How To Spy Using Hotspot?

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How to spy on devices connected to my WiFi hotspot? This is the question I have been getting a lot in the past few days on the website and SpyDrill YouTube channel comments section. So I thought to write a post on it so that you can know how to spy using hotspot on someone. But before that let’s find out if it is even possible to do that.

How To Spy On Devices Connected To My Hotspot

You must have heard people saying that you should not connect to public WiFi hotspots. But why is that? Well, they are correct, hackers can easily get into public WiFi since they are not very secure. Once they hack a hotspot they can monitor all the devices connected to that particular WiFi.

So by this, we can conclude that a hotspot can be monitored remotely but it’s not a very easy job to do. If you want to spy on someone using a hotspot then you need to have lots of technical knowledge and access to advanced hacking tools.

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Spying using a hotspot is not as easy as spying using spyware where you have to install a spy app on the target phone and monitor all their activities remotely. You need to have some technical knowledge and skills related to hacking in order to spy on devices connected to your WiFi. If you don’t have these skillsets then you can also hire a professional hacker to do the job for you.

If you have some hacking experience then you can follow the below-mentioned methods to spy on someone using a hotspot.

1. By Using Hacking Software & Tools

Wireshark is software that hackers use to spy on the traffic going through the person’s device who is connected to the same hotspot as the hacker. Basically, it is a packet-sniffing tool that captures and analyzes the data packets in a network.

There is a learning curve to it and hence not everyone can use Wireshark to spy on the WiFi. Moreover, you’ll need technical skills to operate the software properly.

2. Side Jacking

Side jacking is also a sniffing technique but here instead of network packets, the hackers sniff the cookies from a website. By getting access to someone’s cookies you can steal the victim’s identity. This means you can hack the online session of the victim who is connected to your hotspot and log into their online accounts without their username or password.

3. MITM Attack

MITM stands for man in the middle, in this type of cyber attack the hacker can intercept the text messages exchanged between two individuals. This means the hacker can edit or read the text without the other two parties knowing about it.

This type of attack is easy to make on a public hotspot since the access point is mostly unencrypted. By intercepting a text message hackers can send spam links to one of the recipients. Since the link is coming from a known contact people generally click on it and that’s how they get hacked easily.

Easy Ways To Monitor Someone Without Techincal Knowledge

If you are looking to spy on someone connected to your hotspot then most probably you are looking to spy on someone who you already know. It can be your kids, spouse, friends, or roommate because a stranger cannot use your WiFi.

The methods I shared above can easily help you spy using hotspots, but they require some technical knowledge. These methods are not for a layman but don’t worry I have a solution for you if you have no technical skills.

You can make use of spy apps that let you monitor your roommate, spouse, lover, or kids. You just have to install the spyware on the target person’s phone or PC and for that, you will need physical access to their device for some time (not more than 10 minutes). Since there is no way to remotely install a spy app.

You can make use of KidsGuard Pro to spy on someone without using Hotspot. This app once installed on the target device gives you all the information about the activities happening on it.

kidsguard pro

This includes their call recordings, SMS, and social media chats. Moreover, it can also help you track the location of the target person without their permission. Apart from this, you can even listen to their surroundings and see what they’re doing by getting access to their phone’s microphone and camera respectively.

Wrapping Up

Want to spy on someone through WiFi, well let me tell you spying on a device connected to your hotspot is no easy task. You might need to hire a hacker or you need lots of technical knowledge if you want to do it yourself. If you want an easy solution to spy on someone then you can make use of spy apps. It is an easy process as anyone can make use of them to spy on someone.

The best part about using spyware is that the target device does not need to be connected to the same WiFi hotspot as you. Once the app is installed the target person can be far away from not even in your hotspot range but you can still spy on them. So overall it’s better to spy on someone using a spy app than hack them using the hotspot.

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