How To View Private Instagram Account & Stories Anonymously?

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Are you looking for ways to see a private Instagram account anonymously in 2023? If yes then you are at the right place. In this article, I have listed a few ways using which you can look at someone’s private Instagram account, stories, and photos. So without wasting any time let’s have a look at how to view private Instagram accounts and stories without them knowing. I have included both free and paid methods so that everyone can get what they are looking for irrespective of their budget.

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There is no official way to view private Instagram accounts without them knowing. However, using some tricks you can access someone’s private Instagram account and see their private posts, reels, and stories for free. These tricks include creating a fake Instagram profile, taking the help of a mutual friend, or using a private Instagram viewer site or app.

Is It Possible To View The Private Instagram Profiles Of Someone?

see private Instagram stories and account

There is no official way to view someone’s private Instagram profile or account. However, I have come up with some workarounds that will help you view private Instagram stories and photos of someone. So without wasting any more time let’s get straight into the methods that will help you look at private Instagram accounts anonymously.

How To View Private Instagram Account & Stories Without Them Knowing?

1. Follow The Person

It is very basic advice but you can follow the person whose private stories or pictures you want to see. If you are not stalking them or spying on them then it is the best way to see someone’s private account for free.

However, just following the person is not enough they have to accept your request, and then only can you see their private posts, stories, and reels.

2. Create A Fake Profile

If you do not want to follow the private Instagram account from your own profile because you don’t want them to know that you are following them then you can create a fake profile and send a follow request to view their private Instagram pictures and stories. However, you must make your profile look believable, or else the person may decline your request.

You can also create a fake profile of someone who the private Instagram owner already knows. This way the chances that they will accept your follow request will increase by a good margin.

3. Google Search

When you search someone’s profile on Google you could see their Instagram URL or photos which they posted when their account was public.

However, it won’t allow you to watch their private Instagram stories without them knowing because they last only 24 hours. Nonetheless, it is still a decent and free way to watch a private Instagram account.

4. Take The Help Of A Friend

You can also take the help of your friend to see a private Instagram account. If your friend is already a follower of the private Instagram account then with the help of your friend you can easily see the other person’s private Instagram posts, reels, and stories. If they are not a follower yet then you can ask your friend to send a follow request as well.

5. Third-party Tool

All the methods I have shared above allow you to view private account and stories for free but there’s no surety that these methods will work for you. But don’t worry there are two types of third-party services you can opt for: private IG viewer websites & private Instagram viewer apps. Both methods have their pros and cons, let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Instagram Viewer Sites

There are lots of private Instagram viewers being promoted on the internet but all the claim seems fake. You can try these private Instagram viewer websites if you can’t access the private Instagram account using any other methods.

I will share with you some of the Instagram viewer sites that can help you watch private Instagram profiles. But I can’t guarantee that these will definitely work for you.

a) Inflact:

Inflact is one of the most popular Instagram viewer sites that lets you see private Instagram profiles anonymously. All you have to do is type in the Instagram username of the target person and it will let you access their profile.

private instagram viewer site

However, in my test, I found that it can track only public Instagram profiles but it doesn’t work well with private ones.

b) Gwaa :

The next Instagram private viewer site I have used is Gwaa. It is touted as one of the best tools to see someone’s private Instagram profile. The best thing is it is a free private Instagram viewer.


However, the bad thing is it needs human verification which is very irritating. Also, when I tested it the site didn’t help me see any private Instagram accounts.

c) IGLookup

The IGLookup is also a popular private IG lookup site that promises you to show private Instagram accounts.

instagram viewer private

Before showing the private photos or stories it asks you to complete one task which is installing an app on your phone or something else. However, even if you complete the task the chances are less that it will provide any fruitful result.

2. Instagram Private Viewer Apps

There might not be any private Instagram viewer that works without human verification or survey but there are plenty of Instagram hack tools that work well to track a private Instagram account.

