How To Spy On Instagram Direct Messages, Account With These Apps

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Instagram is undoubtedly the most used social media platform today. Be it an elder or a teenager, almost everyone has an Instagram account. And it’s really necessary in order to cope up with the world.

It’s not just a necessity, but there are many things that one can learn using Instagram, and no doubt it’s the greatest place for entertainment too. But everything is not as wonderful as it sounds.

Be it Instagram or any other social media platform, all are filled with people with whom your loved ones should never come in come in contact. These people might convince your loved ones of something that can be harmful to you as well as your kids.

Like asking for the account details, photos of the bank details of the parents, or any other personal information. And these people are really trained in baiting anyone for doing so.

For this reason, it becomes the duty of the parents to always keep an eye on the activities going on in the kid’s Instagram account. And it can not be made possible without a spying app.

You cannot be physically present all the time to take care of your child. But these Instagram spying apps are capable enough to always keep you updated about the Instagram activities of your kids or your spouse, even the direct messages that they get.

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1. Track Someone’s Instagram DM And Feed Remotely

Let’s discuss uMobix, a spy app using which you can not only monitor your partner’s Instagram messages but also track the other Instagram activities.

The first thing that you need to do for using the uMobix app is purchasing its services and setting up the app on the target phone.

You can learn the complete installation and the working of uMobix here.

After completing the setup process and logging in to the online portal of the app, you’ll land on the app’s dashboard.

From the dashboard, you need to jump to the Instagram section that you will find inside the Social heading.

instagram login page in umobix

Here you will receive updates on all the conversations done between your partner and other Instagram users in the form of screenshots.

By keeping the track of the time of the conversation with the time and date stamp, you’ll always be aware when the target person uses Instagram most.

instagram dms spy

As everything is done with screenshots, the uMobix app not just lets you keep a track of the messages, you can also know what else is going on their Instagram account.

Tracking of other Instagram activities includes updates like comments, what photos they upload, their Instagram feed, explore section, and even the Instagram login screen.

spy on instagram feed

You will be amazed to see how quickly the screenshots are given by the app. While the target person is using Instagram, you will receive the screenshots every few seconds.

Not only this but you can also check the Keylogger section of your uMobix account if you want to be completely sure that you haven’t missed anything in the screenshots. The keylogger will show you the keystrokes made in the DMs and comment section of the target cell phone Instagram account.

With such a high data sync speed, there’s no way you will leave anything unchecked.

Some of you might want to know the time when the target person is currently using the Instagram app. Surprisingly, that is made possible by the Online tag feature of uMobix.

While Instagram is in use, uMobix will show a green online tag in front of Instagram and the app will now be shown at the top instead of the Social section. This way the active app (in this case Instagram) on the target cell phone can easily be spotted.

Such a high quality of working for Instagram makes uMobix one of the best apps for monitoring Instagram.

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2. How To Spy On Instagram Messages And Activities

Receiving the details about Instagram activities in the form of screenshots is always better than receiving the information as text.

Hoverwatch app provides its users with regular screenshots of everything going on in the Instagram account of your lover.

Setting Up Hoverwatch App

To start using Hoverwatch, first, you need to set up the app on your as well as on the target Android phone. For installing the app on the target phone, you will require physical access.

The great thing about using the Hoverwatch app is that you don’t need to root your spouse’s phone for using the app. Along with that, you get 3 days free trial of the spy app. So if you don’t want to take the risk of losing your money and want to try out the app first, Hovewatch is a perfect choice for you.

You can read our detailed review on Hoverwatch to know how the app works and to learn the setup process.

Spying On Instagram Messages And Other Account Activities

instagram message tracking hoverwatch

After setting up the Hoverwatch app and logging on to its online portal, you are all set to spy on your target’s Instagram direct messages.

Unlike other spy apps where you had to go to the Instagram section for checking updates, here you don’t need to do anything.

The working of the Hoverwatch app is quite different. The app will automatically start to take remote screenshots when the user of the target phone opens Instagram.

These screenshots will be taken anytime while the user is using Instagram. While having a conversation with someone on Instagram messages, scrolling through their feed, using Instagram explore, or while reading comments, the screenshots will be taken constantly.

instagram feed tracking

By taking the screenshots constantly, the app makes it possible to keep a track of all the Instagram activities, not just messages, or feed.

Hoverwatch takes screenshots in good quality. So that you don’t have to make an assumption of what’s written in the chat or what kind of content their explore section shows.

instagram explore

With each and every screenshot, you can see how long ago that screenshot was taken by the app. It can be really useful as this will let you know when actually your lover was talking to the suspected person or if your kid is using Instagram late at night.

While keeping a track of the Instagram activity, you might discover a screenshot where you find the teen doing some unethical activity. But with the floods of screenshots taken from all over the phone, that screenshot might get lost.

To save yourself from such situations, you can star those screenshots that you might need to access later on. Deleting the screenshot with the delete icon given can also help you manage the Hoverwatch online portal.

This is not the end of Instagram monitoring on Hoverwatch.

On some of the screenshots, you will see the location icon. This is is another impressive feature that will enhance your monitoring experience with Hoverwatch.

This location feature will let you know where was the target person present when that screenshot was taken from their phone.

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Which App Is Better To Monitor Instagram Messages?

Both the apps discussed in the article are best to spy on the target person’s Instagram account. But obviously, you need only one of them to keep an eye on their Instagram.

So which app should be your first choice? Well, as per our testing of both the apps, uMobix is better than Hoverwatch in tracking Instagram activities.

The constant screenshots taken from Instagram make your spying full-fledged and there’s no need to depend on the text.

As you are going to pay for using the spy app services, the monitoring of the target phone should never be limited to Instagram only.

With the Hoverwatch or uMobix app by your side, you can always keep a track of other phone activities as well. These activities include the tracking of calls, contacts, monitoring FacebookSnapchat, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Way To Monitor Instagram?

Yes, you can easily monitor the Instagram account of your loved ones with the help of a spy app. These apps extract all the data remotely and work in hidden mode.

Should I Let My Daughter Use Instagram?

Yes, you can let your daughter or your son use Instagram. But it would be better if you keep a constant eye on their Instagram activity.

Which App Is Best To Spy On Instagram?

uMobix is the best app to spy on Instagram DMs and account. The app will take screenshots from the target phone and upload it on the portal for you to see remotely.

What Are The Dangers Of Instagram?

Instagram can be dangerous for kids and there are many reasons for that. The teen might come in contact with some unknown person or might get exposed to adult content.

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