How To Spy On Mac Remotely & Ways To Prevent It

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Do you wish to spy on someone’s MacBook? If yes, then this article is going to be very useful for you. Here I will share with you spyware for Mac using which you can spy on MacBook remotely. Apart from that, I will also be telling you how to see if there is spyware on your Mac. So that you can protect yourself from being spied on by someone on your MacBook Air. So let’s begin.

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How To Spy On Mac Remotely?


In order to remotely spy on a computer (Windows or Mac) you need a special tool known as spyware. Spyware is a software program that you need to install on the target PC. These apps will then sync all the data and activities that the target person does on their computer to your spy app account remotely.

There are lots of spyware for Macs available in the market, but not all of them work the same. Hence I bring to you a list of the best spyware for Mac so that you don’t have to waste your time researching them online. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

4 Best Spyware For Mac

1. Spyrix

Are you looking for free spyware for Mac? If yes, then I have to break your heart because there’s no such thing as free MacBook spyware. However, you should not worry because Spyrix for Mac provides you with a 5-day free trial. So you can check it and see if it is worth your money or not?

You can download the software for free from their website and then install it on the target Mac. With the help of this software, you can monitor your employees, spy on your spouse, or monitor your kid’s online activity on their MacBook.

Spyrix for Mac allows you to record all the keystrokes pressed on the keyboard of the target MacBook. With this, you can steal their passwords, read their chats, and check their web searches. Also, it shares the clipboard history with you using which you can see what text they have copied.

clipboard history

Apart from monitoring their keystrokes this software also keeps taking a screenshot of their screen at regular intervals. So that you can see what they are doing on their MacBooks.

Also, it tracks all the webpages visited on the target Mac so you can keep an eye on your kid’s and employee’s internet usage.

visited urls

Overall, I find Spyrix one of the best spyware for MacBook. It is also available for Windows and Android platforms. You can read my detailed Spyrix review before purchasing the software.

2. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is one of the best computer spy software and there’s no doubt about that. It is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. The list of features it provides is neverending. This ensures that you can monitor your kids, partner, or employee’s Mac with it very effectively.

Just like Spyrix, you also have to install the FlexiSPY for Mac on the target device i.e. you need to have physical access to the target person’s MacBook for some time.

Moreover, it has a keylogger that records everything they type on their MacBook. Even if they delete it after typing you will still be able to see it with FlexiSPY.

Keylogger flexispy

Also, it shows you all the IM chats made on various social media and instant messaging platforms. Moreover, hacking into their Gmail or spying on their internet activity is also possible with this spyware for MacBook.

spy on mac search history

And not to forget all this you can do remotely. You can even uninstall the software remotely from their MacBook after your work is done. So overall, FlexiSPY is a good option to spy on Mac remotely without them knowing.

3. Spyera

The other spyware for MacBook Air is Spyera, much like the previous two apps this one also offers multiple features which make spying on Mac an easy affair. It’s totally undetectable so you don’t have to worry that the target person will know about it.

You get all the basic monitoring features like keylogger, web history tracking, screenshots, etc. However, what makes this app unique is its ability to track FaceTime video calls. There are lots of dangers associated with FaceTime and hence you must track it.

Besides that, it tracks the USB connections and also monitors the print jobs which makes it a great employee monitoring software for Mac. Also, just like FlexiSPY you can remotely change the settings and uninstall the app from the target Mac computer which makes using this app very simple.

4. Hoverwatch

Last but not least I have Hoverwatch for you. It may have limited features but is very effective to spy on someone’s MacBook. Basically, it’s not spyware but a keylogger program for Mac. Using this software you can see every keystroke pressed on the target MacBook.

Using this software you can capture the password of the target person. Moreover, it allows you to read their IM chats and emails. Also, it monitors the internet history on various browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Apart from that, it keeps taking screenshots of the target computer at regular intervals which helps you see what they are doing on their screen.

Can Someone Spy On My Mac? Can A MacBook Be Tapped?

