How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing: Is It Really Possible?

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For a long time, people have been quite jumpy to know that how can they track their partner’s or child’s phone without them knowing.

On the other hand, some people are just concerned about the current location of their loved ones.

Whatever be your reason for reading this article, the point is, whether it’s possible to track the complete phone activities or the cell phone location or not?

This work can only be done when you are backed up by a spy app for Android or iPhone. Once installed on a target phone, spy apps extract all the relevant information including location and show it on their online portal for you to check remotely.

But which spy is best for this job and how it works? Read this detailed article to know more.

How To Track Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

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As we told you that a spy app is needed to track the cell phone activities of a user, which spy app is best for this purpose?

Without any doubt, it’s easy to say that FlexiSPY is the best app to track someone’s smartphone activities.

With countless useful features available, you can track almost everything that’s going on your husband or wife’s phone.

But before knowing about these features and how they are used, it’s important to know how to set up the FlexiSPY app on the target phone and your device.

Spy App Setup

Setting Up Your Device

Installing the FlexiSPY app is easy, you just need physical access to your lover’s phone for about 5-10 minutes, but after you set up your device first. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Open the FlexiSPY official website on your device and click on the Buy Now option that you see on the screen.

purchasing flexispy

2. Select the type of device, i.e, Android, or iOS, and select the plan according to your need.

3. Finally, you’ll get the login details that will be necessary to spy on your target.

Setting Up Your Partner/Kid’s Phone

Now it’s time to take your partner’s phone handy for installing the spy app on their phone.

1. The first thing that you need to do is, turn off the Play Protect option from the Play Store. Disabling the Play Protect option will stop your cell phone from showing any kind of notification related to FlexiSPY being installed on their phone.

play protect off

2. Another thing that you need to do is, disable the Install Unknown Apps option from the target phone. Disabling this option means you are allowing your phone to install unknown apps.

install unknown apps

3. Now it’s time to download the FlexiSPY app on the target with this special link – (

4. After downloading the app, you have to give certain permissions to FlexiSPY like permissions to read contacts, access location, media, and so on.

give permissions to flexispy

5. Finally, the target phone is all set to send what the user is doing on it.

Now go back to your device and open the FlexiSPY online portal and log in to FlexiSPY.

login to flexispy

Know about the setup process in more detail by reading the complete FlexiSPY review on SpyDrill.

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Features Of FlexiSPY To Help You Track The Cell Phone Activities

1. Call Log

keeping track of calls

Keeping a track of the calls that your wife/husband is receiving or making is important if you suspect them of having an affair.

With Call Log Feature, FlexiSPY will help you in providing the list of calls that your spouse either made or received. Even the track of missed calls will be kept by FlexiSPY.

Along with the contact name, you can also keep a track of the phone number, duration of the call, and date and time of every single call.

To make your search more precise, you can use the sorting options of the app like Incoming, Outgoing, and Missed.

2. Call Recording

call recordings

All the spy apps in the market will let you monitor the list of calls, but what you won’t get in most apps is the recordings for those calls.

With the help of the Call Recording feature, everything will be crystal clear. If you suspect a phone number to be of the person who might be having an affair with your spouse, then you can be sure about that by listening to the call recordings between the two.

Simply click the Download option to listen to the call recording by downloading it.

3. Key Logs

keylogs feature

If you are curious to know what kind of language your child uses while talking to others, then this feature is for you.

FlexiSPY can keep a track of all the words that the kid types in various apps on their phone. These apps even include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Gmail.

So if the online behavior of your child is your first priority, Key Logs is an important feature for you.

4. SMS

sms tracking

SMS is one of the most common apps that one uses to have a conversation with others. So if you think checking SMS is just a waste of time then you might be wrong.

FlexiSPY app easily tracks all the text messages that the target person either sends or receives. All the contacts and numbers appear on the left-hand side and clicking on any of them will open all the messages from that contact on the right-hand side.

The date and time stamp with every message makes your tracking experience even better.

5. IMs

track cell phone activities

For those who don’t know what IMs means, it stands for instant messaging. With the FlexiSPY IMs feature, you can spy on WhatsApp messages of your loved ones.

The IMs feature of FlexiSPY works impressively as the updates on WhatsApp are quick and accurate.

After you click on the IMs option, the name of all the contacts will appear on the left-hand side and after clicking on any contact, the chats with that person will appear on the right-hand side.

With every chat, you can see the date and time stamp as well.

6. Photos

flexispy photo

If you are using the FlexiSPY app to keep a track of your children, then leaving the Photos section untouched can be a big mistake.

Downloading adult photos from the internet is very easy.

Under the Photos section of FlexiSPY, you will see all the photos that your child either received from Bluetooth, WhatsApp, downloaded from the internet, or through any means, the photo exists on their phone.

