How To Track A Rental Car To Find Its Location?

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Car rental is a lucrative business, if you own multiple cars then you can also get into this business and make good money out of it. However, even though the business is lucrative most people refrain from renting their car because they fear that their car will get stolen or someone may use it for illegal purposes.

If you too have these thoughts in your mind then get rid of them because in this article I am going to show you how you can track a rental car. So that you always know about your car’s whereabouts and you can find it in case it’s lost or stolen. So without wasting any time let’s get started!

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Quick Summary 
Tracking a rental car has lots of benefits and if you want to be worry-free about your car once you have put it on lease then you may also start tracking it. There are lots of ways to track a rental car such as hiring a rental car tracking service or using a GPS tracker and spyware.

Why You Must Track Your Rental Car?

benefits of tracking rental car

There are many benefits of tracking your rental car and some of them are listed below.

1. Decreased Car Theft

If you are tracking your rental car then it’s obvious that no one can steal it because you are constantly keeping an eye on it and that too remotely. Even if it gets stolen, you can find its location and tell your local police about it.

2. You Can Set Geofencing

If you don’t want your rental car to go to some specific place or you want the car to be driven only in a selected area then tracking it will help you. That’s because you can put a geofence alert so that whenever the car moves out of the set area you will get notified about it.

3. Prevent Illegal Usage

Rental cars can be used for multiple crimes such as kidnapping, drug smuggling, etc. If you are tracking your rental car, you can make sure that your own car is not being used for these criminal activities.

4. Monitor Driving Behaviour

It is important to know how your car is being driven by the driver. If you are tracking your rental car then you can see if the driver is indulging in rash driving, hard breaking, etc. By monitoring their driving behavior you can tell if you want to continue working with the driver or want to fire them.

Can I Track My Rental Car?

Yes, you can track your rental car and there are various ways to do that. I will be showing you all the methods to successfully find a rental car. You can choose the method you like the most and go with it.

How To Track A Rental Car?

There are lots of ways to track enterprise rental cars such as tracking car location by number plate or VIN. However, these methods are not very practical in real-life scenarios. Hence, I have only shared the effective and easy ways below.

1. Use Car Rental Tracking Services

track a rental car

There are lots of car rental tracking services available worldwide. These companies help you track your rental car and help run your car rental business smoothly without any problems. However, if you are a beginner then you may find these services not worth it because they are expensive.

Also, if you own a single car that you wish to put on rental then it’s not worth hiring a car rental tracking service for that. These services are only good if you have multiple cars which you want to track at once. Don’t worry, I have some affordable alternatives to track a rental car which you will definitely love.

2. GPS Tracking Device

A GPS tracking device is the best affordable way to track your rental car. These devices won’t cost much and offer great trackability. You can easily hide these devices beneath your car since most of them come with a magnetic back. Here’s an example of one such GPS-tracking device for your car which you want to give out on lease.

Most of these devices also allow you to set geofencing as well. So whenever the car goes out of a set area it will alert you that your car is in the unauthorized zone.

Also, some of these devices come with hard-breaking and acceleration warnings. So you can also monitor the driving. If your car has built-in GPS you still need a third-party GPS device because it’s tough to track a car without a GPS tracking device.

Unlike the built-in GPS, a third-party GPS device is hidden and hence it is hard to detect. Therefore, the driver cannot turn off the car’s GPS tracking.

3. Use Spyware

A spy app can help you not just track the car’s location but also let you spy on someone in their car. You can make use of a spy app to listen to someone’s conversation in your rental car so you can find out if some illegal activities are happening in it.

All you have to do is install spyware on your spare phone and leave it in your car and it will take care of the rest. You have to take care of a few things; firstly, you have to hide the phone so that no one can easily find it. Secondly, the phone must be on charge all the time, for this, you can make use of a power bank. And thirdly, the phone must be connected to the internet.

If you want to spy on your rental car then you can make use of FlexiSPY. This spyware will allow you to track the car’s exact location. Also has a geofencing feature that will help you restrict the car to certain boundaries.

Moreover, you can hack the phone’s microphone and record the surrounding sound of the target phone remotely.

spy on rental car

If you want you can even take pictures or record videos using the phone’s camera without anyone knowing about it. There’s a lot more this app can do which you can learn by going through my comprehensive FlexiSPY review.

Overall, using spyware is the best method to track a rental car in my opinion. Because apart from tracking the car’s location, it also allows you to spy on it.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have seen multiple methods to track a rental car, such as using car rental tracking services, GPS tracking devices, and spyware.

GPS tracking devices are the most affordable and efficient way to track a rental car. However, in my opinion, spyware is the most effective way to track a rental car because it lets you spy on someone in a car and that too remotely.

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You can do that by tracking your car all the time.

Is It Legal To Track A Rental Car?

If you own the rental car then you can track it without any worry.

Can GPS Tracking Devices Be Easily Detected By The Driver Of The Rental Car?

If you hide the GPS device then the rental car driver would not be able to find it.

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