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Samsung is a big player in the smartphone market. In fact, it is the second most sold smartphone brand after Apple in the US according to these statistics. So there is a high chance that your husband, wife, or kids whom you want to track own a Samsung phone. In this article, I will share with you how to remotely hack a Samsung device with the help of spyware for Samsung cell phones. So without any further delay, let’s find out how to spy on a Samsung phone.

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Can You Spy On A Samsung Phone?

Since a Samsung phone runs on an Android OS, it is easier to spy on it rather than an iPhone. An Apple device i.e. iPhone or iPad is hard to track using a spy app since they come with two-factor authentication. Although there are iPhone spy apps that work without jailbreak, they give limited features. Hence if you want to get access to more features then it must be jailbroken. Whereas, on the other hand, spying on Samsung can be done without root permissions. All you need to spy on a Samsung phone is a good spy app that can remotely track all the activities on it without blowing its cover.

How To Spy On A Samsung Phone?

As I told you earlier you need spyware to spy on your wife or husband’s Samsung phone. There are many spy apps available online but not all of them are worth your time and money. Therefore, you can make use of KidsGuard Pro, it’s one of the best spy apps for Samsung phones. It’s easy to install, undetectable and tracks everything accurately. Moreover, it’s the one of cheapest spy apps out there, so it’s good for your pocket as well.

Install Spy App On Samsung Phone

Note: For the demonstration purpose, I am using a Samsung M12 device for installing the spy app on it. You can follow the same steps on other Samsung devices like Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, or the latest S22. The KidsGuard Pro app will work perfectly well on all Samsung phones that are running on Android 4.0 and above.

1. Create Your KidsGuard Pro Account

First thing first, you need to create your account on the KidsGuard Pro website. This account will be used to track the Samsung phones of your loved ones. It’s easy, you just need to create an account by entering your email and password. Later you need to choose a plan and make the payment. Once the payment is done you can then log into your account and start using KidsGuard Pro.

best spy app for samsung

2. Disable The Play Protect

Once you have created your account on KidsGuard Pro, you need to download the app and install it on the target Samsung cell phone. However, before that, you need to disable the Play Protect from Google Play Store as it will not allow the spy app to install on the phone. It’s easy, just go to Google Play Store > Play Protect Settings and then disable the Scan apps with the Play Protect option.

disable play protect settings

 3. Install The Spy App On Samsung Phone

Once you are done with the prerequisites, you are now ready to install the spy app on the target phone. Remember you can’t do it remotely, so you will need to have physical access to the Samsung phone for a few minutes on which you want to install the app. The installation won’t take more than 5 minutes.

install spy app on samsung

You will have to give a lot of permissions on the phone to install the app but you are guided with onscreen prompts which makes it one of the easiest spy apps to install on the target Samsung device. If you still face any issues you can go through my detailed KidsGuard Pro setup and installation tutorial I have shared while reviewing the app.

How Can You Track Samsung Phones Using KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro offers a lot of tracking features that allow you to monitor all the activities on the target Samsung phone. It can help with the following things.

1. View Their Phone Activities


With KidsGuard Pro on your side, you can see all their phone activities like reading their SMS, viewing call logs, and seeing the contacts stored on their phone. It even records all the calls that are being received or made from the Samsung phone. Although the audio quality is not top-notch, especially from the other end, still it works fine and you can know what is going on in the call.

2. Track Their Exact Location

location tracking

KidsGuard Pro comes with GPS tracking and a Geo-Fencing feature which allows you to keep an eye on the target person’s location using their Samsung phone. The location tracking is almost 100% accurate so you can rely on it to locate your partner.

Moreover, with GeoFencing, you can create safe zones around home, schools, and playground to ensure the safety of your teenage kids. Whenever they go out of the safe zone you will be notified about it on your email.

3. Social Media Tracking

spy on samsung phone

Spying on someone is not complete until you monitor all their social media activities. With KidsGuard Pro, you can read their social media messages and track their activities with the help of a keylogger and screenshots. Besides that, it even shows you the app notifications they receive on different social media and instant messaging apps.

4. Remotely Captures Photos And Screenshots

With this spy app, you can even hack a Samsung phone and get remote access to the phone camera. With the help of which you can remotely capture photos using the front and rear camera of the target cell phone without the owner’s permission.

Apart from the photos, you can secretly capture screenshots of the target Samsung device and see what’s currently happening on it. You can even download these captured photos and screenshots and store them on your device.

capture photos

Besides all these things, you can also see the browser history of pages visited on the Samsung phone. Not just that you can also know what apps are installed on the phone without even touching it. There are many such small features available on KidsGuard Pro that can help you spy on a Samsung phone easily.

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Spy On Samsung Phone For Free

Although there are not many free spy apps available online, still you can find a few that works just fine. If you are looking for a free app to spy on Samsung then you can go with iKeyMonitor. It offers basic monitoring features like SMS, call logs, location, and geo-fencing. If you want more features then you can always upgrade to the iKeyMonitor business plan which offers advanced features.

spy on samsung for free

If we compare the KidsGuard Pro with the paid version of iKeyMonitor then KidsGuard Pro offers similar features at affordable prices. Therefore KidsGuard Pro is the best spy app for Samsung phones.

 Final Verdict

With the help of spy apps for Samsung, it is easy to track a Samsung phone. You just need to install the app on the phone and it will then discreetly record everything and show it to you. That being said, not all spy apps work the same, some work better on a rooted Samsung device while some work even good on a non-rooted phone. If you cannot take the risk of rooting the target Samsung phone then you can use KidsGurad Pro to spy on it.


How To Spy On Husband's Samsung Phone?

You can spy on your husband's Samsung phone by installing the KidsGuard Pro app on it. You can do that by secretly getting access to their device when they are not around.

What Is The Best Spy App For Samsung Phone?

KidsGuard Pro is the best app to spy on a Samsung phone.

Is There A Free Samsung Spy App?

Yes, iKeyMonitor is a free spy app but it has limited features.

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