iPhone Codes To Check For Spyware

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Worried about spyware on your iPhone? Discover a set of simple iPhone codes to check for spyware. In this article, I break down easy-to-use iPhone codes to monitor any unusual activities and protect your privacy from iPhone spyware. Stay in control of your personal information and ensure a secure mobile experience on your Apple device.

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Quick Summary
You can use some USSD code to check if your iPhone is being monitored. However, using codes to check if your iPhone is hacked is not foolproof. To protect your iPhone from spyware you need to keep iOS updated, avoid jailbreaking, install antivirus apps, and seek professional help if needed.

USSD iPhone Codes To Check For Spyware

1. iPhone Code To Check For Cellular Data Consumption

If there’s spyware installed on your iPhone then it will consume a lot of your cellular data. Hence checking your cellular data consumption is crucial to tell if your iPhone is hacked or being tracked. Following are some iPhone codes to check your data consumption.

  • AT&T: Dial *3282# to hear or get a text about your data usage.
  • Verizon: Dial #3282 to get a text about your data usage.
  • T-Mobile: Dial #932# to hear or get a text about your data usage.

These codes help you know how much data you’ve used without installing an app. If your data isn’t working then using these codes can tell you if you’ve run out of data for the month.

2. Code To Check Call Baring

Call Barring is a feature that lets you control incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone. If someone has gained unauthorized access to your iPhone then they might try to manipulate call settings.

Checking the Call Barring status using *#33# helps you see if there are any unusual call restrictions set up without your knowledge.

codes to check if iPhone is hacked

If you notice unexpected restrictions then it could indicate potential unauthorized access or hacking attempts on your device. Always ensure your SIM card PIN is secure to prevent misuse.

3. Code To Check For Call Forwarding

The USSD code *#21# on your iPhone allows you to check the call forwarding status. This means you can see whether your incoming calls, text messages, and data calls are being redirected to another number.

iphone codes to check for spyware

By dialing this code and making the call, you’ll receive information on the current status of call forwarding. This feature can help detect any unusual activity on your phone, such as unauthorized access or tapping.

If there are unexpected call forwarding settings, it may indicate potential security issues. However, it’s essential to remember that other legitimate reasons could exist for call forwarding configurations. So further investigation may be needed for confirmation.

How Do I Know If My iPhone Has Spyware On It?

Detecting spyware on your iPhone involves being vigilant for unusual behavior. Here are signs that may indicate the presence of spyware:

  • Battery Drain: Spyware can consume resources, leading to accelerated battery depletion.
  • Unusual Data Usage: Increased data usage may signal spyware transmitting information.
  • Slow Performance: Spyware running in the background can cause your iPhone to slow down.
  • Unexpected Heating: Overheating without apparent reason may indicate background processes, possibly spyware.
  • Random Reboots: Spyware can interfere with system stability, causing unexpected reboots.
  • Unusual Account Activity: Check for unauthorized access to your Apple ID or iCloud account.

How To Protect iPhone From Hacking & Spyware?

  • Update Your iPhone: Regularly update your iPhone to the latest software.
  • Use Two-Factor ID: Enable two-factor authentication for added security.
  • Get Apps Only From App Store: Only download apps from the official App Store and not third-party websites.
  • Watch App Permissions: Be mindful of the permissions apps request.
  • Avoid Weird Links: Stay away from suspicious or unfamiliar links.
  • Consider Security App: Think about using a reliable security app.
  • Don’t Mess with System: Avoid making unnecessary changes to your phone’s system.
  • Back-Up Your Data: Regularly back up your important data.
  • Use Strong Passwords: Set strong and unique passwords for your accounts.
  • Consider VPN for Public Wi-Fi: Think about using a VPN for added privacy on public Wi-Fi. Although a VPN can’t protect you from spyware, it can provide you with better security when browsing the internet.

Codes To Check If Your iPhone Is Being Monitored: Final Verdict

Staying vigilant about spyware on your iPhone is crucial for safeguarding your privacy. The provided codes offer simple ways to check for unusual activities and potential surveillance. Regularly monitoring data usage, call barring, call forwarding, and watching out for signs of spyware can help you maintain a secure mobile experience.

Prioritize keeping your iOS updated, avoid jailbreaking, and seek professional help if suspicions persist for enhanced security. Stay informed and take control of your iPhone’s privacy to ensure a worry-free digital experience.


Can Spyware Drain An iPhone Battery?

Yes, spyware can accelerate battery depletion.

How To Detect Spyware On iPhone?

Watch for unusual data usage, slow performance, and unexpected reboots.

Why Check The Call Forwarding Status?

It ensures calls are not redirected without your knowledge, indicating potential spyware or hacking.

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