the target phone, give plenty of permissions, and finally after all these things, you will be able to track the keystrokes remotely.

You won’t be able to figure out that how to make this software work. But here we are for the rescue. We will let you know how the Keylogger installation is done and how to use it.

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Installing A Keylogger On An Android Phone

Setup On Your Device

For using the Keylogger for Android, you need to install the spy app first with which it is coming. Mostly all the spy apps have almost the same installation process. So, we will be guiding you on how to install a spy app named FlexiSPY, and then, how to use its Keylogger.

1. Go to the official website of FlexiSPY and click on the BUY NOW option that you see on the home page.

home page flexispy 2. This will lead you to the next page where you need to select the type of device you want to monitor. In our case, we are selecting Android as the target device.

select device for flexispy

3. After that, you need to select a suitable plan for yourself by clicking on BUY NOW.

buy flexispy plan

4. Once the payment is done, you will receive your FlexiSPY login credentials directly to the registered email address.

That’s all for the setup on your device. Now it’s time for taking the target Android phone handy and set up the app on it.

Setup On The Target Android Device

Disabling Play Protect

Before you start installing the FlexiSPY app on your teen’s phone, there are some changes that you need to make, starting by switching off the Play Protect option.

1. Go to the Play Store app on the target device and tap the hamburger icon visible on the top-left side.

2. Now choose the Play Protect option.

play protect disabled

3. After that, tap on the gear icon available on the top-right side.

4. Now simply toggle off the Scan apps with Play Protect option.

For installing any spy app, turning off the Play Protect option is a must. Doing this simply prevents all sorts of notifications from popping up that are related to the spy app.

Once you are done with Play Protect settings, it’s time to install the FlexiSPY app for running its Keylogger on the Android phone.

Installing FlexiSPY App

1. For installing the FlexiSPY app and its keylogger on your spouse’s cell phone device, you have to take its physical access and then open the link downloading page of the app (

2. On the next page, select the View all software option.

view all devices

3. As we are learning the installation process for Android, select the Android option from the list.

how to use and install a keylogger

4. After choosing the operating system, the FlexiSPY app will start downloading on its own. Once the downloading is done, INSTALL the app on the target phone.

install flexispy

5. You can read the license agreement if you want to, and then tap on I accept license agreement; finally tap on CONTINUE.

license agreement

6. Activate the device administrator now.

activate device administrator

7. Next you have to allow the app for running in the background by tapping on ALLOW.

allow background running

8. After making the payment, you must have received the license key on the registered email. You have to provide that license key and then tap on ACTIVATE.

license key activation

9. For the better working of the app and its keylogger feature you have to give certain permissions to the app like permission to read contacts, access location, and so on.

give permissions

10. Time to hide the app icon for making the app work in stealth mode. Just tap on YES, and the app icon will not appear on the app drawer.

hide application

With this, the app is installed on the target phone, and now it’s time to go back to your device for tracking the keystrokes of the target person remotely.

Tracking The Keystrokes With Android Keylogger

You will initially land on the dashboard of FlexiSPY, and for monitoring the Keylogger activity, you have to switch to the Key Logs section of the app.

As you can see in the screenshot, all the keystrokes are systematically arranged app-wise. This prevents you from missing the important keystrokes.

keystrokes activity

By clicking on any of the apps, you will see all the words typed by your spouse in that app. As you can see, with all the keystrokes, you have the date and time stamp attached. This will help you in knowing the time when your spouse is most active on a particular app.

flexispy keystrokes

As for FlexiSPY, the app gives instant updates and the tracking of keywords is complete. So we would suggest you buy a Keylogger app that works similar to FlexiSPY, or you can purchase FlexiSPY too.

For better monitoring of the typed words, some apps also give the Alerts feature. Using these features, you will get immediate notification if a word set by you is ever typed by the teen.

Under the Alerts features of FlexisSPY, you have to go to the Keywords section and include all the words for which you want the notifications. These words could include drugs, date, dating, idiot, and so on. Tap on Add Alert to save the changes.

alerts for keywords

Now, whenever your loved ones use any of those words, you will be the first one to know about them.

Installing A Keylogger On A Windows PC

To guide you through the installation process of Keylogger for Windows PC, we will be using a  different app that comes by the name pcTattletale.

So, let’s see how the app works for monitoring Keystrokes on Windows.

1. Reach the official website of pcTattletale and click on the Buy Now option on the plan that you want to purchase.

select plan

2. You have to create a pcTattletale account if you want to use their service by providing email and password, and then tap on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT.

create account

3. Once you purchase the services of pcTattletale, you have to ADD A DEVICE to monitor.

add monitoring device

4. On the next page, select Windows Computer by clicking on NEXT.

select device

5. You will now get a unique app downloading link that will be used to download the app on the target Windows PC.

6. Take physical access to your partner’s PC and using any browser, visit the unique downloading link that you got.

7. The pcTattletale app will automatically start downloading. If not, then download it manually.

8. Next you have to Log In to your pcTattletale account by providing the correct email address and password.

pctattletale sign in target pc

9. Read the license agreement if you want and click on Next to move to the next step.

license agreement

10. Finally on the last page, simply click on Finish to end the installation process.

finish installation

11. Now go back to your own device and Sign In to pcTattletale for keeping an eye on the keystrokes of your spouse remotely.

Monitoring Keystrokes  On A Computer With pcTattletale

On the right side of the portal, you will see the Activity bar of the app. This is the place that will make your keystroke tracking possible.

Simply search “Keylogger “and you will see all the keystrokes made by your loved ones in various apps on their PC.

install a keylogger on computer

Be it the WhatsApp web, searches made on browser, or the searches inside the PC itself, all the words are tracked by pcTattletale.

The fact that you will see screenshots of Keystrokes instead of text makes the use of keylogger even more fun.

With each and every keystroke, the date and time are visible. This makes it impossible for the teen to lie about not using the PC late at night.

Different Apps Different Installation And Different Use

This was the basic installation process for setting up a Keylogger app on an Android phone and Windows PC.

These steps will surely help you install any keylogger app, but definitely, the installation for each app is going to be a bit different.

Not just the installation part but also the working of the Keylogger is different for every app.

Some apps like FlexiSPY and pcTattletale give immediate and accurate results, and on the other hand, some apps give incomplete and late results.

So while purchasing a Keylogger, make sure it works perfectly.


Can A Keylogger Be Installed Remotely?

No, you cannot install a Keylogger remotely on an Android phone and Windows PC.

How Can A Keylogger Be Used To Get Information?

A keylogger will keep a track of all the words that the user types on various apps on their phone or PC. These words are then shown on the online portal of the app remotely.

Can A Keylogger Be Detected?

If you are using the Keylogger of a spy app that can work in the hidden mode, then no, a Keylogger cannot be detected.

Are Keyloggers Legal?

Yes, Keyloggers are legal but only if you are using them with the consent of the other person.


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