How To Spy On Telegram & See Others Messages

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If you ask us what actually Telegram is, an instant messaging app or a social media platform? We would say a mixture of both.

You can use the app for chatting with your phone contacts but you are not just limited to them. Telegram is one of the best places to meet new people from around the globe as well.

By joining new groups, you can chat with people in groups, join voice chats, and it’s possible to message a person personally as well.

But while using the app daily for hours, aren’t the odds of getting new messages from someone with ill intentions quite high?

Teens are easy to sway. If the other guy is good with words, he/she can convince your teen for doing something that’s unfavorable for them.

This includes sexting, sharing intimate photos, accessing bank details, and other malicious stuff. Indulging in such activities might result in blackmail, online money theft, and other gross activities.

Now monitoring the Telegram activities of loved ones make sense, right?

Consider it your lucky day as today I am going to tell you how to spy on someone’s Telegram activities and how to track Telegram messages of your teen, girlfriend, wife, or whosoever you care for.

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How To Track Someone On Telegram?

The first Telegram spy app that I am going to show you is the KidsGuard Pro app which will help you see others Telegram messages. Let’s see how to make an account on the app, how to purchase its service, and finally, how to use it for Telegram spying.

1. You need to start by going to the official website of KidsGuard Pro and clicking on the Sign Up option that you see on the top.

sign up to kidsguard pro

2. On the next page, you have to create an account on KidsGuard Pro by providing your email address and setting up a password. Click on the Sign Up option once you fill in the details.

account creation

3. Now select the type of device that the target person owns. In my case, I am selecting Android.

device selection

4. Time to purchase the service of KidsGuard Pro by selecting the plan that you think is perfect for you.

pricing plans

Once the payment is done, it’s time to install the spy app on the target Android phone and set it up. But you need to have physical access to the phone for that.

Setup On Target Phone

1. Go to the app downloading page of KidsGuard Pro by visiting – (  and Slide right to download the app.

app downloading page

2. You might see a notification that the file might harm your device, but you don’t need to worry. Installing KidsGuard Pro is completely safe.

installation warning

3. Time to enable unknown sources for the successful installation of the app.

enable unknown sources

4. Now that installation from unknown sources is allowed, you can INSTALL the app easily.

installing kidsguard pro

5. Without accepting the EULA and privacy policy, it’s not possible to set up KidsGuard Pro. Simply tap on AGREE after going through all the policies.

privacy policy kidsguard pro

6. Using the same credentials that you used for creating the account, Sign In on your spouse’s device.

login kidsguard pro

7. Give permission to KidsGuard Pro to access the photos and media by tapping on ALLOW.

access to photos

8. Provide the details about the teen you are monitoring like their name and age and tap on Next to continue further.

target person information

9. For the complete monitoring of Telegram and other things from your lover’s phone, there are certain permissions that need to be given. These permissions include disabling Play Protect, activating Accessibility, App Supervision, Notification Access, Administrator Access, Screen Capture, Data Access, Battery Optimization, and Background Running.

permissions by kidsguard pro

10. Once all these permissions are given, you have to give KidsGuard Pro, access to messages, location, and other sections of the phone.

access to features

11. All the permissions are given and settings have been changed. Now finally, it’s time to monitor the Telegram account of your lover.

installation done

On the initial login to the app’s online portal, you will land on the dashboard of the app. From the dashboard, you have to switch to the Telegram option from the left side panel for stalking someone on Telegram remotely.

Keeping it short and precise, KidsGuard Pro can monitor every corner of the Telegram account of the kid’s phone.

Be it personal chats, profile pictures, groups, channels, or whatever you can think of, KidsGuard Pro will keep a track of everything.

spy on Telegram messenger

During my test, one thing that impressed me a lot is the data sync speed and accuracy of the app.

The moment your girlfriend/boyfriend takes an action on Telegram, KidsGuard Pro shows that action in the form of screenshots or text within seconds. And that’s how to catch someone cheating on Telegram.

As you can see, while chatting with someone, a screenshot is taken by the app and the same data is shown in the form of text as well.

The screenshots that you receive are going to be small in size and by clicking on them, you can open screenshots in full size.

Screenshots are of high quality, and by clicking on the download option, you can save them personally with yourself.

full size screenshot

KidsGuards Pro not only shows the text that the target person types, but it also captures the text that is not written by them.

As you can see, KidsGuard Pro is showing text that was sent in groups by someone else. This means you can spy on Telegram groups using KidsGuard Pro as well.

Apart from that, you can also see the app notifications that were sent by Telegram.

screen text

This is really useful as you will get to know what kind of stuff the child likes to read on Telegram.

Telegram users with sexual intentions mostly use the secret chat feature to have an adult conversation with someone. And these sexual predators might lure your teen into doing the same.

This makes the tracking of Telegram secret chats a necessity. But, is it really possible to spy on a Telegram secret chat conversation with KidsGuard Pro? The answer is a partial yes.

