How To Track Down A Google Voice Number?

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Similar to TextNow, Google Voice also provides virtual numbers to its users who want to reduce their digital footprints. You cannot track TextNow numbers using official means because it is against their privacy policy to disclose their customer’s details. Similarly, Google is a bigger brand and they will definitely take their customer’s privacy even more seriously. But there are some workarounds that will help you track down a Google Voice number. Keep reading the article and I will show you how to trace a Google Voice number. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Tracking down a Google Voice number is not an easy task. However, there are unofficial means through which you may be able to trace a Google Voice number. Such as doing a web search, using the GEOfinder tool, hiring a hacker, etc.

Can You Track A Google Voice Number? Is It Traceable?

No, you cannot trace or track a Google Voice number. This is because Google Voice is operated digitally which is synced with a user’s Google account. So there’s no physical place where the information is stored which makes tracking it almost impossible. Moreover, Google Voice numbers are not publicly listed, making it difficult for hackers to find and track them.

Besides that Google Voice numbers also do not appear on online websites or phone books. Moreover, they are not automatically linked to a user’s social media accounts unless they do it themselves. Additionally, Google is committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of user information hence they don’t allow anyone to track someone through Google Voice Numbers.

But that does not mean there’s no way you can track down a Google Voice number. Following are some tips you can use.

How To Track Down A Google Voice Number?

1. Search On The Internet

Google search

A simple Google search sometimes is enough to trace a Google Voice number. Although the chances are less, you can still give it a try. If the person is constantly using the phone number then there’s a chance that they may have left some traces of it on the internet. You can do a Google search to find more details about the number.

You can also search for the person on Facebook. If they have created their Facebook account using the Google Voice number then there’s a good chance that you will find them on Facebook.

2. Reverse Phone Lookup

reverse phone lookup

Google Voice numbers are not available in the public domain so it’s tough to find these numbers on the reverse phone lookup site such as Spokeo and Checkpeople. However, you may give it a try, there’s a chance that you may find the personal detail about the person who is behind the Google Voice Number.

If the number can be found on the reverse phone lookup site then you can get information such as their address, criminal records, email address, social media account, etc.

3. Take the Help Of Truecaller


Truecaller is a popular caller ID app that can tell you the name and location of the call where it is coming from. You can make use of this app, to trace down a Google Voice number and find out whose behind it. However, it will only work if a Truecaller user has already saved the Google Voice number on their phone with their original name.

4. Make Use Of GEOfinder

GEOfinder is a web-based tool that enables you to remotely track anyone’s location using their phone number. To use this tool, all you have to do is upload an image to the platform, which will then generate an Image URL with an embedded tracking link. Next, enter the Google Voice number you wish to track.

The tool will then send an SMS to the Google Voice number using a system-generated number, ensuring that your identity remains concealed.

track down a google voice number

Once the person receives the SMS and clicks on the Image URL to view the image, their location will be tracked and shared with you in real-time, without their knowledge.

location tracking

GEOfinder offers a $1 trial for 48 hours, so you can try it out before purchasing a plan. In conclusion, GEOfinder is an excellent tool for tracking the location of a Google Voice number. For more details, please refer to my comprehensive review of

5. Go To The Police


If the number you want to track is bothering or scamming you then you must file a complaint about it at your nearest police station. The police may be able to track down a Google Voice number and find out the face behind the number. The police can even investigate Google directly if they can’t trace the number through other methods.

6. Hire A Hacker

trace a google number

If you don’t want to involve the police in it then you can rather hire a hacker who can hack into the Google Voice number and find out details about it. For example the location and the name of the person who is using the number, and much more.

Is Tracing Google Voice Number Possible? Final Verdict

Tracing the Google Voice number through official means may not be possible. However, if you really want to track down a Google Voice number then you can do that by following the methods I have shown above. You can do a simple Google or Facebook search to find who owns the number. Or you can even take help from the police or hire a private investigator to trace a Google Voice number. If you want to track the exact location of the Google Voice number owner then you can make use of the GEOfinder tool as well.


Can Someone Find Out Your Real Number From Google Voice?

No, one cannot find out your real number from Google Voice.

Can I Track The Location Of A Google Voice Number?

No, Google Voice numbers are not directly linked with a physical location, so it is not possible to track location with their Google Voice Number. However, you can make use of tools like GEOfinder to find the location of a Google Voice number.

Can A Google Voice Number Be Traced To An Address?

Yes, it is possible but only if the Google Voice number is registered under a real name and address.

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