How To Spy On Signal App?

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Signal is an instant messaging app that was launched in July 2014. It might not be as popular as WhatsApp, WeChat, or Telegram but it is slowly gaining traction among cheaters. The reason behind that is its auto-destructible message feature. This feature allows the sent messages to get deleted after a set time interval, exactly what a cheater wants.

Cheaters use this app to communicate with their illicit partners so that their spouse or lover cannot read their messages. If you also doubt that your partner is cheating on you using Signal then you need to monitor their activities on it.

In this article, I am going to show you how to spy on Signal app and catch cheaters red-handed.

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Can You Spy On Signal?

Signal is a secure app that doesn’t allow anyone to spy on their user’s account. However, they can’t stop you from manually stalking someone’s profile on it.

This means you can manually check your partner’s messages on the Signal app. But this can be risky, what if they see you checking out their phone? It is also possible that they might have set a lock on their phone. In that case, you can’t access their Signal app at all.

So is there no way to remotely spy on Signal app without touching their phone? Don’t worry, you can easily find Signal spy apps for Android and iPhone. With the help of these apps, you read your partner’s Signal messages without them knowing. To make things easier for you I have shortlisted a couple of Signal tracking apps that can help you hack into the Signal app remotely.

How To Spy On Signal App?

As I said you can spy on someone’s Signal account with the help of Signal tracking apps. But there are lots of such apps available online and you can’t try all of them to find out which app actually works. Hence, I bring forth to you two such apps that do a pretty good job of tracking someone on Signal.

1. Track Signal Messenger With eyeZy

In my opinion, eyeZy is one of the best Signal monitoring apps that you can get. It allows you to read all the messages which they have sent to someone using its keylogger. While using eyeZy, I noticed that it doesn’t miss even a single keystroke typed in the Signal Messenger. The keylogger can even track messages sent in auto-destruction mode.

signal app spyware

Moreover, there’s a screen recorder feature available on eyeZy which captures screenshots whenever the target person opens a social media or instant messaging app on their phone. However, when I tested the app it was not able to share the Signal app screenshots. It could only manage to fetch Instagram and WhatsApp screenshots for me. Maybe there was some technical issue or something wrong with my target device.

screen recorder

However, you should give it a try, it’s a pretty good spy app. It not just tracks Signal and other social media apps but has a plethora of other monitoring features that give you full control over the target’s phone.

Some of the features include reading their messages, getting access to their call logs and contacts, monitoring their incognito browsing history, and tracking their location. You name it and eyeZy can do it for you.

2. Spy On Signal With pcTattletale

pcTattletale is one of its kind Signal app spyware that can track each activity of the target person on the Signal app in the form of screen recording. This means you can see everything they do on their Signal Messenger be it reading their private messages or group messages.

how to spy on signal app

While testing pcTattletale, I found the screen recording to be very clear which makes reading all the messages very easy. There’s also a live viewing feature on pcTattletale which allows you to see what they are doing on their phone in real-time. If you see your spouse blushing while using their phone then it’s a sign that they might be chatting with their illicit partner on the Signal app. With the help of the live viewing feature of pcTattletale, you can find out the truth in a matter of seconds.

Not just that, there’s a location tracker feature also available on this Signal spyware. This means not only can you read your cheating partner’s Signal messages but when they go out you can even track their location and keep a track of all the places they visit.

location tracking

Overall, pcTattletale makes a great Signal monitoring app that you need to add to your arsenal when looking to monitor someone on Signal.

Can Signal Calls Be Intercepted?

The Signal tracking apps that I have mentioned above can help you see the messages and other activities on the Signal app. However, they can’t help you intercept the Signal calls. In fact, there’s no app that can help you record someone’s Signal calls. But, you can give FlexiSPY a try as it can help you record voice calls from some of the most popular social media apps which include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. You can check out my experience with the FlexiSPY app to learn more about it.

I am quite hopeful that FlexiSPY will definitely add a feature to intercept Signal calls in the near future so you can stay tuned to their website.

Is Signal App Traceable? Final Verdict

The Signal app is end-to-end encrypted hence it’s not easy to trace it. However, there are some Signal app spyware that can help you track someone on Signal Messenger. You can make use of eyeZy or pcTattletale to spy on the Signal app. I have personally used these apps and they work really well.


Is Signal End To End Encrypted?

Yes, the Signal app is end-to-end encrypted.

Is Signal App Untraceable?

No, with Signal spy apps you can trace the Signal app.

Is Signal App Safe For Privacy?

Yes, it is safe than most of the social media apps out there due to its end-to-end encryption.

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