How To Spy On Your Boss?

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Are you dealing with a toxic boss at work? Or do you feel that your boss is spying on your computer? Then you must be looking for a solution to deal with a bad boss at the workplace. The only solution I can think of at the moment is that you can spy on your boss and find out their hidden dark secrets. But how can I spy on my boss without him knowing? You may ask. Don’t worry I have covered this topic in detail, keep reading the article and you will learn how to spy on your boss secretly.

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How To Spy On Your Boss?

There are two ways to spy on your boss, the first one is by using spyware which can track their phone and computer activities. Whereas, the other way is to use spy gadgets. You can find more details about these methods below.

1. Track Your Boss’s Phone & Computer Using Spyware

In my opinion, a spy app is the best solution to spy on someone. It is because once you have installed it on the target device you have to do nothing. Just sit back and wait for the recorded data to be synced remotely to your device.

If you can have access to your boss’s phone and computer for just 5 minutes then you can remotely spy on them. Because you will only need 5 minutes to install a spy app on their phone or PC. Don’t worry your boss will never know that you are spying on them because the spy apps are hidden on their devices.

There are lots of hidden spyware for Android and iPhone. But for this purpose, I can recommend you to go with pcTattletale. The reason is simple because with a single plan you can spy on your bosses’ phones as well as Windows computers. Also, what’s good about pcTattletale is that it allows you to see what your boss is doing on their device in real-time.

track boss computer

It records all the activities done on the target Windows PC and Android phone in the video format. Also on the Android phone, it can even track the location of the phone, so you can tell what places your boss visits on regular basis.

The only problem with pcTattletale is that it does not work on Apple devices like Mac and iPhone. If your boss owns an iPhone then you can check the best undetectable spy apps for iPhone list. I have thoroughly tested all these apps myself so you can check them out without any doubts.

2. Spy On Your Boss Using Spy Devices

If you cannot have access to your boss’s phone or computer then you may not be able to spy on them. Don’t worry you can still monitor your bosses’ activities by using spy gadgets such as spy cameras, voice recorders, and GPS tracking devices.

1. Spy Camera

spy on your boss

A spy camera can help you record everything your boss does without them knowing about it. All you have to do is place a piece of hidden spy equipment in their cabin, car, etc. to record their activities. A spy camera comes in lots of designs like a button camera, USB charger, and spy pen camera.

You can buy a spy pen camera with audio recording and place secretly it in their pen stand on their desk. It will record everything secretly with clear audio and video. If you want a live view of what your boss is doing then you can also buy a WiFi spy camera that streams the live feed on your smartphone.

2. Voice-Activated sound recorder

Voice recorder

A voice-activated sound recorder also comes in various shapes and sizes like a pen voice recorder like this and a keychain voice recorder such as this one. These spy devices only record the audio as they don’t come with a camera. Also, these gadgets save a lot of battery and memory because they are only activated when they hear some audio. So these can be used to record your boss’s activities for longer than a spy camera.

3. GPS Devices

gps device

Are you curious to know where your boss goes every day during the lunch break or after office time? If yes, then hidden GPS tracking devices such as this one might help you. All you have to do is install the mini hidden GPS device on their car and then you can track their location easily on your smartphone. Due to their discreet size, you can easily hide the GPS tracker on the boss’s car without their knowledge.

How Can I Spy On My Boss? Final Verdict

Spying on your boss can reveal their dark secrets. However, it’s not easy to do it and if they find out that you are keeping an eye on them then you might lose your job. But if you be careful, and can have access to their device for some time then you can spy on them using a spy app.

If you can’t access their phone or computer then making use of spy gears like a hidden camera, eavesdropping device and GPS tracker makes more sense. No matter, whichever way you use to spy on your boss make sure you don’t use it for any illegal purposes like blackmailing your boss or interfering with their privacy because it is illegal and they can sue you for it.


Can My Boss See My Screen Without Me Knowing?

If your boss has installed spyware on your device then they can easily see your screen without you knowing about it.

How Can I Spy On My Boss?

You can secretly install a spy app on your boss’s phone or computer. You can also spy on them using a spy gadget.

Is Spying On Your Boss Legal?

No, spying on your boss is not legal unless you have a strong reason for doing it.

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