How To Know Someone’s Phone Pattern Without Touching Their Phone?

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Are you always concerned about your kid’s safety or doubt your partner is cheating on you? If yes, then monitoring their phone activity can help you curtail the concern or clear your doubts. But you can only do it if you know their phone password, if you don’t know it then even if you have physical access to their phone it’s of no use to you.

Don’t worry in this article I will introduce you to a spy password recorder app that helps you know the pattern of a mobile phone. It’s hundred times easier to unlock someone’s phone pattern without knowing it this way than guessing their password.

Most people use the same password on all their devices, so if you can know someone’s phone pattern or password you may get access to their other devices as well. Sounds great, isn’t it? So let’s get started and find out how to know someone’s phone pattern.

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Things You Need To Know Before Finding Out Someone’s Password

1. You Will Need Access To Their Phone For Once

Since we are using a spy app for knowing someone’s password we need to first install it on their phone. You can make some excuse and ask them to give you their phone in an unlocked condition and then secretly install the spy app on it. It won’t take more than 5 minutes and the app once installed is completely hidden so they won’t know about it.

Once you have installed the app, now you can monitor everything that is happening on their phone including their phone password.

2. It’s Not Going To Be Free

Since we are using a special app for this purpose we need to pay some amount for it. However, before purchasing the app you can check out its free demo to see how it functions.

How To Know The Pattern Of A Phone?

As I have already told you that we are going to make use of the spy password recorder app and the name of the app is TheOneSpy. You need to first go to the TheOneSpy website and from there you need to create an account. After creating the account you will need to install the app on the target phone. You can go through my TheOneSpy review to know more about the installation procedure of the app.

Once the app is installed you can now find out the phone pattern lock of the target phone remotely. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to do that.

1. Go to the TheOneSpy website and login into your account.

theonespy login

2. Now you will land on your dashboard, from the left side panel go to the Password Chaser section. You will see all the recorded passwords on the right-side panel.

know phone pattern

3. You can play any video and know the phone pattern. If you want you can even download these small clips on your device.

4. Not just the phone pattern but you can easily know their phone password and Pin as well. Here’s an example of it.

It can only track the phone password and pin but if you want to know their Snapchat password, Facebook password, or any other app password then Password Chaser may not help. However, you can take the help of a keylogger for that.

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Find Out Phone & App Password Using Keylogger

A keylogger is a special program that detects all the words, numbers, and special characters typed on the target device. So it can very well help you find out the password of a phone as well as different apps.

Also for that, you don’t have to install any other app as TheOneSpy comes with its own robust keylogger which tracks everything accurately. So you can find out the phone and third-party apps’ passwords using it.

You might have to guess the phone password as it may not show the exact password. But since all the keystrokes are in arranged order so it’s easy to guess it. Also sometimes it may also show the complete password as shown below.


Note: System UI and Settings represent the phone password.

Besides phone passwords, this app can also help you know third-party app passwords as well. You can see this in the screenshot below.

fb password

However, if the target person is using a pattern instead of a pin or password to lock their phone then a keylogger cannot help you unlock a phone pattern without knowing it. Nonetheless, it is still a good way to know someone’s phone password.

Unlock Someone’s Phone Pattern Without Knowing It: Conclusion

A strong password is the first line of defense against privacy breaches. So if you can know the password of someone you can get lots of details about them. You can easily ensure the safety of your kids and catch a lying partner this way. However, you should not use it to blackmail someone or breach someone’s privacy, because not just it’s wrong but also illegal. With that being said, you can use the TheOneSpy app as a spy password recorder and know someone’s phone pin easily.


Is It Possible To Know A Phone Pattern?

Yes, using a spy password recorder you can know someone's phone pattern and password.

Can A Keylogger Track Phone Password?

Yes, it can but it cannot track the pattern lock.

Is TheOneSpy Free?

No, it's a paid app.

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