How To Spy On Kindle Fire & Monitor Someone’s Activities On It

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Amazon introduced its first e-reader in the year 2007, and ever since then, Kindle has become the favorite gadget for book readers worldwide. In the earlier models of the Kindle, there were not many features available as you could only read your ebooks on it. But fast forward 14 years, now you can use your Kindle for all sorts of tasks like browsing the internet, downloading apps, playing games, and much more.

If you were planning to gift your kids a new Kindle so that they can read their favorite books on it then beware because it’s not just an e-book reader anymore, it’s a complete tablet. So, if you don’t keep an eye on it your kids may use it for inappropriate purposes or they may fall prey to scams or bullies online.

To safeguard your kids online you need to make sure that you monitor their activity on all of their smart devices including phones, PC, as well as Kindle. We have already covered lots of articles on how you can spy on someone’s phone and PC but here we will discuss how can you track someone’s activity on Kindle. So let’s get started!

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How To Spy On A Kindle Fire Device

You want to spy on a Kindle device most probably because you want to keep your kids safe from the dark side of the internet and social media platforms. Luckily you get a parental control feature inbuilt in the Kindle itself which helps you with just that. Here’s how you can set up parental controls on a Kindle Fire tablet step by step.

1. Enable Parental Controls On Kindle

1. On the Kindle device scroll down from the top and select the gear icon (Settings).

2. Next, scroll down and tap on the Parental Controls option.

3. Now, toggle on the Parental Controls settings and set a password and confirm it. This password will be used to block apps, web browsing, and access to other apps on the Kindle Fire device.

4. Lastly, tap on Finish, with this parental control is now successfully activated on your kid’s Kindle device.

To confirm that parental controls are actually enabled you can look for a lock icon that shows up on the status bar on the top of the device. Here’s a quick video tutorial that shows how you can turn on parental control on Kindle in case you need more help.

Benefits Of Enabling Parental Controls On Kindle Fire?

Once parental controls are enabled on Kindle you can control the way your kids use their device in the following manner.

  • Block some apps that you think are not suitable for your kids. Especially, Amazon app that comes preinstalled on Kindle so that they cannot do unwanted shopping on it.
  • You can completely take away their privilege to surf any website on the Kindle device. This way you can make sure that your kids don’t browse adult and dangerous websites.
  • Limit their screen time. These days kids spend most of their time in front of a digital screen, which is not good for their eyes. So by limiting their screen time you are not just protecting their eyes, but also encouraging them to go play outdoors, which is good for their physical and mental health.

So these were some basic monitoring you can do on Kindle by enabling parental controls on it. However, if you wish to get advanced monitoring stats like keylogger data, social media messages, web history, etc. then you have to opt for third-party spying apps.

Apart from the advanced features, one more important reason to go for spy apps is that they give you access to all the monitoring data and controls remotely i.e. you just have to set up the app once on the target device(Kindle in this case) and you never have to get physical access to it again.

2. Use Third-Party Spyware For Advanced Kindle Monitoring Remotely

Amazon Kindle is based on Fire OS which is built upon Android, and hence it supports most of the Android apps. So it means you can also install Android spy apps on Kindle to track activities on it. However, before buying any software you must confirm with their customer support whether the app will work on Kindle or not. While researching for this article I came to know that apps like iKeyMonitor and Hoverwatch work well with Kindle.

Once you have made sure which app you are going with, you can purchase it and install it on your kid’s Kindle Fire device. Luckily, some spyware has free trials like iKeymonitor so you can test them before purchasing their plans.

Benefits Of Using Spy Apps For Monitoring Kindle Fire Device

1. Keylogger

keylogger on kindle fire

The first benefit of a spying app is the keylogger function, which tracks each and every keystroke that is made on the target device (Kindle Fire in this case). By tracking the keystrokes of your kids you can be aware of what your kid is typing on their devices remotely. Every time the kids make some keystrokes on their Kindle, you will know about it as the keystrokes will reflect on your spy app account.

2. Web History

On Kindle’s parental controls feature, you could only disable websites but with the help of spyware, you can even know what websites your kids are browsing on their device. With this, you can be sure that your kid is using their device for studying or for inappropriate things like visiting adult sites or some other illegal websites.

3. Blocking And Tracking Apps

track apps on kindle

Like parental controls, you also get the option to block apps or games on a spy app. But apart from just blocking the apps, you can also track them and see your kid’s activity on a specific app that too remotely. You can see who they are following on social media or whom they chat with on a regular basis and much more. This way you can ensure their safety online.

4. Locations

One of the best usages of spy apps is to find the current location of the target person. But since Kindle does not have built-in GPS you cannot track their exact location using such apps. However, some monitoring apps let you know about the location of the WiFi to which the device was connected. With the help of a WiFi location, you can know the places your kid has visited during the whole day.

5. Camera Access

camera access of kindle fire

On some spy apps like Hoverwatch, you get the option to remotely get access to the camera of the target device. So if you install this app on your kid’s Kindle, you can anytime access the camera and see your kids. This can ensure that your kid is safe when you are not around.

Is It Really Possible To Spy On Amazon Kindle Fire?

Kindle comes with its own parental controls feature, which helps parents to keep track of their kid’s activity on this e-reader tablet from Amazon. However, there is very limited monitoring you can do with the native parental controls function on Kindle. Hence we recommend you to try spy apps on Kindle if you want to get advanced -monitoring reports.

Since Android apps can run on Kindle Fire devices, you won’t have a hard time installing spy apps meant for Android on it. That being said, not all the spy apps may work with Kindle, so do check it with their customer support before purchasing an app for monitoring Kindle activities.


How Do I Monitor Activity On My Kindle Fire?

You can use Kindle's own parental control feature or any third-party monitoring app for that.

How Do I Unlock Parental Controls On Kindle?

It's simple just go to settings find the parental control option, enable it and set a new password and you are done.

Can You Track The Live Location Of Kindle?

Since the Kindle Fire device does not have an inbuilt GPS, you cannot track the live location of it using any spy app.

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