How To Spy On Discord Voice Chat, DMs, Server

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If you are into gaming then you must be already aware of Discord. It’s a place where all game streamers meet and socialize. But it is not limited to gamers only, anyone can create an account on it and talk to strangers and like-minded people.

It is also possible that your partner might be using Discord voice chats or DMs to cheat on you. If you see your partner always using Discord on their phone or desktop even when they don’t play or stream online games then it’s a cheating sign.

In this article, I will show you how to spy on Discord Voice Chats, DMs, and Servers remotely with the help of Discord spyware. So without wasting any time let’s start Discord monitoring.

How To Spy On Discord?

Discord is not end-to-end encrypted hence it’s easier to hack into it compared to hacking into Snapchat, Kik, etc. However, you cannot do it yourself. You would need to hire a hacker who can hack into someone’s Discord for you because it needs technical expertise.

But, if you are thinking about how to monitor Discord without involving a third person then I have a solution for that as well. All you have to do is install Discord spyware on the target person’s device and henceforth monitoring Discord will be a cakewalk for you.

The best part about this method is that you don’t need any technical skills or gadgets to spy on Discord DMs or Voice chats. Just install the app on their device and start monitoring Discord remotely from the comfort of your device. So, let’s see how to monitor Discord with Discord spy apps.


If you want to know how to spy on the Discord channel, server or DMs then let me share the pcTattletale app that can help you with it. The spyware is available for Windows and Android platforms. So no matter what device your partner is using for Discord, you can spy on them.

The app records the target device’s screen constantly when it is in use. This means when they are using Discord then also it will be recording their screen. It will sync the recorded screen on your account dashboard from where you can see the activities they perform on their Discord account.

Here’s a sample recording I got while testing pcTattletale when the target person was using the Discord app on their Android phone. This is how you will be able to read their messages and monitor their servers.

Discord server monitoring

Now, if they are using the Discord PC software or web version then you can track them in the following manner.

Discord DMs

In both cases, the monitoring is done through screen recording so you can clearly spy on Discord DMs and Servers. In the desktop version, it will also show you the keylogger data as well which means you can see all the words they have typed on the Discord account.

Discord keylogger

However, this app will not be able to help you spy on Discord Voice chats because there’s no such feature on it.


eyeZy is another Discord monitoring software that does a great job of tracking Discord DMs remotely. It can help you read their chats using its keylogger which leaves no keystroke pressed while using the Discord app. You will be able to see the DMs made in server or private chats very easily with the help of its keystroke logger.

spy on Discord Dms

There’s a screen recorder feature as well but when I reviewed eyeZy, it was not able to take screenshots of the Discord app. It could only capture screenshots of Instagram and WhatsApp. But you can try it as well, it might just work for you.

eyezy screen recorder

However, unlike pcTattletale, eyeZy cannot monitor Discord on both PC and smartphone. It is only available for Android and iOS platforms so keep that in mind while making your decision as to which app to buy.


The Discord monitoring spyware discussed above can’t spy on Discord Voice Chats all they can do is monitor Discord DMs and servers. But don’t worry, here I have an app to record Discord calls and the name of the app is TheOneSpy.

This app can record VoIP calls from one end very clearly i.e. from the target person’s end. This means you will be able to listen to what the target person is talking over the Discord voice call but not the other person. In my test, I found the audio quality is very clear so you will know what they are talking about. And don’t worry the target person won’t know that you are recording their Discord Voice chats.

What if I tell you that it is possible to spy on Discord voice chats without root using TheOneSpy? No other app can do this without rooting the target device.

Discord voice chat spy

Apart from voice chats, TheOneSpy also helps you spy on the Discord DMs. You can find out how it tracks social media apps in my detailed review of TheOneSpy.

Final Verdict

If you feel like your partner is not using Discord for purpose of online gaming but secretly talking to their illicit partner then you might want to spy on their Discord activities. Well, guess what you can monitor Discord with Discord tracking apps.

If you are interested in Discord DMs and Server monitoring then you may settle with eyeZy or pcTattletale. However, if you want to spy on Discord voice chats then you need to go with the TheOneSpy app. Trust me I have tested these apps myself, and they are best at what they do.

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