How To Spy On Someone’s Kik Messages, Contacts & Groups

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The default messaging app of your phone is a has-been since the introduction of third-party instant messaging apps.

Instant messaging apps provide additional features like sharing photos, and videos, joining groups, and so on. And these features make you shift your interest from the usual messages app to third-party instant messaging apps.

One of the popular apps that teens and adults like to use for communication is Kik.

On one hand, where the app helps you connect to your known ones and new people from around the world, it exposes you to people with bad intentions on the other. This makes Kik a dangerous app, especially for kids and teenagers.

That’s probably why you would want to monitor your kid’s or loved one’s Kik account in order to keep them safe from the hidden dangers of the Kik app. There are lots of Kik spy apps out there that can help you see someone’s Kik messages and contacts. But in this article, I have handpicked only the best tools after testing all of them.

Let’s discuss everything in detail now.

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Can You Spy On Someone’s Kik Account?

Yes, you can surely spy on someone’s Kik account with the help of Kik spy software that I am going to discuss below. However, if you are looking for how to spy on someone’s Kik for free then sorry there’s no free way unless you manually check their account.

How To Spy On Someone’s Kik Messenger

Let’s have a look at the Kik monitoring software that can spy on Kik messenger for you.

Setup Of iKeyMonitor App On Your Device

For starting with the monitoring of someone’s Kik account, you need a successful installation of iKeyMonitor on their phone and some setup needs to be done on your device as well.

Let’s discuss the things that are to be done on your device first.

1. The first thing that you need to do is, open the official website of iKeyMonitor and SIGN UP for the software.

sign up on ikeymonitor

2. Now select the type of device that you want to monitor. In our case, we are choosing Android. If you want to monitor the Kik account of an iOS user, you need to jailbreak their iPhone first. Kik monitoring is not available on non-jailbroken iPhones.

device selection

3. Next you have to create an account on iKeyMonitor by providing the email id and setting up a password and then clicking on SIGN UP.

create acccount on ikeymonitor

4. After that, you will get your login credentials at the provided email address.

To learn the setup process in more detail, you can read our detailed iKeyMonitor review on SpyDrill.

Setup Of iKeyMonitor App On Kid’s/Spouse’s Phone

Once you have created an account on iKeyMonitor, it’s time to set up the app on the target phone. This will require physical access to their phone for about 5-10 minutes.

1. Reach the official website of iKeyMonitor using the kid’s phone and LOG IN to the app using the credentials that you received on your registered email.

login ikeymonitor

2. Select the type of device that the target person uses, that is, Android or iOS.

device selection

3, Time to download iKeyMonitor by tapping on Download iKeyMonitor for Android.

downloading ikeymonitor

4. Now you need to give certain permissions to the app and configure the settings.

Finally, it’s time to use this amazing Kik tracker software for monitoring your loved ones.

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How To Read Someone’s Kik Messages Without Them Knowing

After the installation and setup on the target phone, it’s time to get back to your device. Right now, you’ll be on the dashboard of the app and you need to select the Logs option given on the left-hand side. Then select Chats, and under Chats, select Kik.

Here you will get the list of all the messages that the target person is receiving from various Kik users.

On the left-hand side, you are supposed to see all the Kik contacts and groups that the user has joined. If you want to find out what groups someone is in on Kik then you will get to know it here itself.

But the working of iKeyMonitor for Kik tracking is quite unpredictable.

The thing is that you will see all the messages that the target person receives from various Kik contacts, but some of the messages that were actually sent to some other contact might appear like they were sent in the group.

For example in my case, a message Heyy there was sent to Ross Warner. But that message was appearing in the Savage NFL Chat group instead. While in the chat section of Ross, I received a notification – “Warner”, which is initially the full name of the contact.

messages monitoring kik

The name of the contacts won’t appear in the main chats and you will see Unknown instead of the name. However, you will receive a notification that a new chat has been started with the following person (with a name appearing.)

The date and time stamp will appear with each and every chat. So you will always be aware of when a particular message was sent or received.

For quick results, you can also use the various sorting options available. Under Type sorting, you can select whether you want to view the Text Logs, Voice, Img, and Attachment.

sort by type

Similarly, under the contacts section, you can sort the messages by contacts and groups.

sorting by groups and chats

In my testing, I noticed that iKeyMonitor also spies on Kik Messenger through screenshots. This means the app takes the screenshot whenever the victim uses the Kik messenger on their phone.

You can also keep an eye on the messages sent on Kik from the Keystrokes section.

Overall, it was a bit difficult to monitor the Kik messages and other Kik activities, but still, the work is quite satisfactory. And the updates on the new messages are quick.

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Other Kik Spy Apps For Kik Monitoring

The best substitutes for iKeyMonitor for monitoring Kik contacts and messages are uMobix and KidsGuard Pro.

1. KidsGuard Pro: Affordable Kik Spy Software

How Does KidsGuard Pro Monitor Kik Messenger?

  • KidsGuard Pro can help you record all the target person’s Kik activities including their chats with its keystroke logger and screenshots.

spy on kik

  • It even shows you the Kik notifications that the target person receives on their device.

Other Features

  • It allows you to record phone calls on the target device.
  • You can remotely access the cell phone camera and click pictures using it without the target person knowing about it.

Why Do I Recommend It?

  • If you are short on budget, you can’t find a better Kik spy app than KidsGuard Pro.
  • While using this Kik spy tool, I noticed that it can track all the Kik activities very effectively and sync them to the parent’s device on time.

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2. uMobix: Best Kik Chat Spy App

How Does uMobix Spy On Kik Messenger?

  • uMobix can remotely record all the Kik chats by capturing screenshots or through its keylogger.
  • You can even see the deleted Kik chats of the target person with uMobix.
  • This app shows an online tag in front of the Kik on your dashboard. Hence you can know whenever the target person is using Kik on their phone so that you can track them in real-time.

kik online

Other Features

  • uMobix allows you to monitor their deleted SMS and call history.
  • With this app, you can track the exact location of the target person.

Why Do I Recommend It?

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FAQs Related To Kik Monitoring That You Should Know

Can Kik Be Tracked?

Yes, with the help of a monitoring software like iKeyMonitor, KidsGuard Pro, and uMobix you can easily keep an eye on the Kik activities of your child or your spouse.

How To See Someone's Kik Contacts?

With iKeyMonitor, KidsGuard Pro, and uMobix you can spy on someone's Kik contacts with the help of screenhots that they capture whenever the target person uses their Kik messenger app.

Can I See If A Kik User Is Chatting with Someone?

Yes, with the help of Kik spy app like KidsGuard Pro you can see if a Kik user is chatting with someone.

How To Read A Kik Message Without The Other Person Knowing?

For reading a Kik message of your loved ones without them knowing, you need a Kik spy tool. You just need the physical access of the target phone for installing the software. After that, tracking can be done remotely.

How To Find Out What Groups Someone Is In On Kik?

iKeyMonitor and other Kik tracker apps will help you know what groups the other person has joined on Kik.

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