Is CheckPeople Legit: Honest Review

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CheckPeople is an online search engine that helps you search for people with just their names and phone number. There can be many reasons why one would want to use an online people search tool. It may be because they want to know about their neighbor, blind date, or new roommate’s criminal records to ensure their safety.

People lookup can also be used to find the address of the lost love or college friends. If you are not in touch with them anymore and all you know about them is their name then don’t worry a people search tool can help you reunite with your loved ones.

There are many people finder sites available online, and most of them are just scams. In this article, we will see one such people search engine, CheckPeople. With this review, we will let you know if CheckPeople is legit or like most other lookup tools it is also a gimmick. So without wasting any time let’s start the CheckPeople review.

CheckPeople Review

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Overview is a simple and straightforward website with a user-friendly layout. It’s super easy to use and with just a press of a few buttons, you can know anyone’s location, email, criminal record, and other information about them. You have to just enter the first and last name of the person you want to track and click on the Search button to initiate the lookup. For more refined results you can also type in the city and the state of the person you are searching for.

checkpeople review

There are multiple search options provided, which you can choose at your convenience. You can select from Search People, Phone Lookup, Background Check, Arrest Record, Address Lookup, etc.

Apart from Phone Lookup, you have to enter the name of the person on all other search options. Whereas in the Phone Lookup option you have to enter the phone number for finding their name, locating their address, and checking other information about them. Overall, the website is easy to use, even if you are using the people search engine for the first time, you won’t have an issue using this tool.

How To Use CheckPeople For Searching People?

There are two ways how you can search for people on The first is with their name and the second with their phone number. Let’s have a quick look at both methods one by one.

1. People Search

a) On the CheckPeople homepage, enter the full name of the person. If you know their city and state then it’s better because you will get limited results out of which you can easily figure out the person you are looking for. After entering the required details click on the Search button.

search for people

b) As soon as you hit on search it will start searching multiple public sources like Federal Data Source, State Data Source to get the details about the person.

creating report

c) If the search is based on a city or state the process will be faster compared to when you are making a nationwide search. As soon as the search completes all the people with the same name will be displayed in front of you. Apart from the name, their photo, age, city, and relatives information will also be displayed so you can easily find the person you are looking for among others.

Once you find the person you were looking for click on the Open Report button in front of their name to access more detail about them.

open report

d) Now it will start building the report for you. First, it will search all the social media platforms to get additional details about the person like their photos and videos.

social media check

e) Next it will show you the list of the relatives of the person. If you want to add relatives’ information to your report then you can do that by checking the box in front of the relative’s name. To proceed further,  click on Continue To Report button.

Relatives of the person

f) After that, it will take some more time to gather information regarding the criminal record of the person. It searches local police, district court, and superior court documents to see if the person was ever convicted for a crime.

Criminal record

g) Next you need to agree to the terms and conditions of CheckPeople.


h) On the next page it will show a few key details of the report in advance. To see full details click on Continue To Report button.

continue to report

i) Now it may ask you to enter your personal details to save the report. Provide the details and click on Access & Continue button.

Access the report

j) In the final step it will sort the information into an easy-to-read report so that you don’t have a hard time reading it. To see the reports you need to confirm again that you really want to see the reports by clicking on Yes, I Understand.

Report is ready

Once you have the report of a particular person, you will also get the ongoing notification about them if they ever do change in their social media profile or commit any crime in the future.

2. Reverse Phone Lookup

The previous method was about searching people with their names, however, if you want to track someone through their cell phone number then reverse phone lookup is the right option for you. It is helpful when you want to know who your spouse is talking to on their phone all the time, hence it can help you catch a deceitful spouse. Besides that, it can also save you from getting scammed by frauds over a call. That’s because you can easily know about them using the reverse phone lookup option of CheckPeople.

To use phone lookup, all you need to know is the genuine number of the person you want to track. Here’s how it works

a) On the homepage click on the Phone Lookup option at the top. Now enter the phone number you want to trace and then hit the Search button.

search people by phone

b) It will take a few seconds to search different databases to find out the person behind the phone number.

reverse phone lookup

c) Once the report is ready, you will know everything about the person including their name, address and location history, relatives, property information, etc. To see the report click on the Access Report button.

phone report is ready

d) If you are already signed up for the CheckPeople premium plan then you will get all the details about the person with their phone number instantly. However, if you don’t have an account on it, you can still get the report by paying just $1. It is quite inexpensive for the amount of information you are getting.

make the payment

So that’s how easy it is to do a reverse phone lookup on CheckPepole.

Is CheckPeople Anonymous?

This is a big question that people have in mind while using a people lookup tool. They want to know whether they can search for a  person without them knowing. Don’t worry CheckPeople keeps your information confidential so the other person never knows about you searching them. So basically you are totally anonymous on CheckPeople.

How Much Does CheckPeople Cost? Pricing

You can start off with CheckPeople with just as low as $1. By paying $1 you can start a 5-day trial. You can cancel the plan any time you want in those 5 days. After the trial is complete you will be charged $44.85/month. If you don’t want the free trial then you can start off with the monthly plan which costs $27.65/month. Whereas a two-month plan would cost you $22.97 /month. All these three plans have unlimited features so you get full value for your money.

However, if you want a cheaper plan then you can go for the Power Plan with limited features that cost $17.16 per month. You can also get a limited individual report by paying just $4.95 per person.

Is CheckPeople Legit? Final Verdict

Now comes the main question, is CheckPeople legit or not? You’ll be glad to know that CheckPeople is a legitimate source to search people online. There is nothing illegal here because it is only sharing with you data that is already available in the public domain. So if you are looking for a legal way to get information about people then you are at the right place.

Also, it provides all the details about the person like their criminal record, bankruptcy, their property, and personal details including, phone number, email, address, and much more. All in all, CheckPeople is a legit and reliable source of information so you should definitely check it out.


What Is The Best Background Search Site?

There are multiple background search sites including Whitepages, Truthfinder, CheckPeople, etc. However, CheckPeople is my personal favorite due to its easy-to-read reports.

Is It Legal To Background Check Someone?

Yes, it’s totally fine to background check someone unless you are using the data to spy or stalking them.

Does CheckPeople Cost Money?

CheckPeople is not a free service so yes it does cost money.



Ease of use






Report Comprehensiveness


Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Has a simple interface
  • Provides all details about the searched person including criminal records
  • Gives you a trial for 5 days at just $1
  • Presents report in a systematic and easy to read fashion
  • You can search people with name as well as their phone number


  • Does not provide education history of the searched person
  • No reverse address lookup available
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