An Instagram private viewer is a special app that you have to install on the target cell phone i.e. the person whose private Instagram photos, and profile you want to see. However, this method will only work if you want to look at someone’s private Instagram account who you already know because you have to access their phone and install the app on it.

1. Glassagram: Good For Instagram Tracking Only

Glassagram is an Instagram viewer app that allows you to download or see someone’s story with just their username. Earlier this Instagram spyware offered a free trial but now you can only use it by paying for one of their plans.

If you want to watch private Instagram stories or profiles without them knowing Glassagram then you have to install the Glassagram app on the target person’s phone. For that, first, you have to signup and create your account on Glassagram.

After the app is installed on their phone, you can remotely see their Instagram activities in your Glassagram account. This includes the people they follow and the posts they have liked.

private insta viewer app

With Glassagram, you can also see their private Instagram stories without them knowing. Besides that, it can track everything they do on their secret Instagram profile such as reading their DMs, monitoring their reels, and much more. To learn more you may check my Glassagram review.

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2. KidsGuard Pro: Good For Tracking Private Insta DMs

The other private Instagram viewer app that I have for you is KidsGuard Pro. This app works fantastically to track Instagram’s private accounts. Similar to Glassagram, you have to install this app on the target phone, and rest it will do all the work for you.

It has a keystroke logger so everything the target person types on their Instagram account will be recorded, and you can read it on your KidsGuard Pro dashboard.

Also as soon as they open their private Instagram profile you will see their activities in the form of screenshots.

If they are having a secret conversation on Instagram then you will be able to see that as well.

track message in vanish mode

Besides Instagram activities, it can help you track other social media accounts as well unlike Glassagram which only tracks Instagram. It also has other features as well such as location tracking, geofencing, and call recording.

Overall, while reviewing KidsGuard Pro I found it to be a better app than Glassagram for viewing private Instagram accounts. If you want to view Instagram’s private account photos and stories only then you can stick to Glassagram. However, if you want more than just viewing a private Instagram account then go for KidsGuard Pro.

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3. eyeZy: Best Overall

Another Instagram spy app that lets you view private Instagram accounts without human verification is eyeZy.

Much like KidsGuard Pro, eyeZy can also track all other social media platforms including Instagram. It lets you view their private Instagram stories, photos, DMs, and much more.

It has a dedicated screen recorder feature that takes the screenshot of the target person whenever they open the Instagram app on their phone. Now, whenever they are scrolling through Instagram posts, stories, and reels it will capture a screenshot of it and you will be able to see what they are doing on their private Instagram account.


Also, it has a private Instagram DM viewer as well which shows you their entire private Instagram conversation in an easy-to-read manner. This way you can also read the name of the contact they are talking to hence you can know who they are texting without your knowledge.

private instagram viewer

Moreover, it has a dedicated keylogger as well so you would not miss even the minute detail they do or search on their private Instagram profile. If you want to learn more about its features then you can go through my detailed eyeZy review.


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How To Look At Someone’s Private Instagram? Final Verdict

Making your Instagram account private is a great way to protect your privacy on Instagram. However, your account is not 100% secure because there are chances that someone can still see your private Instagram account or stories using one of the methods mentioned above.

If you want to spy on someone’s private Instagram account who you already know then installing spyware on their phone is a good idea. Because you can easily check their activities on Instagram without human verification or survey. If you are looking for free ways to view private Instagram profiles anonymously then you can send follow request or create a fake account.


What Is A Private Instagram Account?

A private Instagram account is where only the followers of that particular account can see their photos or stories.

Do Private Instagram Viewers Actually Work?

Most private Instagram viewers I have used only work for public accounts but not private accounts.

Is There A Way to View Private Instagram Accounts Without Them Knowing?

Yes, there are lots of ways to do that and I have already shared them with you. Such as using spyware, doing a Google Search, creating a fake profile, and much more.

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