How To Track A Car Without GPS Tracker?

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Do you wish to track your or someone else’s car? It could be for safety purposes because you don’t want your expensive car to get stolen or you want to monitor your teen’s driving. You may even want to spy on someone’s car without them knowing. No matter what your reason behind tracking a vehicle’s live location is, mostly only one solution will come to your mind and that is using a GPS tracker.

But what if you could not afford an expensive GPS tracker? Or what if they find the tracker hidden in their car? Don’t worry, I have a solution to this problem. In this article, I will show you how to track a car without GPS tracker. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Quick Summary
Contrary to popular belief, tracking a car without a GPS tracker is possible. You can make use of spyware, use your spare phone for SIM-based tracking, or even track a car location by Electronic Toll Collection System.

Can You Track A Car Without GPS Tracker? How To Do It?

Tracking a vehicle including a car, bike or truck is easy with a GPS device. However, it’s not the only way you can do it. It’s simple to track a car with a GPS device and hence most people use it and don’t know about any other method. But don’t worry, I will show you other ways using which you can track a vehicle without GPS.

I am going to share different methods to track someone’s car without them knowing. You can try all of these methods and stick to one that suits you the best.

1. With The Help Of Spyware

A spy app can help you track the live location of the target person without them knowing very easily. All you have to do is secretly install the app on the target device and then monitor its live location on your spy app account remotely.

In this case, you can install spyware on the person who is going to drive the vehicle. It could be your driver, husband, or kids.

If you are willing to track your child’s driving to ensure their safety, then I will recommend you install FamiSafe on their phone. The reason is that it effectively monitors events such as overspeeding, hard breaking, routes taken, etc. It shows everything in an elaborate manner which makes it easier for you to track a car location without a GPS device.


However, if you want to track your spouse or partner’s car then I would recommend you try eyeZy instead of FamiSafe. The reason is that, unlike FamiSafe, eyeZy is hidden on the target device. Hence, it can track your spouse’s car without them knowing.

It can help you find their pinpoint accurate location when they are in their car. Also, it lets you track car location on Google Maps. Moreover, it even allows you to create a geofence i.e. you can create virtual boundaries on the map so that you always get an alert whenever they move out of the set boundaries in their vehicle.

track a car without gps

Besides that, with eyeZy you can also read your husband’s messages or monitor your wife’s social media activities and chats. So if your spouse is cheating on you, you can catch them red-handed with this tool.

2. SIM-Based Tracking

track a vehicle with sim

If you can’t purchase a GPS device then I would recommend you go for SIM-based tracking if you want to track your own car. What you can do is keep your old phone with a SIM installed on it in your car. Keep it hidden so that if someone steals your car they don’t notice it.

You can keep a tracking app like Traqo installed on your phone so that you can track it in case your car is stolen. Also, you can track your phone with its IMEI number with the help of the Police as long there is a SIM card installed on your device.

3. Using Car Number

track a car by number plate

Most people ask this question “How to track a stolen car’s location without a GPS tracker?” If you have installed a tracker on your car before it was stolen then it’s easy to track down a stolen car. But in case you have not installed any tracker then tracking a car location by car number is the only solution.

However, it’s not something everyone can do. I have written a post on how to track a car by its license plate and I know that it’s a really tough job to do especially if you are a non-techy kind of guy. Moreover, you need a lot of resources to track a car by just its number plate such as access to all the CCTV in your area, image recognition software to identify your number plate, and much more.

If your car is stolen then taking the help of the Police is the better option you have in your hands.

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4. By FASTag Or Electronic Toll Collection System

Most people would not know but you can track a car’s location without GPS with the help of FASTag(applicable in India) or any other electronic toll collection system around the world. Yes, you can track a vehicle’s location with FASTag or ETC system through toll plazas.

Although electronic toll passes won’t allow you to track the real-time location which is possible through spyware or GPS device. It is still an effective way to track a vehicle’s location for free. It shows you which toll plaza the vehicle has just crossed so you can know its approximate location.

In order to track a car location online with FASTag or other ETC systems you can follow these steps.

  • Go to the FASTag or ETC system account linked to the car you want to track. You either use the website or mobile app to do so.
  • After you are logged in you can see the card details such as toll charges, location, etc.

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Final Verdict

Tracking your car through a GPS tracker is very easy and I would recommend you purchase a hidden GPS tracker so that you can ensure its security. Not just your own but you can also track other’s cars with a hidden GPS device.

However, not everyone can afford a GPS device. If that’s the case, then don’t worry there are other ways using which you can track the live location of a car using different methods. I have shown multiple ways to track a car without GPS. The most preferable way according to me is installing spyware in the car driver’s phone. That way not only can you track their car location but also spy on their other activities.

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