How To Put A GPS Tracker On A Phone?

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GPS stands for Global Positioning System, it is a technology that allows one to locate a place or person on the map. We mostly use GPS to find directions to our destinations. However, it can also be used to track someone or to find out their exact location.

All smartphones these days are equipped with this technology and hence anyone can share their current location with their friends and family using social media or location sharing apps like Find My, Google Maps, etc.

But what if you want to track someone without their permission? You can’t ask them to share their location with you for the obvious reason that they will know that you want to track them. In that case, you need to secretly put a GPS Tracker on their phone so that you can track them without them knowing.

In this article, we will have a look at how to put a tracker on a phone. So if you are ready, then let’s begin!

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Can You Put A GPS Tracker Device On A Phone?

Put gps tracker on phone

If you want to track someone without their permission then putting a GPS device on their phone is not a smart move because even the smallest GPS tracker device is 10x10x5.8mm in dimensions. Although it’s the smallest GPS device, it’s still hard to hide it on their phone without them knowing.

So what’s the solution you may ask? Don’t worry, I have found a way to tackle this situation. A smartphone has its own GPS, so you don’t have to put an external GPS device on it. You just need to find a way to remotely access the GPS without blowing your cover. And guess what I know a way to do that, let’s talk about it.

Track A Phone Without GPS Tracker Device

If not a GPS device then you can make use of spyware to track an Android or iPhone. A spy app is a special program or application that you need to put on the target device i.e. the phone you need to track. Once installed it can hack the GPS of the cell phone and provide all the location details of the target person to you. What’s better is that a spy app works in stealth mode which means the other person never knows that they are being tracked.

However, while picking a phone tracker app you need to be very careful because not every spy app works the same way. Some track the exact location while some don’t. Here I am telling you the best app that you can use to track someone.

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

I have reviewed lots of hidden spy apps on this site but only a few could impress me with their GPS tracking ability and one of them is FlexiSPY. The best thing about FlexiSPY is that it can track an Android phone without rooting it. However, the same is not true for iPhone, as you need to jailbreak to track it.

Nonetheless, FlexiSPY has the most accurate GPS tracking. It can show you the exact position at which the phone is currently situated on the map. Along with that, it shares with you the longitude and latitude values of the phone including the timestamp.

What sets it apart from other location-tracking apps is that it’s super fast to sync the location to your dashboard which means you can track someone almost in real-time.


It even allows you to check the location on Google Maps. So that you can get directions to the exact location where the target person is currently wandering.

Apart from tracking the location, you can also use FlexiSPY as a Geofence app. It allows you to create a virtual fence around the target person so that whenever they move inside or outside of the fence, you will know about it. Besides just tracking the phone location, FlexiSPY can also do a lot of things like cellular call recording, VoIP call recording, intercepting phone calls, and much more.

However, for using FlexiSPY you need to spend some money as it is not a free app. But looking at the features it provides, paying some money for it is not a bad decision at all.

How To Put A GPS Tracker On Someone’s Cell Phone For Free?

Both GPS devices and FlexiSPY are not free ways to track someone. But what if I tell you that there is a way to put a GPS tracker on someone’s phone for free. Yes, and the name of the solution is iKeyMonitor. Just like FlexiSPY, it is also spyware but comes with a free plan. The free plan of iKeyMonitor allows you to track the location of a phone with the Geofencing facility.

But don’t consider it to be as accurate as FlexiSPY because it’s not. Also, the free plans come with a very limited number of features, so it’s only worth it if you have no budget at all.

GPS Tracker Device VS Spy App: Which One Is Better For Tracking Phone?

If you have read the entire article then you must know by now that a GPS tracker device is not a feasible way to track a phone. Especially if you want to do it discretely. On the other hand, a spy app is way better at tracking a phone without the owner knowing about it.

Moreover, spyware has multiple functions from call tracking to social media monitoring and much more. So with a spy app, you can not just spy on the location but also keep an eye on all their real as well as virtual life activities. I might be repeating myself here, but a spy app is the best way to track a cell phone, period! You don’t need any GPS device to know the whereabouts of the target person.


Can You Put A GPS Device On A Cell Phone?

Yes, you can put a GPS device but it's not possible to hide it on a phone due to its size.

How Can I Track The GPS Location Of A Cell Phone?

With the help of spyware like FlexiSPY, you can track the location of a cell phone.

How Can I Track A Phone For Free?

You can track a phone for free using iKeyMonitor.

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