How To See Incognito History On Android: Chrome Or Any Browser

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.Handing over a personal phone to teens and preteens surely has some benefits. It allows them to gather new information daily, acts as a lifesaver when they are stuck in an emergency and need some help, or simply to attend their online classes.

But just like every rose has thorns, there are some shortcomings which cell phones carry along with themselves.

The major shortcoming of providing a cell phone that leaves parents sleepless at night is regarding the adult content on the internet that is just a tap away.

To overcome this major shortcoming, parents start keeping track of searches made by the child on the internet by getting access to their phone anytime in the day.

As a result of this surprise checking, teens start to continue making these adult searches on the incognito tab instead of the browser’s normal window.

And as we all know, the incognito window doesn’t leave any history behind, making the teens more audacious to search for the adult content.

But as a parent, you surely need to break their misconception that simply using the incognito window will save them from your attentive eyes.

And this can only be done when you keep a keen eye on them with spy apps that easily track the searches made on normal as well as incognito mode.

Let’s see which two apps will let you see incognito history on Google Chrome or any other browser easily. The beauty of these apps is that they will do the job without root and remain in hidden mode on the target/kids’ phone.

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1. How To Check Incognito History On Android Phone

It wasn’t much toilsome for us to select KidsGuard Pro as one of the best apps to find incognito search history.

Just as you can monitor the normal search history with KidsGuard Pro, you can also monitor the incognito history with the same charm.

To reveal the incognito history records with KidsGuard Pro, the first thing you need to do is purchase a plan and install the app.

You will need to have physical access to the target Android phone for setting up KidsGuard Pro on it. The app will always work in hidden mode and without rooting. So if your concern is that your kid/spouse will get to know about the app installation, you should let go of that fear.

For a detailed setup process and review of KidsGuard Pro, you can check our review of KidsGuard Pro.

Find Incognito Search History With Browsing History Feature

check incognito browser history on Android

Once the app is set up on the kid’s phone and you are logged in to KidsGuard Pro, you’ll land on the Dashboard of the app.

You need to select the Browsing History from the list of various features available on the left-hand side.

There is no specific section that holds all the records of searches done in incognito mode. The searches made in both, normal window as well as the incognito window, are available in one place. But as your motive is just to see if there’s any adult search on the browser, this feature will do the job.

In the Browsing History section, you’ll see all the list of all the URLs that your child searched on the internet. The good thing about providing URL is that you can click on it to directly access the page or website they were viewing.

KidsGuard Pro also allows its users to know the exact search that the kid or your lover made on the browser under the Title section.

Visiting a site related to porn, violence, drugs, or political hatred is quite gruesome for a kid or a teen. But if it’s their first time, then it’s easy to make them understand why such sites are not appropriate for them. But if they are regular visitors to those sites, then we guess some big steps need to be taken.

With KidsGuard Pro’s Frequency feature it’s easy to know how many times the kid has accessed adult sites.

The time and date when they last had access to a particular website are present under the Last Visit Time.

If your wild guesses are that your son is watching some nasty content right now, then you can catch them red-handed with KidsGuard Pro.

As the updates in the app are within seconds, you can confirm your suspicion and let them know that you keep a keen eye on them.

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View Incognito History With Capture Screenshots Feature

incognito history screenshot

As per our testing, the Browsing History feature worked flawlessly. But if you want to be more sure if they actually viewed that site or not or if you missed on anything or not, then the Capture Screenshots feature of the app will come handy.

When you open the Capture Screenshots feature, you will see a Take Screenshots button. Clicking on it will give a remote command to your Android phone to take a screenshot silently.

The screenshots can be taken anytime while the child is using WhatsApp, Facebook, or watching some gross content on the incognito window.

You need to simply click on the photo to view it in full size. Simply click on the download icon to save the file locally on your PC.

The date and time stamp with each photo makes your monitoring experience even better.

The best part about using this feature is that the updates on this section are within seconds just like Browser History.

Checking Incognito History With Keylogger

track incognito history with keylogger

Didn’t find anything suspicious in the above two sections? Well, this can only mean one thing that your teen is not watching anything questionable.

But why not get more confirmed while KidsGuard Pro is offering us more options to do so?

The Keylogger section of the app monitors all the keystrokes performed by the kid on various apps on their phones such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and even the incognito window.

