How To Spy On A Non-Smartphone

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Are you willing to spy on someone who does not own a smartphone? Well, I won’t give you false hopes but you cannot track a basic phone with no smart features. But there’s something you can do to track a person without a smartphone. We will come to that later but first, let’s find out why it is nearly impossible to monitor a dumbphone.

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Why You Can’t Spy On A Dumbphone?

1) You can’t install spy apps on it:- We generally use hidden spyware for Android and iPhone to track the activities on it. However, since there is no facility to install third-party apps on a non-smartphone, it is not possible to bug it with spyware.

2) There is no GPS connectivity on a basic phone:- GPS plays a vital role in tracking one’s current location. Also without GPS, you cannot use the geofencing feature seen on many spy apps. Suppose if you somehow manage to install spyware on a feature phone, you won’t be able to track the location of the target person because there is no GPS on it.

3) Lack of internet connectivity:-  A dumbphone lacks the 4G or 5G connectivity. Moreover, it does not have WiFi support hence it is hard to track it. Spyware needs an active internet connection to sync the data it collects from the target device to the parent device. It’s the device used to monitor the activities of the target phone.

Spy On A Non-Smartphone: The Solution

There is only one solution that comes to my mind if you want to track a non-smartphone and that is through its IMEI number. Yes, it’s possible to track a phone with the IMEI number but the problem is that you cannot do it yourself. You will need the help of police or network operators to find the location of a phone with the help of an IMEI number.

The other problem with this method is that you cannot track the phone if the SIM card is removed. So what else you could do? Well, you can make use of reverse phone lookup tools like the one I have reviewed earlier on this site which is known by the name of Spokeo.

If you don’t know what a reverse phone lookup is then let me tell you that it is an online people search tool. Here you can enter the phone number and in return, it provides you all the details about the person, including their address, name, criminal record, etc.

It is really simple to do a reverse phone lookup on Spokeo. Just visit their website and enter the 10 digit phone number of the person you want to track.  It will take a few seconds before it shows you all the details about them.

spy on non smartphone with number

This way you can spy on a phone with only a number. I know it is not proper spying but still, that’s all you can know about a person who uses a non-smartphone.

In case you are thinking, what to do if you don’t know the cell phone number of the person you want to spy on? Don’t worry about that as with Spokeo you can know the phone number of a person by just their name. Enter their name and you will find their phone number and all other information about them.

If you want to spy on your neighbor then you can also invest in spy binoculars to track their activities. This way you can spy on them even if they use a non-smartphone.

Final Thoughts

From this article one thing is quite evident that you can’t spy on a non-smartphone. However, there are other ways you can use to track the activities of a person who uses a dumbphone. For example, you can track their location with their IMEI number, or you can know more about them with the people search tool. If they live nearby, you can also use spy binoculars to keep an eye on them.


Can You Spy On Someone Without Access To Their Phone?

Yes, it is possible to spy on someone without access to their phone with the help of spyware. But to install spyware you need to have physical access to their device for once.

Is It Possible To Track A Non-Smartphone With Spyware?

It is not possible to track a phone with non-smart features because you cannot install third-party spyware on it.

What Spy App Does Not Require A Target Phone?

All spy need the target phone once for installation, there is no spyware that works without them.

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