How To Spy On Roommate?

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Is your new roommate suspicious? Do you feel that they use your stuff once you are out of the room? Or are they stealing your items? No matter what you must be willing to spy on your roommate to find out what they do behind your back. In this article, I will tell you how to spy on a roommate. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

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How To Spy On Roommate?

1. Install A Spy App On Their Phone

The first recommendation I have for you is to install a spy app on your roommate’s phone. Since you’re sharing the same room, you will get enough opportunities to get access to their phone while they are not around.

The next time you get such an opportunity you can install spyware on their phone. The app that I will recommend to you is KidsGuard Pro. The reason behind that is KidsGuard Pro is an affordable spy app and it also works really well.

With KidsGuard Pro, you can remotely access their phone’s camera so you can take pictures from their camera without notifying them. This way you can know what they’re doing when you’re not around.

Besides that it even allows you to read your roommate’s messages and see their call logs. Moreover, it allows you to listen to their phone conversations without them knowing about it.

record phone calls

Also, with KidsGuard Pro you can check their social media and instant messaging chats and activities. For example, it can help you spy on their Instagram DMs, read their Facebook Messenger secret chats, and much more.

secret conversations

Moreover, the app even gives you a deep insight into their browsing history, even you can see their incognito history with KidsGuard Pro.

2. Make Use Of Spy Gadgets

Making use of spy gadgets such as a hidden spy camera or audio recording device is also a good way to spy on your room mate. Spy gadgets come in different shapes and sizes. Hence you can easily hide them in household items which makes identifying them very tough with the naked eye.

The most commonly used spy device is a pen camera with audio recording capability. You can make use of it to capture their activities and record their conversations secretly without them knowing. Also hiding a spy camera in the room is easy. If you are using a spy device like a pen camera, you can place it on the desk in the pen stand and your friend will never know that it’s a spy device.

spy on roommate

If you don’t want to use a pen camera then there are various other types of spy cameras and audio recording devices available in the market which you can use to spy on them.

How To Know If Your Roommate Is Spying On You?

Most people fear that their room partner is spying on them. And that’s probably why they also want to spy on their roommate to check if they are secretly monitoring them. If that is the case, then read the following part to find out if your roommate is spying on you. Following are the signs you may see if your roomie is secretly monitoring you.

1. You see an unknown app installed on your phone. Although most spy apps are hidden, you can still see their icon on your app drawer if they forgot to hide them while installing. The apps are hidden under some system application names like update service, system update, etc. If you see such icons on your phone screen which you don’t remember seeing ever before then it could be a spy app installed by your roommate on your phone.

2. Your phone is laggy and heating. Hiding a spy app is not big deal so you may not see the spy app icon on your home screen. However, you may feel a difference in your phone’s performance. Such as it becomes laggy or it is heating for no obvious reason. If you feel these changes in your cell phone then it’s a sign that they might be spying on you through your phone.

3. They know all your secrets. If your roommate already knows about all your secrets that you have not told them then it means that they might be monitoring your activities and you don’t even know about it. For example, they know who you are dating, where you are planning to visit for the next holiday, etc.

4. You notice some physical changes in your room. Suppose you come back and notice that there are some physical changes in your room. For example, if some items are not in their original place or electrical wall sockets are slightly out of place, etc. then it’s a sign that they might have installed a spy device in the room.

How To Prevent Your Roommate From Spying On You?

If you want to prevent yourself from being spied on by your roommate then you need to take the precautions listed below.

1. Never Leve Your Phone alone. This one is a pretty basic but effective recommendation I have for you. You should never leave your phone alone. Because your roommate can anytime access your phone and install a spy app on it.

You must also keep your phone password protected. Because that way even if your roomie gets their hand on your phone while you’re sleeping or taking a shower, they can’t install a spy app on it.

2. Keep an anti-virus app installed on your phone. As a precaution, you can always keep an anti-virus app installed on your phone. These apps will alert you if there’s spyware or virus installed on your phone behind your back. Most anti-virus apps are free to use so I don’t see any reason why you should not use them.

3. Invest In A Bug Detector. A bug detector is an electrical device that let you sweep for hidden spy devices that you can’t detect with the naked eye. These devices are affordable and you can easily get them from a local store or online from Amazon or Walmart. You must keep a bug detector handy. These devices will not just help you sweep your own room for hidden spy bugs but you can also carry them with you wherever you go.

Final Verdict

If you are suspicious of your roommate or feel that they are not the right person to share your room with then you must move out. However, if you feel like spying on them to gather some evidence before moving out then you can take the help of the methods I have shared above. The best way to spy on room mate is to install spyware on their phone. Making use of a spy gadget is an equally good option for spying on a roommate as well.


Is It Legal To Spy On Roommate?

No, it’s not legal to spy on anyone without their permission.

Will My Roommate Know If I Install A Spy App On His Phone?

No, a spy app is undetectable as it runs in the background in a hidden mode.

Can I Install A Spyware On Roommate's Phone Without Touching Their Phone?

No, you cannot install a spyware on phone without physical access to it.

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