In my test, the screenshots feature doesn’t work when the target person is using the Telegram secret chat. All you will see in the screenshot is a black screen.

But you can still track Telegram messages that your teen or your spouse sends in the form of text.

spy on Telegram secret chat

As for the messages they receive from the other side, they are not visible, but you will still see the notification that some messages have been received. Overall, you can consider KidsGuard Pro to monitor Telegram’s secret chat.

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KidsGuard Pro is not the only Telegram spy app that spies on Telegram account perfectly, uMobix is equally competitive when it comes to spying on someone’s Telegram messenger.

Similar to KidsGuard Pro, the app gives data from every corner of the Telegram app. Be it profile pictures, messages, groups, channels, or anything you can possibly think of, the data will be extracted from everywhere.

While using this Telegram spy app, I found that the data sync speed of uMobix is almost the same as KidsGuard Pro. So it doesn’t matter which app you go for, you’ll feel like you are spying on Telegram in real-time, and that too remotely.

uMobix does not believe in text monitoring. You will only get screenshots of the activities that the target person does on Telegram.

There’s one thing about uMobix tracking that will steal your heart. People usually hide their last seen on Telegram, despite that, uMobix can still tell you when the target person is online.

online tag in umobix

Whenever your spouse is active on Telegram, you will be able to see an online tag in front of it. The usability of this feature doesn’t end here. The moment they open or close the Telegram app, the tag appears and disappears within a second.

tracking Telegram secret chat umobix

Secret chat is quite a popular feature of Telegram and can help people to share adult stuff without worrying about the other person taking screenshots. And that’s probably why Telegram is used for cheating. In fact, it’s one of the favorite chatting apps of cheaters.

And the conversation done in the secret chat is 2 way encrypted for more security.

You might be wondering whether uMobix can spy on secret chat or not. Well, sadly, the screenshots that I received from the secret chat were black so you can’t use it to track Telegram secret chats. But as you can see, you will get to know when they start a secret chat.

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You can also check our uMobix review to learn more about what this app can do for you.

Alternative Apps

1. iKeyMonitor

How to read others’ Telegram messages for free? If you have this question in mind then let me tell you that iKeyMonitor is the only Android spy app that comes with a free plan. However, Telegram spying is not included in their free package. But, you can add features to your free plan at just $9.99 for 3 days or $16.66/month on demand.

It is as good as free. Moreover, you can cancel the subscription at any time and still use their free plan for as long as you want. In the free plan, you get features like location tracking, SMS tracking, call history lookup, etc.

Coming to the Telegram spying capabilities of iKeyMonitor then it can very well help you see who someone is talking to on Telegram. Basically, it will help you stalk someone on Telegram and read their messages without them knowing.

iKeymonitor telegram spying

Moreover, you can use all the features of iKeyMonitor for 3 days absolutely free of cost. If you like how it works then you can purchase its paid plan or you can continue with the free version of the app if you want. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for you.

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2. eyeZy

After using eyeZy you will never ask how to spy on Telegram. This Telegram monitoring app has all the tools that will help you track someone on Telegram without their permission.

Under the Social Spotlight feature of eyeZy, you can read others’ Telegram messages easily. Moreover, you will be able to see with whom the chat was done. During my testing, I really liked the way eyeZy sorts the chats made on Telegram. It doesn’t mix them together but shows chat made by each contact separately which makes it easy to read the Telegram messages.

read others telegram messages

Moreover, apart from their messages, you can see all their Telegram contacts as well.

telegram contacts

Besides that, under the Screenrecorder section, you will get screenshots whenever the target person opens any social media app on their phone for example WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Telegram.  And not to forget there’s a keylogger on this app, so there’s no chance that you miss any of their Telegram messages. Overall, it is one of the best Telegram spy apps to see someone’s Telegram messages.

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3. Cocospy

Last but not the least, I have Cocospy for you which is yet another Telegram spying app that deserves your attention. Just like uMobix, Cocospy also allows you to stalk on someone’s Telegram to see their profile pictures, read their messages and see their group chats.

It will help you spy on someone’s Telegram messages with the help of screenshots. This means all of the Telegram chats they share in private or groups will be visible to you. However, the Telegram secret chats aren’t visible using Cocospy.

Besides that, the best feature of Cocospy is that it shows when the target person is using Telegram by showing an online tag in front of it on the dashboard.

telegram monitoring app

If you find your spouse or partner using Telegram at odd timing then it’s possible that they might be using Telegram for cheating on you.

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Final Verdict

After going through this article and all the Telegram monitoring apps, you must be now aware of how to track someone on Telegram and read their messages. Without Telegram spying apps, it is really tough to read others’ Telegram messages without them knowing. Because that way you will have to manually check their Telegram account by physically accessing their phone. It is risky because they can catch you spying on them. Hence, I recommend you go with any of the Telegram spy apps mentioned above if you want to read their messages without getting caught.

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