How To Track My Child’s Driving

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Is your kid grown enough to drive a car? It must be a proud moment for you but it may also worry you a bit because the case of teenagers involved in a car accident due to rash driving is at an all-time high. What can you do to ensure that they’re not involved in rash driving? Well, you can install a GPS device like this on your kid’s vehicle that will keep you informed about their location and also tell if they are overspeeding.

However, this is not always a feasible method to handle this situation. What if they do not drive their own vehicle and choose their friend’s car or bike for speeding, in that case, you will not be able to track anything. Moreover, a GPS device is easy to detect and hence the kid can remove it from their vehicle so that you don’t know anything about their driving history.

If not GPS then what can you do? Well, you can make use of monitoring apps to track your teenage driver. One such app is FamiSafe which tracks overspeeding, hard braking, drive hours, driving route, etc. So let’s see how it can help you monitor the speed of the car so you can track your child’s driving.

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What Is FamiSafe And How Does It Track Teenage Drivers?

FamiSafe is one of the best parental control apps that monitor each and every activity on the child’s device. One of its features allows parents to track their child driving speed through the phone’s GPS. Once the feature is enabled and the speed limit is set you will get an alert about it whenever your child crosses that limit. It alerts you even if the internet is turned off on the target device.

To monitor the driving speed of your child remotely you need to install the FamiSafe app on their phone. You will need physical access to the target phone for 5 minutes, once the app is installed you need not touch it ever again. By default the app icon is not hidden on the phone but if you want you can hide it to keep your child unaware of such an app installed on your phone. Even if they know they won’t be able to uninstall it without your permission.

How To Track Your Teenage Child Driving Speed?

You need to go to the official website of FamiSafe and create your account on it. After creating the account you need to purchase a plan based on your requirement or you can opt for a 3 day free trial of the spy app. Once the payment is done you will receive your FamiSafe account login details in your Email.

You can use the details to log into your FamiSafe account and from there follow the onscreen prompts to install this car speed monitor app on the target Android or iPhone device. If you want help with installation you can also go through my detailed FamiSafe review.

FamiSafe is the best app to track a child’s driving speed but you should know how to use it. Here I am telling you a proper step-by-step method to monitor teenage drivers using FamiSafe.

Set Up The Speed Limit

Before you can keep an eye on your child’s vehicle speed you need to set a limit on FamiSafe so that it can alert you whenever your kid crosses that limit. The minimum speed limit you can set is 80 Kmph or 55 miles and the maximum limit is 150 Kmph or 90 miles.

To set the limits you can go to your FamiSafe parent’s account on your phone or computer and from there go to Features. Under Features select the last option which is Drive Saftey.

famisafe drive safety

Now on click on Settings (gear icon).

set speed limit

Next, you need to first Enable Drive Safety by toggling on the button next to it. After that select the speed limit and units of measurement. For testing, I have set the speed limit to 80KM and the unit of measurement to Meter.

enable drive safety

With this, you have successfully set up the speed limit. Now you will get an alert each time your child over speeds in their car or bike.

Monitoring The Speed Limit

After enabling drive safety, if your kid ever exceeds the speed limit, you will get a notification about it in the Notices section of FamiSafe. Go to Notices and look for such alerts. If your kid has been involved in rash driving i.e. overspeeding or hard braking the notification will be there on your dashboard.

speed alert

If you want to see more details about the drive like when it happened, what was the top speed, route, etc then you need to go to the Features > Drive Saftey. Here you will see all the rash drives your kid was involved in.

Monitor teenage drivers

The details it shows are the highest speed, average speed, total distance, driving time, hard braking, and speeding.  It also shares the starting and ending point of the drive. The green dot indicates the starting point whereas the orange signifies the end of the drive.

child driving

If you wish you can also see the driving route on the map by clicking on either the starting or endpoint on the above screen. It tracks the exact location and route of the drive with almost 100% accuracy.

track child driving app

FamiSafe also records drives in which the child does not exceed the speed limit but applies a lot of hard breaks as it also comes under rash driving.

In case you want to see weekly drive records of your child you can also do that by clicking on Report. Moreover, if you want to see the previous week’s reports you can do that by clicking on the previous icon.

driving report

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Benefits Of FamiSafe Over GPS Device As A Car Monitor For Teenage Drivers

  • A GPS device is limited to one vehicle. Whereas FamiSafe can track each vehicle your kid drives (as long as their phone is with them).
  • GPS devices are hardware hence they are prone to damages and malfunction. On the other hand, FamiSafe is an app that has no issues as such.
  • A GPS device can be easily uninstalled from the car if detected by your child. However, the FamiSafe app can’t be uninstalled without parents’ permission.
  • A Good GPS device costs over $100 upfront and may also charge a recurring fee. FamiSafe also has a recurring fee plan but it is much cheaper in the long run.
  • With GPS you can only spy on their car but with FamiSafe you can monitor all other activities of your kids apart from tracking their car speed and location.

Final Verdict

So that was a quick look at how you can track teenagers driving and prevent them from overspeeding and indulging in rash driving. There are other apps available for monitoring teen drivers like Life360. However, I prefer FamiSafe over it because it’s not just a speed monitoring app. It also allows you to track all the activities of your child which helps you ensure your kid’s safety online.


Can I Track My Teens Car?

Yes, you can track your teen's car with a GPS device or with monitoring app like FamiSafe.

Is There Any Free Teenage Driving Monitoring App?

No, you mostly get this feature on premium apps like FamiSafe.

Is FamiSafe Worth It?

Yes, FamiSafe is totally worth it. This app monitors your child's car speed and online activities at the same time.

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