How To See Who Someone Is Texting

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Do you see your spouse, lover, or kids always texting someone from their phone? Does it make you suspicious? Do you want to know who is on the other end to ensure your spouse is not cheating or your kids are not talking to strangers? If your answer to these questions is yes then you are at the right place.

In this informative article, I will show you a way through which you can easily see who are they texting without even touching their phone. Not only will you be able to see who your boyfriend/girlfriend is texting but also what they are texting. Does this get you excited? If yes, then let’s start and find out who he’s texting when you are not looking.

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How To Find Out Who Someone Is Texting

If you want to see who your spouse or kids are texting then there are two ways you can do that. The first one is that you get access to their device and see all their messages and who they were sent to. However, there is a problem with this method, first of all, they won’t allow you to touch their phone, and even if you somehow get access to their phone most of the time you will see that they have locked their phone with a password.

The second method is installing spyware on their device which can sync all their text messages and chats to your device. For this method to work you only have to access their cell phone for only once to install the spy app and then you can remotely monitor all their activities and see who they are texting remotely.

The second method seems more practical, isn’t it? So let’s have a look at how a spy app can help you see who he/she has been texting.

How To See Who They Are Texting

Those who don’t know about uMobix then let me tell you that it is spyware used to monitor activities on the target device. I have already posted a detailed review of uMobix on my website, you can read it if you want. In this article, we will see how it can help you find out who your loved ones are texting.

First thing first, do you want to see who they are sending a text message using their phone number? Well, guess what, uMobix does a great job at tracking SMS and iMessages for you.  It shows you all the contacts to which a message is sent and also all the messages if you want to.

Read his iMessages

The best thing about uMobix is that it even tracks deleted messages that they might remove after sending. Once you know the contact number of the person on the other end, you can use a phone lookup service like CheckPeople to get all details about them.

deleted messages

Apart from tracking iMessage or SMS it also allows you to check who is chatting with whom on different social media and instant messaging apps. Here are all the apps it can track for you.

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whatsapp messages

If you want to check who is chatting with whom on WhatsApp then uMobix is the right tool for the job. As soon as your kids, husband, boyfriend opens their WhatsApp account uMobix starts capturing the screenshots. With the help of these screenshots, you can see your husband’s messages and also see who he’s texting.


read instagram texts

Just like WhatsApp, uMobix also allows you to see who they are chatting with on Instagram. If your lover or kids uses the Instagram direct message to chat with someone then you can very well know who they are texting with the help of this Instagram spy app. Once you get to know the username of the person who they were talking to, you can know more about them by searching them on Instagram.

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secret chats on Telegram

You should be interested in tracking Telegram because it is one of the top apps that cheaters use.  Now you must be wondering why is it cheater’s favorite app? Well, it’s because it has a secret chat feature with which it can hide your conversations. Using uMobix you cannot read their secret messages, as you can see in the screenshot above it shows a black screen when the app tries to record their secret chat screen. However, with uMobix you can at least know with whom they are texting secretly on Telegram.


See who they texting

Just like Telegram, Snapchat is also an app that cheaters love to use because here they can send disappearing messages that get deleted after being viewed. However, with uMobix on your side, you can see what messages are being sent on Snapchat and to whom. So it’s overall a great tool to spy on people’s Snapchat account.


see who someone is talking on tinder

Talking of cheating and we don’t talk about Tinder how is it possible? It is a paradise for cheaters and hence you should track the Tinder activities of your spouse and see who they are texting. With uMobix you can see exactly who they are chatting with and read their messages to see what’s cooking.



Skype is mostly used for official chats but who knows he may be having an affair with his colleague. Therefore you should keep an eye on their Skype account as well. uMobix can help you find out who they are texting with the help of screenshots that are remotely synced to your uMobix account.

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Apart from these, uMobix can also help you determine who is chatting whom on Facebook Messenger, Viber, Signal, and all other such apps.  Overall, uMobix is one tool that you require to find out who someone is texting but the problem is it is not free to use. So someone who is out of budget cannot use it. However, there is also a free way to see who your boyfriend is texting for free but it only fetches the text messages and not chats made on social media or instant messaging apps.

See Who Someone Is Texting For Free

You can make use of iKeyMonitor, free spy software that tracks some of their activities for zero cost which includes their text messages sent over a cellular network. If your kids or spouse still uses SMS services then you can know who they are texting for free with iKeyMonitor. All you need to do is to install this free spyware on their device and you are good to go.

It can show you all the contacts to whom a text was sent from the target device and you can also choose to read all the messages one by one. This can help you find out who they were in contact with recently or in the past.

see who someone is texting for free

In case you ever feel that you also want to see who they are chatting with on apps like WhatsApp or Instagram then you can upgrade to iKeyMonitor’s premium plan and see everything. Overall, if you are out of budget then you can give iKeymonitor a try.

How To Find Out Who My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Texting? Final Verdict

Seeing who your lover is sending a text message to can help you find out whether he is cheating on you or not. But It’s hard to check their messages without them knowing. However, after reading this article you can easily check who they are texting with and never get caught. I have shared both premium and free methods of checking who someone is texting. So you can pick one that suits your requirements and budget.


How To See Who Someone Is Texting On Instagram?

You can make use of spyware like uMobix to tell who someone is texting on Instagram.

Is There A Free App To See Who Someone Is Texting?

Yes, you can use iKeyMonitor to tell who someone is texting for free. However, it won't work for checking who's chatting with whom on WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps.

Can You Install Spyware Remotely Without Them Knowing?

No, you cannot install spyware without having physical access to their device.

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