How To Spy On Your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend

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You still miss your ex, don’t you? If not you wouldn’t be looking for ways to spy on your ex. It’s okay, we humans are bound by our emotions we can’t get over things very easily. Probably that’s why you are looking to spy on your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend to see if they found a new love or if they are also missing you.

In this article, I will show you how to spy on your Ex without them knowing. Moreover, I will be sharing with you some techniques using which you can know if your ex is spying on you or not. Because as you want to spy on them there’s an equal chance that they are also looking to spy on you and who knows they might already be spying on you. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

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Quick Summary
There are many ways in which you can spy on your ex. Some of these methods include taking help from your mutual friends, through kids that you may have together, or by hiring a private investigator. However, the most effective method to spy on your Ex is by using a spy app. If you are somehow able to install a spy app on their phone then you can keep an eye on their activities remotely from the comfort of your home.

Can You Spy On Your Ex?

Yes, there are many ways in which you can spy on your Ex which I am going to discuss in this article. However, you must know that monitoring your Ex or spying on your crush or spouse is illegal. This means you cannot spy on someone without their permission because it is illegal. If you are found spying on someone then they can take legal action against you. So if you have decided to spy on your crush then also be ready for the repercussions it may have.

How To Spy On Your Ex?

Do you want to find out who your Ex boyfriend is dating? Or do you want to know if your husband just slept with someone else? The following tips will help you spy on your Ex without them knowing.

1. Take Help From Mutual Friends

You must have mutual friends with your Ex. If yes, then you can take help from them to get details about your Ex. If you want to find out what’s going on in your Ex’s life, who they are dating or even if you want to hide a spy camera in their room then your mutual friend can help you with it.

2. Through Your Kids

If you and your Ex have kids together then it’s easy for you to monitor your Ex through your kids. With the help of kids, you can know everything you want to know about your Ex.

3. By Hiring A Private Investigator

You can also hire a private investigator to follow your Ex and find all the hidden details about them. Hiring a private investigator may be expensive but it may help you spy on your Ex without them knowing.

What Is The Best Way To Spy On Your EX?

All the methods I have shared above work fine but there are some limitations to them. Either they are not very effective or cost a lot of money. But don’t worry I have kept the best way to spy on your Ex for last and that is making use of a spy app.

In this article, I will be sharing with you three spy apps that can help you monitor your Ex-boyfriend, husband, wife, or girlfriend. If you don’t know then let me tell you that you have to install a spy app on the target phone, in this case, your ex’s phone. Also, you must have physical access to their phone for once because installing a spy app remotely is not possible.

Once the spy app is installed you have to log into your spyware account (which you created while purchasing the app) and monitor the online activities of your Ex remotely. Following are the three best spy apps to monitor your Ex.

1. SpyBubble Pro

When it comes to spying on your spouse, crush, or Ex, SpyBubble Pro is the best spy app for you. It acts as an investigation tool that allows you to secretly spy on your Ex and read their text messages, see their call logs, track their location, and more. The USP of this app is that it can even show you the deleted text messages and call logs of your Ex.

spy on your ex

Moreover, while testing the app for SpyBubble Pro review, I found that it can track all the activities of the target person on different social media platforms.

It can help you read their WhatsApp chats, see who they are stalking on Instagram, and even spy on their Tinder profile to see who they are having an affair with. In total, using SpyBubble Pro is the best way to spy on the social media of your Ex.

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2. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is the most advanced Android and iPhone spyware I have used to date. Moreover, it is the only app that you can install on iPhone unlike SpyBubble Pro and other non-jailbroken iPhone spy apps that track iPhones through iCloud.

The iPhone needs to be jailbroken in order to install a spy on it. Therefore, if you want to do advanced spying on iPhone then it is a must to jailbreak it. Moreover, it is only possible with FlexiSPY to do advanced iPhone spying because other apps that track iPhones through iCloud can only provide limited information such as WhatsApp chats, text messages, call logs, etc.

However, with FlexiSPY you can listen to their phone conversations and VoIP calls, track their exact location, capture remote photos with their phone camera, and much more.

call recording

While reviewing FlexiSPY, I noticed that most of these features also work on Android without rooting it. However, if you want to use more advanced features such as call interception, Spoof SMS, etc. then you have to root the target Android phone as well.

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3. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is an affordable alternative to SpyBubble Pro and FlexiSPY. It has call recording and a geofencing feature that are not available in SpyBubble Pro. However, unlike SpyBubble Pro it may not show you all the deleted text messages and call logs.

Besides that, KidsGuard Pro can show you all the chats your Ex does on social media sites such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

So basically you can have a look at their social media activities all the time. I have reviewed KidsGuard Pro, and I can vouch for its accuracy and reliability when it comes to social media tracking.

read ex snapchat message

Overall, if you want to spy on your Ex but your budget doesn’t allow you to go for advanced spyware such as FlexiSPY then you can settle with KidsGuard Pro, it’s worth your money.

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How To Know If Your Ex Is Spying On You?

signs that your ex is spying on you

In the following section of the article, I will share with you some signs that will help you know if your Ex is spying on you or not. If you see these signs then beware because your Ex might be monitoring your activities without your knowledge.

Signs Your Ex Is Spying On You

They Frequently Bumped Into You: If you notice that your Ex is frequently bumping into you then it is a possibility that they might be following you wherever you go.

Your Mutual Freind Is Being Asked About You:  In case your Ex partner is asking your mutual friends about you, then it is a sign that they might be looking for some information about you.

You Notice Some Unknown Person Following You: It is a possibility that your Ex might have hired someone to spy on you. If you notice that someone is following you to all the places you go then beware.

Your Ex Knows Your Secrets That You Have Not Told Anyone About:  If you found out that your Ex knows some of your secrets that you have not told anyone yet, then it’s a sign that they are keeping a close eye on you.

You See Cell Phone Signs Of Monitoring:  These days it is very easy to spy on someone by installing a spy app on their phone. If your Ex has also installed a spy app on your device then you will see some signs such as your phone getting heated up, fast battery drain, increased data consumption, and more.

What To Do If Your Ex Is Spying On You?

If you have found out that your Ex is trying to spy on you or already spying on you then you should take some steps to stop them. The first thing you should do is change all your passwords. Also, you should not let anyone touch your personal devices, this will prevent your Ex from installing a spy app on your device. Also, you can take help from the police to tackle the situation.

Final Verdict

Spying on your ex is not right both legally and ethically. However, sometimes you cannot stop yourself from spying on your Ex no matter what. Now if you have decided to spy on your ex-boyfriend, husband, wife, or girlfriend at least do it the right way. There are multiple ways in which you can spy on your ex, however, the best way is to use a spy app as it is most effective.


Is It Legal To Spy On My Ex?

No, it is not legal to spy on anyone without their consent.

What Should I Do If I Want To Know What My Ex Is Up To?

It is better you ask them directly face to face rather than spying on them.

What Are The Consequences Of Spying On My Ex?

If your ex finds you spying on them then they can take legal against you.

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