For easy monitoring of keystrokes on Android phone, the keylogger section is divided app wise on which the keystrokes were made.

You need to tap on the app for which you need to see the performed keystrokes. For instance, in our case, we clicked on Chrome to view all the keystrokes performed on the Chrome incognito window.

The list of available keystrokes will be huge. So if you want to search for a specific word, you can use the search bar at the top. But the search option of KidsGuard Pro is case sensitive, so try to search for the word with both upper case letters and lower case letters.

Using all the three features is definitely going to reveal if something wrong has been searched in the incognito tab of the kid’s phone.

If you still don’t find anything objectionable, then get relieved, there is nothing to worry about till now. But we would suggest you keep a constant eye on what they search on both the normal browser and the incognito tab.

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Method 2: How To See Incognito Browsing History On Google Chrome

KidsGuard Pro is a perfect app for spy job. But if you still want to have an alternative for KidsGuard Pro, then it’s definitely uMobix.

Just like KidsGuard Pro or any other spy app, you have to purchase a plan and install uMobix on the target Android phone. Once you do that, you are all set to monitor the child’s incognito history.

Tracking The Incognito History With Browser History

track incognito mode browsing history

Browsing History of uMobix is really clean and easy to understand. You can easily check the website accessed by the child with the URL provided for that site. You simply need to click on the URL to open the website.

Just like KidsGuard Pro, on uMobix also you can see the total number of times your child has opened a particular site. The date and time of the last visit are available for you to check as well.

Under the Title section, you are supposed to see what search was made by the kid on the incognito window. But unfortunately, we were not able to see the search title even once.

Checking The Incognito History With Keylogger

Keylogger tracking

Keylogger facilitates the user in tracking the text typed by the target person on their Android phone.

The uMobix keylogger makes the tracking of text complete and more detailed by noting down the keystrokes that the teen performs on incognito or private browser tabs.

You need to go to the Keylogger tab of uMobix to monitor all the keystrokes.

On the left-hand side under the Application section, all the names of the Apps will appear where even a single keystroke was performed.

Adjacent to the Application is the Text section where the actual keystroke that was performed on the incognito window can be checked.

The date and time when that particular search was made on the incognito window are available under the Date Tracked section.

It’s obvious that the keylogger section will be stuffed with countless keystrokes. So it can be a bit difficult to locate if some adult search was made on the browser or not.

In order to eliminate the task of finding the incognito window history manually, you can use the search bar at the top. Using it you can look for the possible words that your child can search for.

For a detailed setup process and review of uMobix, you can check our review of uMobix.

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KidsGuard Pro Or uMobix: What Should Be My First Choice?

Having multiple options in hand is always good but when you finally want an app to track the incognito history, you have to select only one of them.

Now the question arises, to which app should you give the first priority?

Well, as per our experience, KidsGuard Pro incognito history tracking is a little bit better than uMobix.

The updates on browser history were immediate in KidsGuard Pro. But if we talk about uMobix, the app will take 5-10 minutes in uploading the new data.

As we discussed above, uMobix didn’t show the title that was searched on the incognito or normal browser tab. But this was not at all a problem with KidsGuard Pro.

 Track Incognito Browsing History FAQs

How To See Incognito History On Android?

For checking the incognito search history of the child, you need to have a spy app installed on their phone. In the case of most of the apps, you don't need to root the target Android phone to track the incognito history remotely.

How To See Incognito History On iPhone?

For using a keylogger, screenshot, or browsing history feature of a spy app to view the incognito history, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone first. Without jailbreaking the iPhone, you simply can't track the browser history.

Can I See What My Son Searches On Incognito Without Using His Phone?

Using a good spy app, you will get remote access to track all the things happening on your son's phone. This also includes the searches made on the incognito window. But for the installation and setup, you need physical access to their Android as well as the iOS device.

Do I Need To Jailbreak The Target iPhone To See What They Search On Incognito?

Yes, for the successful tracking of the incognito history, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone first.

Do I Need To Root The Target Android Phone To See What The Target Person Search On Incognito?

Using KidsGuard Pro and uMobix there's no need to root the target Android phone.

What Are The Best Spy Apps To Track Incognito Browsing History?

According to our testing, KidsGuard Pro and uMobix are surely the best apps to track Incognito history.

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