How To Spy On Someone At School?

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Do you wish to spy on your crush or spy on your ex at school? If your answer is yes then this article is going to be very helpful for you. In this article, I am going to show you how to spy on your classmates and know their secrets. So keep reading the article to find out how to spy on someone at school.

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Quick Summary 
You can spy on someone at school by using spy gadgets like hidden cameras, eavesdropping devices, or GPS trackers. For better stealth monitoring you can install spyware like KidsGuard Pro or MoniVisor on the target person’s phone or PC.

Can You Spy At School Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can actually spy on someone at school, and that too without them knowing. There are two ways to do that, either you can employ spy gadgets to secretly record their videos or audio or install spyware on their device to get all the information about them. Let’s discuss these methods in detail below.

How To Spy On Someone At School?

spy on classmates

Use Spy Gadgets To Monitor Someone At School

Spy gadgets can be used to spy on your cheating spouse or monitor your children but they can also be used at school to spy on your classmate, crush, teachers, or anyone else. There are different types of spy devices you can utilize to monitor someone at school without them knowing, such as:

1. Hidden Cameras

There are different types of spy hidden cameras available online, from pen spy cameras with audio recording to spy alarm clock cameras you can find them in different shapes and sizes.

Heck, you can even build a spy camera using your old phone or even turn your laptop webcam into a spy camera. By hiding a camera in the classroom you can easily spy on someone without them knowing.

2. Listening Devices

If you are only interested in listening to someone’s conversations at school then you can also make use of hidden listening devices. Just like mini hidden spy cameras, listening devices also come in various shapes and sizes from a keychain to a USB drive to a pen.

3. Hidden GPS Trackers

If you want to know where the target person goes after school then a hidden GPS tracker can help you in the quest. All you have to do is place a hidden GPS tracker in the target person’s car and you will be able to remotely locate them 24/7.

Use Spyware To Track Someone At School

Spyware can help you spy on someone at school without them knowing. There are two types of spyware that can be used in this scenario: the one that you can install on the target person’s phone and the other on their computer.

a) Cell Phone Spy App

There are lots of spy apps out there that can help you spy on someone at school. However, I will recommend a spy app that is affordable, easy to use, and versatile and that is KidsGuard Pro.

You can install KidsGuard Pro on the target person’s phone within 5 to 7 minutes. After installing the app on your classmate’s phone you can remotely view their phone activities and collect their personal data. You can access the collected data remotely on your KidsGuard Pro online account.

This app allows you to see the target person’s call details, text messages, and contacts. Moreover, it even allows you to listen to their cell phone conversations without them knowing.

call record of classmate

With this app, you can even monitor all the social media activities of the target person. You can see their chats and check who they are texting with the help of screenshots and keylogger.
spy on someone at school
Overall, in my opinion, KidsGuard Pro is the best spy app for cell phones which can be used to spy on someone at school.

2) PC Spyware

MoniVisor is one of the best PC spyware that complements KidsGuard Pro for cell phones. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 so you can easily install it on the target person’s laptop or PC.

The software monitors the web activity of the target person without them knowing. It provides details about visited websites, and search queries, with timestamps. Moreover, it even gives you the list of URLs of the downloaded files.

spy on classmate computer

Besides web activity, with MoniVisor you can also keep an eye on the emails of the target person at school using the Web Mail feature.

see their emails

The software also boasts a PC keylogger that records keystrokes in different browsers, apps, and software which helps you read their online messages. Moreover, it even captures screenshots of the target PC screen remotely.


Overall, if you are looking to spy on your classmate at school then installing MoniVisor on their PC can help you reveal all the deepest darkest secrets.

How To Spy On Your Classmates At School? Final Verdict

You can spy on someone at school using spy gadgets and spyware. I personally prefer spyware over spy gadgets because they are versatile and have fewer chances of getting noticed by the target person since they are totally hidden.

However, before moving on with these methods think twice “Do you really want to spy on your classmate?” because it is illegal to spy on someone without their consent.


Is It Legal To Spy On Someone At School?

No, it is not legal to spy on someone at school.

Are Spyware Free To Use?

No mostly spy apps are not free to use. The free spyware offer limited monitoring feature.

Will My Classmate Know I Have Installed A Spyware On Their Device?

No, spyware are hidden on the target device so the target person never knows about them.

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