How To Install Spyware Via Text Message Or Email

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Are you in a long-distance relationship or do your kids study away from home? If yes, then this article is going to be very helpful for you because here I will tell you how you can install spyware via text message on your loved one’s phone. See let’s be honest, it’s not easy to spy on iPhone by sending a link or even Android for that matter.

Moreover, if someone stays away from you then it’s not possible to have access to their phone anyway. However, you can tell them that you want to track their activities for security purposes and if they allow it then you can send them the spy app installation link through SMS or Email. In case you don’t want them to know about it then you can ask some other person who you can trust to install the spy app via text message on their phone when they are not around. Let’s see how to do that!

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In order to install spyware through text message on the target cell phone, you need to first purchase a spy app. There are plenty of good spy apps available for Android and iPhone. Some spy apps also come with a free trial so you can also check them. After you have selected one spyware, you need to first create an account on its website.

Note: I am sharing the installation process of mSpy here, you can follow similar steps for any other spyware. The installation steps may slightly vary according to different spyware but the overall process remains the same.

Create Your Account

1. Go to the official website of mSpy or any other spyware in your case. On the homepage, click on the Sign up or Try Now button.

mspy website

2. Next, provide your email and other required details for creating your account. It may also ask you to select the target device i.e. Android or iPhone. Choose the device of your preference and proceed.

target device

3. Now you may have multiple options to make the payment based on the monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. The yearly plans are always the most value for money but you can also select any one of the other plans based on your requirement.

purchase spy app

As soon as you make the payment you will get your login credentials along with the app download link on your registered Email. In case you don’t get the download link you can log into your spy app account (mSpy in this case) and get the download link from there.

How To Send Spyware Via Text?

Can you send spyware through text? I know this question must be going through your mind right now. Well let me tell you that since now you have the download link to the spy app, you can send spyware via SMS or email to the target person.

If you want to install spyware via text message (SMS), you need to have their phone number.

install spy via sms

And if you want to install mobile device spying app via Email then you must know their Email ID.

install spy app through email

Install Spyware Via Text Message On Android

Once they have received the app link through text message it’s time to follow these steps to properly install the app on their device.

Note: Before installing spyware via Email or SMS, make sure the Google Play Protect option is disabled and the Unknown Sources option is enabled on the target phone. Without these settings, the app will not work properly.

1. Click on the app download link provided in the text message. With this, the app download page will open. From here you can click on the download button to get the app.

download the spy app

2. Now, install the app on the target phone and open it upon successful installation.

installed app

3. Spy apps need lots of permissions for proper functioning. Click on Allow on all the permissions it asks for.


4. The most important permission a spy app requires is Permit drawing over other apps. This permission allows the spy app to see the activities of all the apps installed on the phone.

drawing over other apps

5. Next you need to turn on the Framework Update Service for the spy app on your device.

update framework

6. After that you will need to provide Usage access to the app.

usage access

7. Now it will ask you for permission to track social media, tap on OK. Then tap on the START NOW button to start monitoring social media apps on the target phone.

social media

8. Spy apps run in the background and use the target phone battery, so your phone may disable it. If you want the spyware to work properly you need to Ignore battery optimizations.

battery ignore

9. Next, you need to block all the notifications of the app so that the target person does not know about it. In case the target person already knows about it, you can keep it as it is.

block notifications

10. If you want the spy app icon to be hidden so that the target person doesn’t find it then you need to check the Hide the app icon box.

hide app icon

11. Lastly you need to enter the registration code that you received after creating your spy app account. In some apps, they ask registration code at the beginning, and in some, they ask for it at the end of the installation process. Enter the right code and tap on complete installation to finish.

installation complete

So that’s how you install a spy app via the link sent through SMS or Email.

Spy On iPhone Without Sending The Link

You don’t have to spy on iPhone by sending a link because you can remotely track it through iCloud. This means if the target person is using an iPhone then you don’t have to send them a spy app link through text message to spy on them.

However, for this to work you need to fulfill two conditions, first, you need to have their iCloud login credentials. Secondly, two-factor authentication should not be enabled on their device. If any of these two conditions does not match then you can’t track their phone without installing spyware on it.

Can You Install Spyware Via Phone Call?

Can you hack a phone with just a phone call? Well, I had to tell you that there isn’t any technology available yet using which you can install spyware via phone call and hack someone’s device remotely. You can intercept an ongoing phone call but installing spyware through a call is not possible yet, and I don’t think it will be doable in the near future. But you can do social engineering attack over a phone call and compel the person to install a spy app on their device without even them knowing about it.

Can Spyware Be Installed Through Email Or Text Messages?

By following the tips shown above you can install spyware on someone’s phone through email or text message. I know you must be looking for ways to install spyware on the target device remotely without them knowing. However, that’s not practical and you have to tell them that you want to install spyware on their device.


Is It Possible To Install A Spy App Remotely?

No, you can't install a spyware remotely without physical access to the device. That said, the target device owner or any other person on your behalf can do it remotely via text message.

Can You Spy On Someone's Text Messages Without Installing Software?

If the target device is Android then you can't. While it's possible to read someone's messages on an iPhone if you know the target person's iCloud credentials.

How To Install Spyware With SMS?

You need to send the spy app download link via SMS to the target person's device and then it can be installed on the target phone.

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