How To Spy On Skype Remotely On Phone And PC

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The popularity of Skype has surely declined for a few years now. But that’s the data for the genuine users. It’s still a treat for sexual predators and lecherous people.

And if due to any reason your teen uses Skype and they are quite active on it then they are already exposed to thousands and thousands of such people.

The thing that bothers us more is that the parents give all ears to something that can spy on WhatsApp, Instagram, or other apps. But they turn a blind eye when it comes to spying on Skype.

But it’s never late than never, right? If you have been missing on checking the Skype account of your loved ones till now then this is your moment.

We will reveal the best apps to spy on Skype and how they work. So let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

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How To Spy On Someone’s Skype Account?

1. How To Spy On Skype On An Android Phone

Most Skype users enjoy the app on their cell phone devices. And if your lover falls in the same category then here’s how you can keep a track of their Skype account remotely.

There are plenty of apps that claim to keep a track of Skpye like no one else but the one that actually stood tall on its claims is uMobix.

Here’s how you can install uMobix to make it all work out for you.

Setting Up uMobix On Your Device

Not being a regular app, the installation process of uMobix is quite different than that of the regular Play Store apps.

1. On the home page of the uMobix official website, you will see a TRY IT NOW option at the top. Click on it.

try umobix

2. Now create your account on uMobix by providing the email ID that you want to register with uMobix. Check the Terms of Service consent box and click on CREATE ACCOUNT.

account creation

3. Make a choice of the operating system that your teen owns, that is, Android or iOS. In our case, we are selecting Android.

device selection

4. After purchasing a uMobix plan, you will get your login credentials on the provided email account. Using those credentials, Sign in to your uMobix account.

signing in to umobix account

5. After you are logged in, you will land on the instructions page where you can also see your Registration code. Keep this page open and now it’s to start the setup process on the target phone.

Setup On The Target Android Cell phone

Everything on your device is done. Now it’s time when you have to take the cell phone of your lover handy in order to install the uMobix app on it.

NOTE: Before following the given steps, make sure to turn off the Play Protect option and enable the unknown sources option on the target phone.

1. Open any browser on the target phone and visit It’s the app downloading URL of uMobix where you just need to DOWNLOAD the app.

downloading umobix

2. Before the download is started, you will see a warning that this file may harm the device but there’s nothing to worry about, uMobix is completely safe.

3. INSTALL the app once the download is complete.

installing umobix

4. Let’s start the setup process of the uMobix app by tapping on NEXT.

starting with umobix installation

5. Accepting the EULA and privacy policy is a must if you want to continue setting up uMobix. Simply tap on AGREE TO THE EULA to continue.

accept terms and condition

6. Time to start with giving the permissions to uMobix for its smooth and successful working. Tap on GRANT PERMISSIONS to continue.

grant permissions

7. These permissions include access to location, calls, contacts, SMS, photos, media, and so on.

access to photo and media

8. Next you have to enable the working of Keylogger by tapping on ENABLE KEYLOGGER TRACKING.

enable keylogger tracking

9. Accessibility is the next setting where to need to make the changes. Do that by opening the User Accounts option and toggling on the given button.

enable accessibility

10. Choose whether to hide the app icon or display it on the target phone. We would suggest you choose the Hide application icon option.

hide app icon

11. Finally in the last step, you have to enter the registration code in the given box and click on COMPLETE REGISTRATION.

enter registration code

Go back to the online portal of uMobix now for spying on all the Skype conversations that you ever wanted to have a peek on.

Monitoring Spyke Activities

After your initial login to uMobix, you will see yourself on the dashboard of the app. And for spying on their Skype account, you need to go to the Skype section of the app.

To check out what’s going on in your spouse’s Skype account, simply click on the Skype section that you can see on the left side under the Social heading.

Whenever the target person opens the Skype account on their device, uMobix starts to take remote screenshots of their Skype account and upload it on its online portal for you to check remotely. And the best part about doing this with uMobix is that your spouse, teen, or whosoever you are monitoring won’t get to know about this tracking.

how to spy on skype remotely

Now let’s talk about the things on Skype that will be under your monitoring. Well, it will be a big surprise for you but not just the conversations with people but each and every corner of the app is trackable.

Be it the conversation with their friends, login page, chatting on groups, notification page, calls section, contacts section, the app takes screenshots from every single corner.

Even the video recording is not missed by the app. While your spouse is having a video call with someone on Skype, you can see the screenshots for that as well.

umobix skype video recording

As for the frequency of data, you’ll simply get speechless seeing how quickly and frequently the data gets synced. Seeing the data sync speed, one thing is for sure that you won’t miss tracking anything important.

The screenshots are of high quality so you don’t have to make any guesses as to what’s written in the message sent or received by the teen.

Want to hear something more surprising? With uMobix, it’s easy to know when the target person is currently using the Skype app.

