How To Know If Someone Is Spying On Your Viber Profile?

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Viber is a top instant messaging app that is gaining more and more users due to its safety features. If you use Viber for chatting or sharing photos and videos with your friends and family then you must be concerned about your privacy on it. You must have a question in your mind like “how do I know if someone is spying on my Viber profile?” If you want to find out then keep reading the article and I will help you with it.

How  Do I Know If Someone Is Checking Me On Viber?

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Viber is a safe app as all the messages shared on it are end-to-end encrypted. Besides that, Viber also has safety features like disappearing messages, Hidden & Secret Chats, etc. Hence it is hard for a hacker to easily get access to your Viber account and read your messages or see your activities on it.

However, you shouldn’t relax because there are Viber spying apps out there that can still spy on your Viber account without you knowing about it. Moreover, it’s hard to find these apps on your phone as they are totally hidden so it’s difficult to tell if someone is spying on your Viber or not. But it doesn’t mean that there is no way to know if someone is looking at your Viber profile. Keep reading the article to find out.

If it’s hard to detect a Viber spy app on my phone or know if my Viber is hacked then how do I know if someone is checking me on Viber? Don’t worry I have the answer to your question just keep reading.

  • There are some unusual activities happening on your account. If you notice something weird on your Viber profile like messages sent to your contacts on your behalf. Or your profile pic is changed or someone is putting a status on your account without your permission. All these activities point toward a compromised Viber account.
  • Trouble logging into your account. If you find it hard to log into your account even when you are putting in the right username and password then it’s a sign that someone might have accessed your account and changed your login credentials.
  • You notice that your phone is suddenly heating/lagging a lot. If someone has bugged your phone with a Viber spy app then your phone will tend to heat faster or it may lag in performance because these apps use a lot of resources on your phone.

These were some telltale signs that show that someone is spying on your Viber. If you want to protect your Viber account from hackers then you can read further.

Security Tips

If you doubt that someone is secretly looking into your Viber then you can take the following precautions to stop that from happening.

  • Update the Viber app to the newest edition. Older versions are prone to privacy breaches because they lack the advanced security features you would get on a newer version.
  • Don’t entertain someone who seems suspicious. If you receive messages from an unknown number on your Viber account and you find them suspicious then you should block them right away. Do not click on any photo or link they have shared with you because one can hack into someone’s Viber account through it.
  • Make Use Of Viber’s 2-factor authentication. Just like other instant messaging and social media apps, Viber also comes with 2-factor authentication. You must enable it on your account, it will protect your account from being used without your permission.
  • Use secret chats to send private information. Although all Viber chats are end-to-end encrypted, if you still want more safety then you can use the secret chats feature to send the most critical or private messages which you don’t want a third person to see.

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  • Install an anti-malware app on your device. An anti-malware or anti-spy app is a security program that tells you about all the harmful and suspicious apps installed on your device. If someone has installed a hidden Viber spy app on your phone secretly without your permission then these apps will alert you about it.


Viber is a secure app and you should not fear while using it. However, just like any other social media app, the risk of privacy breaches with Viber is always there. Also, hackers can go to any extent to steal your information so you should be careful. You can take the help of this article to prevent someone from looking into your Viber. Make sure you use secret chats to send personal messages and keep 2-factor authentication always enabled on your Viber account. This will ensure that no one can check your activities on Viber without your permission.

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