Is Discord Spyware? Is It End-to-End Encrypted?

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If you are a gamer then there’s a high chance that you have a Discord account. Apart from gamers, Discord is now being used by everyone to interact with like-minded people. However, just like every other online platform, there are some dangers associated with Discord as well.

Most people who are new to Discord or looking to create a new account want to know if Discord is spying on them or if is it safe to use. Keep reading the article till the end to find out if  Discord is spyware or not.

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Quick Summary
Discord is not spyware, however, you must be cautious while using it and review its privacy settings. Also, it is not end-to-end encrypted so you must not use it for private and sensitive conversations.

Is Discord Spyware?

is discord spyware

Discord is not spyware. Although it collects various user data, including messages, it does so within its privacy policy. You must review the privacy policy of Discord before using it.

Is Discord End-To-End Encrypted?

Discord is not end-to-end encrypted. While it does use encryption to protect data transmitted between users and their servers, the platform itself has access to the content of messages.

This means that Discord has the technical capability to access and view the messages sent by users. End-to-end encryption would ensure that only the intended recipients of a message can decrypt and read it, and even the service provider (Discord in this case) would not have access to the message content.

However, Discord’s lack of end-to-end encryption is an important consideration for users concerned about the privacy and security of their conversations on the platform.

Does Discord Spy On Your DMs?

Since this platform is not end-to-end encrypted, it can spy on Discord DMs. However, Discord’s privacy policy clarifies that message access is primarily for enforcing their Terms of Service, investigating abuse, and not for advertising.

You must be aware of this when using Discord for sensitive conversations because if your Discord account gets hacked, the hacker can easily read your messages due to a lack of end-to-end encryption.

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Is Discord Safe?

Discord is generally safe when users exercise caution and employ privacy settings. As a user, you should configure privacy settings to control interactions.

No matter how safe an online platform is, it can host troublesome users, so discretion is advised when engaging with strangers and sharing personal information. Security measures like strong passwords and two-factor authentication should be implemented to protect accounts.

Moreover, Discord collects user data, so privacy-conscious individuals should review its privacy policy. Overall, Discord’s safety depends on responsible use and awareness of potential online risks.

Is Discord Chinese Spyware?

Discord is not a Chinese spyware. Discord is a communication platform that was developed by a group of software engineers in the United States, primarily for gamers and online communities to communicate via voice, text, and video.

While there have been concerns about data privacy and security on Discord, there is no widely recognized evidence or indication that Discord is involved in espionage or data collection on behalf of the Chinese government or any other foreign entity.

Is Discord Spying On You? Final Verdict

While Discord does collect user data, it still can’t be classified as spyware. However, users should review privacy settings and exercise caution while using it. Also, since Discord lacks end-to-end encryption for messages, don’t share private information on it. Overall, Discord is safe to use, but users should be mindful of privacy and security while using this app.


Is Discord Spyware?

No it is not spyware but it does raises privacy concerns due to data collection.

Does Discord Encrypt Messages?

No, Discord lacks end-to-end encryption, meaning it can access the message content.

Is Discord Safe For Chats?

It is generally safe with proper settings, but beware of potential online risks and exercise discretion in interactions.

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