7. Videos

flexispy video

In addition to photos, it’s easy to keep a track of the Videos as well. When the target person receives a video on their smartphone, FlexiSPY tracks the video and upload it on its online portal.

You can easily watch the videos by downloading them after clicking on the Download option.

8. Audio Files

audio files feature

Similar to the photos and videos, the audio files can be harmful to our kids as well.

By monitoring the Audio Files that exist on the child’s phone, you will know what kind of language the child speaks or what they enjoy listening to.

Just tap on the Get File and then click on the Download option to listen to a particular audio file.

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9. Ambient

listen ambient surroundings

Your kids will never talk in the bad language in front of you. And this will make you believe that they are really innocent and they still respect the values that you gave them.

But what about their behavior and language outside the home with their friends and other people around?

Without the help of an amazing spy app like FlexiSPY, it’s not possible to know how they behave with others. But with the FlexiSPY Ambient feature, you can remotely listen to the surrounding sounds near the target phone anytime you want.

Just click on the Record option, choose the duration of recording, and leave the rest on FlexiSPY. Once you get the recording,  Download it to listen to it on your device.

10. RemCam

remcam feature

Suppose you heard something after using the Ambient feature that makes you think that your spouse is not safe. And now you want to see what’s actually going on there.

With the help of the RemCam feature, you can get easy access to the target phone camera remotely and you can see what’s actually going on there.

To use the RemCam feature, just click on the RemCam button given at the top. In a few minutes, the photo will get uploaded on the online portal of the app.

You can check the photo by simply clicking on the View Photo option.

11. RemVideo

remvideo feature

To get even a more detailed knowledge of what’s going on, you can use the RemVideo feature instead of RemCam feature.

As suggested by the name, the RemVideo feature will make a video from the target smartphone instead of clicking a simple photo.

Simply click on the RemVideo option and once you receive the video, Download it to watch it.

12. Contacts

contacts list

While checking the calls of your lover, you might not find anything suspicious and the reason can be that they haven’t made any calls to that other person.

But if you suspect them of an affair, the number of that person will be there on their phone.

And if you have their contacts list handy, you might find the number of that other person your lover has been talking to.

The names of all the contacts will appear on the left-hand side and by clicking on any of the contacts, the phone number will appear on the right-hand side.

13. Installed Apps

flexispy installed apps

Play Store apps are always so much fun to use. But along with hundreds of useful apps for kids, there are some apps that are not fit for children.

So it’s your duty to check the list of apps that exist on the kid’s phone.

With the help of the Installed Apps feature, you can easily view all the apps including the time of their installation and the size of the apps.

14. Web Activity

web activity

Now, that we are talking about the kid’s safety how can you leave the web history behind.

We all know how easy it is to access the wrong content on the internet these days. But it’s equally easy to keep a track of the web activity with FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY shows you the title of the search made by the kid and you can also see the URL of the accessed site as well. Plus the date and time of the search make your monitoring much better.

15. Alerts

alert feature

The Alerts section of FlexiSPY is created to assist you in tracking some particular words, particular locations, and some particular calls.

You need to go to their respective sections and add the details regarding what you want the alerts for.

This section is of great importance as it lets you know immediately when some activity takes place that matches your set alerts.

So if there’s anything that requires immediate action, setting up an alert for that thing will help you out.

16. Some Other Features Of FlexiSPY

The features explained above are the main features of FlexiSPY. But there are some other features as well that are surely going to help you out.

These features consist of MMS, Calendars, Wallpaper, Bookmarks, and Wi-Fi Connectivity.

So here we put an end to the long list of FlexiSPY features that help you track someone’s phone without them knowing.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing?

Now coming to the part that most of you have been waiting for, that is, how to track a smartphone’s location without them knowing.

Location tracking feature can be of great significance when it’s quite late and your loved ones have not returned yet.

If you suspect that your teen bunks their classes, you can make sure that’s really true or not. Similarly, you can track the location of your girlfriend/boyfriend and know if they told you the truth about their location or not.

Once you select the Location feature of FlexiSPY, you’ll see the current location of the target.

locations feature

Even the track of their past locations can be kept with FlexiSPY including the date and time when they were present at a particular location.

For even more detailed tracking of locations, you can use the Google Maps feature given by FlexiSPY.

Why Only FlexiSPY?

We could have recommended you plenty of other spy apps as well. But when it comes to the best monitoring solution, FlexiSPY is unbeatable.

Along with the normal features, the list of advanced features simply wins our hearts.

Plus when it comes to accuracy and data sync speed, there’s no app that can match FlexiSPY. So if you truly want to track your loved ones without them knowing, FlexiSPY is the best option for you.

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