How To Spy On Someone Through Their TV?

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On SpyDrill I have done various topics related to spying on someone through their car, phone, etc. However, this time I am bringing you a guide on how to spy on someone through their TV. So if you are looking to know whether can you use a smart TV to spy on someone then this article is what you need. Keep reading till the end and all your questions will be answered here.

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Technically it is possible to spy on someone through their smart TV, however, it requires hacking or technical knowledge. On the other hand, hiring a hacker or installing a spy camera are complex and risky methods. However, there are better alternatives to spy on someone such as using spy apps on their phone or employing spying gadgets like hidden cameras, audio recorders, etc.

Can You Use A TV To Spy On Someone?

How To Spy On Someone Through Their TV

These days most smart TVs come with a built-in camera and microphone. Also, smart TVs have access to the internet, so if you are a hacker then you can exploit the vulnerabilities in the TV’s operating system or the WiFi router to get illegal access to someone’s TV. Once you have access to someone’s smart TV you can make use of its camera and microphone to secretly record their video and listen to their conversation.

However, if you are a normal person with no hacking or tech knowledge then you will find it difficult to spy on someone through their TV. But worry not, in this article I will show you some tricks you can utilize to spy on someone with Smart TV.

How To Spy On Someone Through Their TV?

1. Hire A Hacker


If you want to spy on someone through their TV then you can hire a hacker to do the job for you. As I said, a hacker can take advantage of vulnerabilities in the smart TV or hack the target person’s WiFi router to get access to their TV. However, this method is expensive because a good hacker will charge you a lot of money. Also, it can be risky to hire a third person to spy on your kids or loved one’s through their TV because it can be dangerous for their privacy and safety.

2. Install A Spy Camera In The TV

Install spy camera in tv

In order to access the smart TV’s built-in camera you need to hack the TV which is not possible for everyone. Also, if you don’t want to hire a hacker then you can hide a spy camera in the TV yourself. However, for that, you need to open the TV and install the camera in it in such a way that it can’t be seen but it can see everything. For this you can take the help of a professional, they might disagree with you at first but you can request them that it is important for the safety of your loved ones.

3. Use Smart TV With a Hidden Camera

tv with spy camera

You can also make use of a smart TV with a hidden camera like this one. This 32-inch LCD has a WiFi-enabled camera installed into it. Meaning that you can remotely view the recording from virtually anywhere with the help of the internet.

It’s not just a showpiece, it is a fully functional TV, meaning that you can record videos as well as watch TV at the same time on it. Hence the person in front of the TV will never know that they are being recorded. You can gift this TV to someone who you want to spy on or place it in your kids’ room or office to spy on your employees.

Better Alternative To Spy On Someone Without Their TV

As you have seen above that it is not that easy to spy on someone through their TV but that doesn’t mean you cannot spy on someone. Following are two methods you can use to spy on someone easily without anyone’s help.

1. With The Help Of The Spy App

A spy app is the best way to spy on someone even if you have no technical expertise. All you have to do is install a spy app on the target person’s phone. Once the app is installed you can remotely see all the activities the target person does on their cell phone.

Moreover, with secret Android spy apps such as KidsGuard Pro, you can even record the phone calls on the target phone and listen to their conversations. Also, this app lets you take pictures using the target phone’s camera with the help of which you can know who they are hanging out with. Also, such apps let you track the exact location of the target person all the time using the GPS on their cell phone.

If you want to track an Android then you will get lots of options, however, the same is not the case with an iPhone. If you want to track an iPhone effectively then you need to jailbreak it. There are only a few spy apps that let you spy on a jailbroken phone and FlexiSPY is one of them. It lets you track location, record phone calls, and access a camera remotely on an iPhone.

2. With The Help Of Spying Gadgets

The other method to spy on someone without them knowing is to install a spy device such as a hidden camera or eavesdropping device in their room. With the help of such a device, you can record the activities or sounds of the person without them knowing.

There are various types of spy cameras that you can use which can be easily hidden as they merge well with day-to-day items. So the target person will not know that there is a spy gadget installed in their room.

Can You Use A TV To Spy On Someone? Final verdict

While it is technically possible to spy on someone through their smart TV, it requires technical expertise. Hiring a hacker or installing a spy camera on the TV are complex and potentially risky methods. Better alternatives include using spy apps on the target person’s phone or employing spying gadgets like hidden cameras.


Can I Spy On Someone Through Their Smart TV Without Hacking Or Technical Knowledge?

No, spying on someone through their smart TV typically requires hacking or technical expertise. It is not easily achievable for individuals without the necessary skills or knowledge.

Are There Legal And Ethical Concerns When It Comes To Spying On Someone Through Their TV?

Yes, there are legal and ethical concerns involved in spying on someone through their TV. Invasion of privacy and unauthorized surveillance are serious offenses that can have legal consequences.

Are There Alternative Methods To Spy On Someone Without Using Their TV?

Yes, there are alternative methods available for spying on someone without using their TV. Utilizing spy apps on their phone or employing spying gadgets such as hidden cameras are options that can provide remote monitoring.

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