How To Track My Wife’s Phone? Find My Wife’s Location

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Are you feeling uneasy about your wife’s fidelity and suspect that your wife might be cheating on you? Fear not, in this article, I will show you how to track your wife’s phone location. By discovering her whereabouts, you can uncover any hidden activities she may be engaging in without your knowledge.

I will show you a free way to find your wife’s location as well as a secret method to track your wife’s phone location by number. So keep reading.

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Quick Summary
To track your wife’s phone location you can use spyware like iKeyMonitor, FlexiSPY, or KidsGuard Pro. GEOfinder is also a good option to find your wife’s location by phone number. Alternatively, a hidden car GPS tracker can be discreetly used. Consider the pros and cons before choosing a method.

How To Track My Wife’s Phone Location

The easiest way to find your wife’s location is by installing a location tracker app on her phone. To use such an app you need to install it on your wife’s phone when she’s not around. For this, you have to get physical access to her phone, once the app is installed you don’t need to touch it ever again.

Following are some tracker apps that secretly track the target person’s phone location without them knowing.

1. iKeyMonitor – Find Your Wife’s Phone Location For Free

iKeyMonitor’s GPS tracking feature lets you keep an eye on your wife’s whereabouts for free. You can see your wife’s phone location on the map, even in Satellite mode. This GPS tracking shows a history of where your wife has been, giving a full picture. While iKeyMonitor’s tracking might not be super precise, it’s still reliable for tracking your wife’s location.


The Geo-Fencing feature goes a step further, helping with setting virtual boundaries and getting alerts when your wife enters or leaves that area.

track wife phone location free

In my test of iKeyMonitor, I found its Geo-Fencing works well, though there might be occasional hiccups with email alerts when your wife crosses the virtual boundary.

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2.KidsGuard Pro – Affordable Location Tracker App

KidsGuard Pro’s location tracking uses GPS on your wife’s device to show you where she is in real-time. On the other hand, its Geofencing feature lets you set virtual boundaries on a map, like around home or office. If your wife’s phone enters or leaves these areas, KidsGuard Pro sends you alerts.

location tracking

While testing KidsGuard Pro, I found that its location tracking and Geofencing feature works well. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable Android spyware out there.

You could also go for iKeyMonitor for free location tracking of your wife but it lacks other important monitoring features like spying on your wife’s texts, call recording, social media monitoring, remote camera access, etc. in its free plan. So if you want to track your wife’s phone without breaking the bank then KidsGuard Pro is the perfect choice.

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3. FlexiSPY- Track Your Wife’s iPhone Location

FlexiSPY is another spyware app that secretly tracks a phone’s location using GPS. However, unlike KidsGuard Pro which can only help you track your wife’s Android phone, FlexiSPY can track both Android and iPhone.

location tracker

Besides location tracking, it can also set up virtual boundaries, alerting the user if the phone enters or leaves a specified area. However, you must note that to hack your wife’s iPhone you need to install the FlexiSPY app on your wife’s phone you need to jailbreak it first.

While testing FlexiSPY, I found that it is worth jailbreaking the iPhone because it opens endless monitoring possibilities apart from just location tracking such as call recording, remote camera access, social media monitoring, etc.

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Find My Wife’s Phone Location By Number

If you want to find your wife’s phone location by number then you can use a tool called GEOfinder. This tool lets you track your wife’s location using only her phone numbers, without installing any app on her phone.

Here’s how it works: You enter your wife’s phone number into the tool and attach an interesting image. The tool then secretly adds a tracking code to the image and sends it as a text message from a fake number to your wife. This keeps you anonymous. However, if you want you can also send the message from your number.

track wife's location by number

When your wife opens the message to check out the image, the tool captures her location and shows it on your online dashboard.

track wife's phone location

This method is a way to locate your wife’s iPhone without needing to touch her phone. If you want more info, you can check out my detailed review of GEOfinder.

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Track Wife’s Location Without Her Phone

If you’re looking for a way to know where your wife is without touching her phone, there’s an alternative. You can use a GPS tracker device, which you can buy on Amazon without breaking the bank.

These devices work like a secret location tag that you can put on your wife’s car. Once it’s set up, you can keep an eye on where the car is going without her finding out. It’s like having a little helper that tells you where the car is at any time.

This method skips the whole phone spyware thing and gives you a way to check on your wife’s location more discreetly. Just attach the GPS tracker, and you’re good to go, keeping things simple and affordable.

How To Find Wife’s Phone Location? Final Verdict

There are multiple ways to find your wife’s phone location, you can use spyware like iKeyMonitor, FlexiSPY, and KidsGuard Pro or you can use the GEOfinder tool to find her location by just her phone number without installing any app on her phone. You can also make use of a hidden car GPS tracker to keep track of her whereabouts. All these methods have their share of pros and cons, so pick one that suits you the best.


How Does GEOfinder Work?

GEOfinder sends a tracking code through an image to the target phone, capturing the location when opened.

Is Spyware Legal?

Legality varies; using spyware without consent may violate privacy and legal standards.

Can I Get Caught Using Trackers?

Yes, unauthorized tracking may lead to legal consequences. Always consider ethical and legal implications.

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