Is Config APK Spyware? Is It Safe?

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When you buy a new smartphone it comes preloaded with lots of system applications like System UI, OneUI Home, etc. which we don’t see on the app drawer because they work in the background. These apps are very important for the proper functioning of your Android smartphone. However, most people who are not aware of them think that these apps are spyware when they see them using their system resources like phone battery, data, etc.

In this article, we are going to look at one such system app that is also considered to be a spy app by many. The app I am talking about here is ConfigAPK. You must have seen this on your Android phone’s installed app list. So let’s find out if ConfigAPK is spyware or not. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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What Is Config APK On Android?

Config APK app is an application package installer. This means it is responsible for the installation, uninstallation, and upgradation of all the apps installed on your phone. It does not occupy a lot of space on your phone nor does it consume a lot of battery.

You can find this application on all Android phones be it from Samsung, LG, Nokia, or OnePlus. But is this app dangerous? Let’s find out.

Is Config APK Safe?

ConfigAPK is preinstalled on Android devices. This means it’s a system application that is necessary for your phone. Hence it is a safe app and you should not be much bothered about it.

Is Config APK Spyware?

Spy apps are mostly hidden under the name of the system applications. Hence, it is hard to tell if the Config Apk you are seeing on your device is spyware or not. The best way to check if an app is spyware or not is to check its permissions. If the app is having permission to your messages, phone, contacts, and media files without your knowledge then it’s most probably a spy app.

To check the permissions of an app, you can go to Settings >Apps and then scroll down to the app you suspect. Now simply click on it and go to Permissions.

config apk is spyware

If the app is having all the permissions on your phone then it’s definitely a spy app. In my case, the ConfigAPK app was not having any permissions at all, hence I can say that Config APK is not a spyware.

Can You Disable APK?

Yes, you can disable Config Apk on your Samsung or any other Android phone but there are consequences to it. What consequences you may ask? Well, since it is a system application, disabling it will cause some features of the phone to not work properly. For example, ConfigAPK is a package installer so disabling it means that the apps won’t install or uninstall on your phone.

If you still want to disable it then you can follow these steps

  • Go to Settings on your phone and then select Apps


  • Now, scroll down and select ConfigAPK.


  • On the bottom left corner, you will find the Disable option. Tap on it to disable the application on your phone.

cofigapk is safe

Can I Delete Config APK?

You cannot delete Config APK because it is a system app and you don’t have the option to uninstall it. So the conclusion is, although you can disable the ConfigAPK app, you cannot delete it.

However, there are ways using which you can uninstall Config APK from your phone if you really want. Such as you can root your device and then you can easily delete the Config APK app from your phone. But you shouldn’t do that because CofigAPK is a safe app and it does no harm.

How To Protect Your Android Phone From Spyware Attack?

Config APK might not be a spy app but there are lots of other hidden Android spyware that can be used to spy on your device. If you want to protect yourself from spyware attacks then you need to follow the below recommendations.

  • Never download stuff from websites that look shady. Only download apps from trusted sources such as  Google Play Store Or App Store.
  • Do not click on spam links on the internet or the ones you receive via SMS. Because spyware can be installed through links on your phone.
  • Keep your phone password protected and also enable fingerprint lock for extra security. This way no one can install a spy app on your phone even if they get their hands on your device.
  • Keep a good anti-virus app installed on your phone. It will help you fight against malware or spyware attacks.

Final Verdict

Config APK is a system app that can be found on most Android phones be it Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, etc. It is a totally safe app and you shouldn’t be worried about it. But some people consider it to be spyware because it has some traits like a spy app for example; it runs in the background and consumes the phone battery. However, that’s not the case, Config APK is not spyware and I have already proved it to you.

Moreover, you should not disable it from your phone. Because it is responsible for installing or uninstalling apps on your Android device. If you disable it then your phone might not perform well.


Is ConfigAPK A Malware Or Spyware?

The ConfigAPK app is part of your Android device's operating system and therefore it is not spyware.

What Permissions Does The Config APK App Have?

It does not need any permission on your phone to work properly.

Should I Remove ConfigAPK From My Device?

Config APK app is safe and important for your device hence you should not remove it from your phone.

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