How’s that done? Whenever they are using Skype on their cell phone, you will see an online tag appearing in front of the app name.

This way you will always know when your girlfriend/boyfriend is online on Skype and you can monitor them in real-time. And if you find something that requires taking immediate action, you’ll be able to do that as well.

Click Here to Try uMobix

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2. Spy On Skype Chats on PC

Skype is not just used by cell phone users but it’s highly popular among PC and laptop users as well. And maybe the reason for that is its pre-installation on the PC devices.

Other than for personal use, it’s quite a popular app to be used for business purposes to maintain communication within and outside the company.

But whatever be the case, keeping a track of the Skype activities of your teen or your employees while the app is installed on the laptop is also possible.

But here we are not going to use the uMobix app. It was perfect for monitoring the Skype activities on an Android device but we have a better option for you when it comes to PC.

The app comes by the name pcTattletale. Let’s start learning how it can be used to spy on Skype.

Setting Up The App On Your Device

1. After going to the official website of pcTattletale, you will see the pricing plans of the app. Select the one for yourself by clicking on Buy Now option.

pricing plans pctattletale

2. Create your account on pcTattletale by entering your email id and generating a new password and then tapping on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT.

free account creation

3. Time to make a purchase of the selected plan by filling out the details and then clicking on Buy Now.

purchasing app service

4. Continue the setup process by clicking on Add A Device.

add tracking device

5. As we are using the app for monitoring the PC of your lover, choose the Windows option by clicking on Next.

selecting windows option

6. On the next screen, you will see the unique app downloading link generated by pcTattletale for downloading the app on the target PC.

Setting Up The App On The Target PC

1. Copy the unique link that you got at the last step above and visit it using any browser on the target laptop.

2. pcTattletale app will automatically start downloading.

3. After downloading the app, Log In to pcTattletale using the same credentials that you used for signing up on your device.

login to skype on target pc

4. Agree to the terms and conditions of the app and tap on Next.

accept license agreement

5. Just tap on Finish and the installation is complete now.

finish installation

Monitoring Of Skype Activities On PC

Once the app installation is settled, go back to your device for starting with the monitoring of the target person’s Skype account.

Using the Live View feature of the app, you can see the screen of your kid’s laptop remotely on your PC. Now whatever activity the target person does on their PC, you can see all of them live on your PC screen.

spying on skype conversations on pc

While keeping an eye on their other PC activities, you will notice your lover opening their Skype account. That’s the thing you were waiting for.

It doesn’t matter what they do on Skype, you will be able to see each and every activity. Whether they are checking out messages, group chats, changing settings, or whatever you can think of, pcTattletale will show you the live recording of all those activities.

pcTattletale is not just limited to showing you the conversation done by the target person. If your spouse is having a video call with someone, you can see the person on the other side of the video.

recording video call

What if they don’t open their Skype account while you are tracking their PC screen online? In that case, you can simply turn off your computer and let the Activity Recording feature of the app do the work for you.

While you are offline, pcTattletale will record all the activities that you might have missed otherwise.

Once you are back, you can see all those activities that happened on their Skype account while you were not there.

For checking the recorded videos, click on the “Activity on” option available on the top left side and select the date for which you want to see the activity.

downloading videos

You can download the video for a particular date as well by simply clicking on the download icon.

With continuous live recording from the target laptop, there are some chances of missing the tracking of some important conversation. And watching the complete recorded video just for a single conversation does not make sense.

That’s where the Activity feature will come into use. Simply search for Skype in the given search bar and all the Skype activities will appear right in front of you.

activity feature

Click Here to Try pcTattletale

pcTattletale can also be used for the monitoring of Skype on Android devices as well. But uMobix has an upper hand when it comes to cell phones. Similarly, uMobix works for PC as well but pcTattletale does the job better for computers and laptops.

Skype Monitoring For iPhone?

People with target person having an iPhone might be waiting for their turn and wondering if there’s a method of tracking Skype on an iPhone.

Well, there are apps that work for iPhone and will definitely show you the Skype data. But there’s a serious condition for that.

The target iPhone should be jailbroken in order to give up anything beyond the reach of iCloud backup. And sadly, there’s no iCloud backup taken for Skype. If you can jailbreak your iPhone then we recommend FlexiSPY app for tracking jailbroken iOS devices.


How Can I Spy On Skype Chat On An Android Phone?

With the help of spy apps like uMobix, you can see all the Skype conversations of someone.

Can You Spy On Skype Conversations If Target Person Uses An iPhone?

Yes, you can spy on the Skype app if the target person is using an iPhone. But for that, you need to jailbreak their phone first.

Can I Spy On Skype For Free?

No, there's no app that can let you monitor Skype activities for free.

What Is The Best Skype Spy App For PC?

Undoubtedly, pcTattletale is the best app to spy on someone's Skype account on PC.

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