How To Spy On Your Suspicious Neighbor?

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As you are reading this article today, we guess you are not lucky enough to get the ideal neighbors that everyone wants. Instead, you have a neighbor that freaks you out every time you see them and you have a bad intuition that they are up to something bad. Or in the worst case, they have already done it.

You notice your neighbor being rude to people, meeting strange people with a completely negative aura, moving huge packages, going out of home late at night, or maybe even notice people coming to their home but never leaving.

Having such kind of psychopath in the vicinity is not safe for you and your kids, and neither for any of the surrounding people.

It takes a lot of guts to settle these types of situations and we appreciate you for taking this initiative. And we are here to help you out by sharing with you the best tricks that will get you one on one with the reality of your neighbor.

Disclaimer – This post is just for information purposes and we are not responsible for any of your actions.

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Best Tricks To Spy On Neighbor

1. Using Spy Apps

spying with spy app

We believe it’s a matter of serious concern and giving the best piece of advice first is important. If you can somehow install a good spy app on their phone, then you don’t even need to follow the other tricks mentioned.

An undetectable and remotely working spy app can access all the details about your neighbor and what they are up to.

But the hard part is, getting physical access to their smartphone. Yes, that’s right. Spy apps require physical access to the target phone in order to get installed. But once you install a good spy app, you can get each and every detail from their phone.

If you think you can somehow manage to get their cell phone handy just for 10-15 minutes, then let us suggest the best spy app to install on their phone.

Our first suggestion to you would be FlexiSPY. The working of this app will take you to cloud nine.

Quick updates, accurate monitoring, and multiple features like clicking remote photos, making remote videos, surrounding sounds, listening to call recordings, access to social media, etc. will be perfect to bust your creepy neighbor.

You can read our dedicated review on FlexiSPY if you think installing an app on their phone can work for you.

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2. Using Binoculars

spying with binocular

A pair of good binoculars might come in handy if there’s an open space to look inside the neighbor’s room from your house or terrace.

It’s not possible to get a clear view of their house without using binoculars. But a good and high-quality binocular might help you see them engaged in some activity that might give chills to your spine.

This way, you can get more confident if they are actually planning or doing something punitive or it’s all your misconception.

3. Hidden Spy Camera

spy camera

Hiding all day long on the terrace with a set of binoculars is not possible. And you might get yourself into trouble if you come into your neighbor’s notice.

So the best option to tackle this problem but still keeping a watch on him is possible only with a hidden spy camera.

If you can set a camera at a place where you can easily get a full view of his house 24/7, then you will definitely get a lead if they are really up to something.

It would be even great if you can install the camera inside their house directly.

4. Voice Recording

voice recording

If you think the video recording of their house is not possible at this time, then you can try to hide a tiny voice recording tool near their room or at least near their house.

Maybe fitting a voice recorder in their car can also work if they discuss their big plans with someone in the car.

This way you will know what they are planning, plus, you will have a good piece of evidence to show to the police if you hear something worth complaining about.

But make sure the voice recorder you leave near their house is small in size and it’s unnoticeable. If it will come to their notice, this might lead you to trouble.

One more thing, try to get the best recorder for this purpose which does not deteriorate the voice and has good battery life.

5. Getting Them Followed

following the neighbor

What people your neighbor meet, what places they visit, what schedule they follow, all these things combined can give you an idea if it’s their nature what is making you suspect them or they are actually indulged in something wrong.

And to make a note of all these things, you need to ask your friend to help you out and follow them for some days. Make sure you yourself never follow them and neither any of your friends who your neighbor knows or has even seen with you.

If your friend notices them doing something that proves your suspicion to be true, tell them to click a photo of it. But yes, not on the verge of their life.

6. GPS Tracker

how to spy on neighbor

You hardly notice your creepy neighbor coming out of their house, and even if you notice them, it’s mostly late at night.

But the places they visit might be worth revealing what’s going on.

With a GPS tracker set up in their car, you can follow their current location without even moving an inch.

You might notice them going to ruins located in the outskirts of the city where no one ever visits. Now, why would someone visit the ruins on a regular basis, quite suspicious, right?

Make sure you fit the GPS tracker at an unnoticeable place in their car and it does not make any kind of sound.

Taking The Right Call: Conclusion

It’s appreciating that you are showing the valor to track someone who might be a complete lunatic. But there’s a thin line between being courageous and stupid.

In spite of keeping others safe, you might worsen the situations for yourself.

So, if you think nothing is working and there’s even the slightest risk to you or your loved ones after doing something, then it’s better to drop the plan immediately.

Still, if you want to take a step against them, your best option is to call the cops and make them understand why your neighbor is a danger to society.


Is It Legal To Spy On Your Neighbor?

No, it's not legal to spy on your neighbor or anyone without their consent.

What Is The Best Spy App To Spy On My Neighbor?

FlexiSPY is the best spy app to track the neighbor's activities. It has advanced features like surrounding sounds, remote camera access, call recording, and so on.

Does The Spy App For Monitoring Neighbor Needs Rooting?

No, FlexiSPY does not need rooting in order to work on the target phone. Although, if you have a rooted phone, you can get more monitoring options.

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