How To Spy On Verizon Text Messages?

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Do you wish to spy on someone’s text messages on Verizon? Irrespective of the network provider, you can read anyone’s text message using the technique I am going to share with you in this article.

Apart from monitoring Verizon’s text messages, you will be able to remotely read their chats and messages they share over social media and instant messaging sites. So without wasting any more time let’s see how to spy on Verizon text messages.

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Quick Summary
Verizon has no such feature where it allows you to read someone’s text message on Verizon without their permission. However, you can make use of spyware to remotely spy on Verizon text messages of someone. If you are looking for a free solution then go for iKeyMonitor. In case you are looking for spyware that can also show you deleted text messages then pick SpyBubble Pro. If you want spyware that can not only monitor Verizon text messages but also record phone calls then FlexiSPY is the app for you.

Can I See My Husband’s Text Messages On Verizon?

verizon text message

If you are sharing a Verizon family plan with your husband then you can simply log into your Verizon account and see their message and call logs. This means you can see the number to which the message was sent and from which the message was received, and the time at which it was shared. However, it might not show you the content of the message.

But don’t worry if you want to spy on your husband’s text messages or social media chats then you can do that with the help of a third-party app known as spyware. I will be discussing them in the following part of the article. So keep reading!

How Can Spyware Read Text Messages On Verizon?

So basically how a spy app monitors text message is, you have to first install the spy app on the target person’s phone. The spy app is hidden so don’t worry they will not know about it. Once the app is installed, it will remotely sync all the text messages, and social media chats, to your spyware account which you’ve created while downloading the spy app. Some spyware can even record phone calls and let you intercept someone’s calls without them knowing.

So in order to spy on Verizon text messages of someone, all you have to do is install spyware on their device, and then the rest it will take care of. Here you should note that you must have physical access to the target person’s phone for once because it is not possible to put spyware on a phone remotely. Once the spy app is installed, you don’t have to touch it ever again, it will keep syncing their text messages to your spy app account remotely.

There are lots of spy apps out there that can help you monitor Verizon text messages, here are my top 3 recommendations for you.

How To Spy On Verizon Text Messages?

1. iKeyMonitor

First I want to start with free spyware that can help you spy on someone’s Verizon text messages without them knowing. iKeyMonitor lets you read someone’s Verizon texts for free.

spy on verizon text messages

However, if you want to view their WhatsApp, or Instagram messages then you have to pay for add-on features which start at $9.99/3 days.

Apart from text messages, it will also show their call history and even allows you to track their location for free. If you are solely looking to see someone’s Verizon SMS and track their location then it’s good spyware and you can go for it since it’s free to use. However, if you are willing to read someone’s social media messages apart from their Verizon text messages then you need to look for other spyware which I am going to discuss below.

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Check all the features and their performance in my full iKeyMonitor review.

2. SpyBubble Pro

SypBubble Pro is top-notch hidden spyware for Android and a non-jailbroken spy app for iPhone. Meaning that you can read Verizon texts of your spouse, partner, or ex no matter if they are an iPhone user or Android user.

The USP of this app is that it can even show you the deleted text messages of the target person. Yes, you heard that right. If your spouse tries to delete their text messages after sending them to their illicit partner, you will still be able to read them with the help of SpyBubble Pro.

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Not just their text messages but SpyBubble Pro even allows you to read all their social media and instant messaging chats. It provides you a screenshot of their online activities on their WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. accounts using which you can easily read their chats and see who they are texting.


SpyBubble Pro is your go-to app if you want to catch a cheating partner by reading their text messages and chats. However, it is missing call recording and VoIP call recording features. If you want these features then you can go for the next spy app on the list.

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Check all the features and their performance in my full SpyBubble review.

3. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is a spy app to go for if you are looking for all-in-one spyware that can take care of all your monitoring needs. It can do anything you want, from remotely accessing the target phone’s camera and microphone to tracking their location and monitoring text messages and instant messaging chats, this app can do it all for you.

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However, one thing that makes this spyware different from other spyware is that it can also record phone calls of the target cell phone.

call recording

Not just phone calls but it even records calls made on social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, etc, and that too without rooting the target Android phone. In the case of the iPhone, it has to be jailbroken in order to install FlexiSPY on it, but it is worth it.

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Check all the features and their performance in my full FlexiSPY review.


Verizon doesn’t allow you to read someone’s text messages since it’s against their privacy policy. All it can do is let you see the call and SMS logs of your partner and that too only if they are sharing the Verizon family plan with you. But with the help of spyware such as iKeyMonitor, SpyBubble Pro, and FlexiSPY you can easily spy on Verizon text messages of your loved ones, and that too without them knowing.


Is It Legal To Use Spyware To Monitor Someones Text Messages And Social Media Chats?

No, unless you take consent from the target person it is illegal to use spyware to monitor someones text messages and social media chats.

Do I Need To Have Physical Access To The Target Person Phone In Order To Install Spyware On It?

Yes, you need to have physical access to the target phone to install spyware on it.

Will The Target Person Know That I Have Installed Spyware On Their Phone?

No, the spyware I have recommended are totally hidden. Meaning that the target person will not know about them.

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