How To Spy On Your Crush?

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Are you in love with someone but can’t tell them? Don’t worry in this article I am going to show you how to spy on your crush. So that you can know more about them and find out about their likes and dislikes to impress them. However, before we start, spying on someone is illegal and if they find out that you’re monitoring their activities then they can even sue you.

Nonetheless, if you are still determined about spying on your crush then this article is for you. Here, I will share some methods with you using which you can spy on your crush at school, office, or home, and that too without them knowing. So let’s begin without any delay.

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Quick Summary
It’s not legal to spy on your crush or anyone for that matter. However, if you are ready to take the risk then you can spy on your crush and there are multiple methods to do that. You can hire a private investigator, use a spy bug or install a GPS device in their car. However, the best method is to install a spy app on their phone. With a spy app, you can remotely know everything about them without notifying them.

Is It Possible To Track Your Crush Without Getting Noticed?

how to spy on your crush

If you follow the old school methods such as following your crush wherever they go or stalking them online on social media platforms then sooner or later they will find out that you are tracking them. However, the methods I am going to share here in this article will help you spy on your crush without them even knowing about it.

How To Spy On your Crush?

Following are some methods that will allow you to remotely stalk your crush and that too without them knowing.

1. Hire A Private Investigator

private investigator

If you are looking to find hidden secrets about your crush or want to find out where they go or who they meet then you can hire a private investigator. A professional investigator can help you know everything you want to find out about your crush.

However, hiring a private investigator is not that easy because it’s tough to find a good investigator who you can trust. Also, a private investigator can charge upwards of $100/ hour and more. If you can afford to spend so much money just to monitor your crush then well and good. However, if you can’t afford that then don’t worry I have other options for you.

2. Make Use Of Spy Gadgets

hidden camera

Again it is illegal to spy on someone with spy gadgets but if you still want to spy on your crush without them knowing then you can make use of spy gadgets such as eavesdropping devices and hidden cameras.

You can hide the camera in the bathroom, hall, or bedroom of the crush and see what they are doing when they are alone at home. You can also hide a camera in their car to see who they travel with and where they go.

Moreover, you can even spy on them with a spy drone. With the help of a drone, you can follow them wherever they go and see whatever they do.

3. Track Them With A GPS Device

find your crush

The best way to spy on someone in their car is by using a GPS device. If you wish to track the location of your crush or you want to find the favorite places they visit on a regular basis then you can make use of a GPS device.

You can go for a small GPS device with a magnetic back and secretly hide it beneath their car to know about their whereabouts.

4. Use A Spyware

Spyware is a special type of program that you need to install on the target person’s device. The device can be anything, it could be their cell phone, computer, or even tablet. You can find good spyware for computers and cell phones with a simple Google search.

I would recommend you go with KidsGuard Pro because it has all the features you would ever require to spy on your crush. Moreover, it’s the most affordable spy app out there that I have personally used.

You have to install this app on their cell phone and for that, you need to have physical access to their phone for 5 to 10 minutes only. KidsGuard Pro is one of the easiest spy apps to install so you won’t have any hard time with it. Once you have installed the spy app on their phone then you don’t have to touch it ever again.

With the help of this app, you can read your crush’s text messages. Moreover, you can remotely listen to their cell phone conversations. With this, you can find out if they are currently in relation with someone or not. If they are single then you have a good chance to get into a relationship with them.

call recording

Moreover, with help of KidsGuard Pro, you can find your crush no matter wherever they go. And the reason is that it can track their exact location with the help of their phone’s GPS. Also, it has a geofencing feature so you can create a virtual boundary on the map and whenever they cross it you will get to know about it with the help of an email alert.

Besides, it can help you see their social media activities and read their chats to see who they text on regular basis. It will also enable you to know about their favorite topics of interest.


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So these were some top methods I can think of that can help you spy on your crush from afar without them knowing.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have seen that spying on your crush without them knowing is possible. You can make use of the hidden spy gadgets or track them with a GPS device. Moreover, you can even hire a private investigator to keep an eye on them on your behalf. However, the best method to monitor your crush in terms of effectiveness and affordability is to use a spy app. Once you have installed spyware such as KidsGuard Pro on their device, you can remotely stalk them and they wouldn’t even know. However, before you go on and spy on your crush I would like to remind you again that it’s illegal to spy on someone.


Is It Illegal To Spy On Your Crush?

Yes, it is illegal to spy on your crush or anyone unless you have a valid reason to do it.

Will My Crush Know If I Install A Spyware On Their Device?

No, spy apps are hidden as they run in the background so your crush will never know about it.

Do Spyware Really Work?

Yes, I have used plenty of them and from my experience, I can tell that they do work.

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