People buy Apple products because they are more secure than their counterparts. However, that does not make them unhackable or untraceable. As you saw above with the right tool or technical knowledge one can spy on your MacBook and you would not even know about it.

So yes, a Mac can get spyware and get tapped remotely without your permission. But don’t worry, I will tell you how to check for spyware on Mac and how to get rid of them.

How To Detect Spy Software On Mac?

You can detect spyware on Mac using the methods listed below.

1. Check For Spyware On Mac Using Activity Monitor

You can follow the below steps to find spyware on your MacBook using Activity Monitor.

  • On your Mac press the Command and Space bar buttons together. It will open the Spotlight Search.
  • Here you need to type Activity Monitor and then press the Enter button.

activity monitor

  • Now all the apps running in the background will show up on your screen. Check for unknown and suspicious apps. If you find an app that you don’t recognize then it may be spyware.

app running in background

You can shut down the app by double-clicking on it and then clicking on the Quit option.

2. Detect Spyware On Mac Via Recent Items

Spyware on Mac can access items on your computer and you would not even know about it. Hence, if your PC has spyware then checking your Recent Items tab is a good way to detect spyware on Mac.

Follow the steps mentioned below to check your recently accessed items.

  • Go to Apple Menu > Recent Items.

recent items

  • Now you can check all the latest accessed items. If you see any item that you don’t remember accessing yourself then there’s a high chance that your Mac has spyware on it.

3. Look For Startup Apps

Spyware are infamous for working in the background without your permission. This means when you start up your MacBook the spyware itself launches in the background. If you find an unknown application that automatically launches when you open your MacBook then it means that it is a spy app. Here’s how to check Startup Apps on Mac.

  • Go to Apple menu > System Preferences.
  • Next, click on Users & Groups and then choose your User Account.

User groups

  • Lastly, click on Login items. Here, you will be able to see the software that runs automatically when you log in to your MacBook.

startup apps

4. Other Signs That Tell Your MacBook Is Tapped

Besides the methods I have shown above to check for spyware on Mac, you can also look at some physical signs that tell your MacBook is tapped, such as:

  • Your Mac has suddenly slowed down.
  • You keep getting some alerts from antivirus programs even when you have not scanned your computer for viruses.
  • There are some unknown apps installed on your computer that you haven’t installed yourself.
  • Your internet consumption has increased.

How To Get Rid Of Spyware On Mac?

If you want to get rid of spyware on Mac then you need to take the precautions mentioned below.

1. Stay Away From Spam Links Or Attachments

The easiest way how spyware gets onto your MacBook is through spam links and attachments that you receive in emails, texts, etc. You should not click on the links you get from unknown or suspicious email accounts. Moreover, you should not download software, wallpapers, or songs from shady websites.

2. Update your Mac To The Latest Version

You can update your computer to the latest version in order to get rid of spyware on Mac.

  • Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Software Update.

Software update

  • Here you can update your MacBook to the latest software version. You can also enable the automatic update from here so that your computer automatically updates to the latest firmware.

3. Install Anti-Virus App On Mac

Although MacBooks have their own antivirus program known as Xprotect, you can also install a third-party anti-virus program as an added layer of security. An anti-virus program runs a scan on your computer for viruses, malware, and spyware. If it detects some unusual behavior on your device then anti-virus alerts you about it. So that you can take suitable action before any damage is done.

Final Verdict

So that’s all I have to share about how to spy on MacBook and how to detect spy software on Mac. I have covered both aspects in this article so that you can protect yourself from monitoring through your MacBook. And in case you want to spy on the Mac of your employee, kids, or partner you can do it without them knowing, and that too remotely.


Does Mac Have A Built-In Virus Scanner?

Yes, all macOS devices have a built-in virus scanner by the name of XProtect.

Can Macs Get Spyware?

Yes, Macs can get spyware. Hence you should take all the precautions listed in the article to prevent it.

Can You Spy On Someone’s Mac For Free?

No, there’s no free method to spy on someone’s MacBook.

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