How To Track Elderly Parents Phone Remotely?

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It’s important to track the whereabouts of your elderly parents for peace of mind. There are various ways to track a senior citizen’s phone, including using built-in phone tracking features and downloading third-party apps to track elderly parents.

However, before you start monitoring elderly parents’ phones remotely it’s important to obtain their consent. In this article, I will show you how to use elderly parents’ tracker apps in order to monitor their phones remotely.

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Quick Summary
Monitoring elderly parents’ phone is necessary, especially if you live away from them. This is because they are easy targets for scammers. Besides that, you would also want to track their whereabouts to ensure their safety. There are multiple ways to monitor elderly parents but the best way to track seniors remotely is by using a tracking app. However, you must have their consent before tracking their phone.

Why You Must Monitor Elderly Parent’s Phones?

how to track elderly parents

There are can be many reasons why you might want to monitor your elderly parent’s phone. However, the most prominent reasons why people bother tracking senior citizens are as follows.

1. Track Their Location

The main reason for tracking elderly parents’ phones is to keep track of their current location. This is important because senior citizens may have difficulty remembering where they are especially if they are suffering from Alzheimer’s or any such condition which affects their memory. Hence they may wander off, therefore knowing their whereabouts can provide a sense of security.

Using a spy app gives you the ability to track your elderly parents at all times. Moreover, some spyware even lets you set up Geofence so that you receive alert notifications whenever they exist in a set area.

2. To Protect Them From Online Fraud

Another main reason you would want to track senior citizens is to ensure they are not falling victim to online fraud. Elders generally have limited online awareness which makes them an easy target for scammers. However, by frequently monitoring their texts, call logs, emails, and social media apps, you can save them from a potential scam.

3. Emergency

Last but certainly not least, by tracking their phone, you can also ensure that there are no emergencies. If you are not monitoring your elderly parents, it can be difficult to tell if something has happened to them. If you have remote access to their phone, you can know if there’s an emergency by looking at if they have made any emergency calls or text messages.

How To Track Elderly Parents Phones?

There are various ways to track your old parents such as installing a security camera, wearable devices, GPS tracker, etc. However, the best solution to track elderly parents remotely is by installing a tracking app on their phones. There are plenty of such apps available online but not every app is worth the try. Here I share with you 3 senior safety apps for Android and iPhone that I have used myself and liked the most.

Best Phone Tracking Apps For Elderly Parents

1. KidsGuard Pro: Best Overall

The first phone app to track elderly parents that I would like to recommend to you is KidsGuard Pro. Don’t get confused by the name, it can not just monitor your kids but old parents as well. This senior safety app for Android and iPhone is capable of tracking all the activities your parents do on their devices. For instance, this app can help you track the exact location of your parent with the help of its GPS tracking feature.

Besides that, it even lets you create a safety Geofence around them so that you always know when your parents leave a designated area. It’s a great safety feature for tracking senior people with memory loss issues.


Moreover, with the help of this tool, you can check your parent’s social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Also, you can monitor their internet usage so you can protect them from coming in contact with any scammer online.

browser history

That being said, it even lets you listen to their call recording using which you can know who they are talking to. If there’s someone who’s scamming them over the phone call, you can take quick action and protect your old parent’s from them.

best app to track elderly parents

All in all, this elderly parent tracker app is the best option if you have a limited budget.

Check out my detailed KidsGuard Pro review.

2. uMobix: Best For Tracking Elderly Parent iPhone

Do your parents use an iOS device and you are wondering how to track your elderly parent’s iPhone? If yes, then uMobix is the right app for you. The reason behind that is uMobix is the only iPhone spy app without jailbreaking that lets you hack into Instagram and Facebook accounts of your parent and see what they are doing. This way you can ensure their safety on these social platforms.

track elderly parent's iPhone

Apart from iPhone, this app works even better for Android, and that too without rooting it. Just like KidsGuard Pro, this app also lets you track the exact location of your parents all the time. When I tested this app for location tracking, I found it to be highly accurate in the range of ± 50 meters.

location tracking

Also, it even allows you to see the website visited by your parents so you can check if they are being scammed online. Overall, if your parents own an iPhone then uMobix is the best tracking app for them. Needless to say, it works well with an Android phone as well.

Check out my detailed uMobix review.

3. iKeyMonitor: Free App To Track Elderly Parents

Last but not least on my list I have iKeyMonitor for those who are looking for a free app to track elderly parents. Since it’s free, you may not get all the features you get with KidsGuard Pro or uMobix. However, the features it provides for free are sufficient for most people.

It allows you to track your parent’s location and create a Geofence around them for free. Moreover, it lets see their call logs and read their SMS without paying anything.

app to track elderly parents

However, the free method won’t allow you to track their website visits or see their social media activities. However, you can add these features and many more on demand for just $16.99/month. Also, iKeyMonitor comes as a PC spyware as well which costs only $29.99/month. So apart from their phone activities, you can even track their computer activities.

Check out my detailed iKeyMonitor review.

How To Monitor Elderly Parents Remotely? Final Verdict

The best way to monitor elderly parents remotely is to install a tracking app on their phones. This way you can easily track all their activities such as their location, their phone calls, messages, and other online activities. This allows you to ensure their safety in the online as well as the offline world. However, before installing the app on their phone you must take permission from them because it’s illegal to monitor adults without their permission.


Can I Track My Elderly Parents Non Smart Phones?

No, you cannot track a non smartphone because you cannot install a tracking app on it.

Can I Track My Elderly Parents Phone Location?

Yes, all the tracking apps I have recommended above can help you track the location of your elderly parents remotely.

Do I Need To Take My Parents Permission Before Tracking Them Remotely?

Yes, you must have their consent before installing a tracking app on their phone.

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