Is It Illegal To Spy On Someone’s Cell Phone?

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There’s no doubt in saying that the idea of spying only pops in the head when you’re either concerned about your loved ones or don’t trust them.

In the case of the kids, the monitoring apps are used to make sure the child is safe. Moreover, the app checks that the kid is not misusing the cell phone.

In the case of the employees, it is checked that they are not leaking the company’s information to anyone. Similarly, in the case of a spouse or partner, the need for the tracking app is felt when you doubt your partner’s loyalty.

It’s really easy to install and use the spying app and there are plenty of capable tracking apps available. But the question is, is it legal to do so?

It’s very important to know about the legality of such apps before using them. Because your single mistake can even lead you to stand behind the bars.

Stick around with us to learn if it’s illegal to spy on someone’s cell phone from each and every angle. After that, make a wise decision as to whether you’re comfortable working under the legal scenario or not.

Baiting By The Spying Apps

bait by tracking apps

Yes, that true. The spying apps will always lure you to go for their services by any means necessary.

They will show you some catchy images like a kid’s phone getting tracked, the spouse caught cheating, etc.

Or they might use some catchy phrases to grab your attention. “Know who your partner is talking to late till night.” “Catch your cheating partner with this amazing tracking app.” “Keep an eye on your employees and make sure they’re not sharing confidential information of the company.”

The company will adopt all these types of tricks to pull the customers and convince them to buy the services.

Another way to lure the customer is by giving the offers on their pricing plans. Pay for three or twelve months straight and save a lot of money.

This will not only make you their customer but they will successfully retain you for a long period of time.

Some apps will also provide you with a free trial with full access to their best plan. And there are almost full chances that you’ll fall for their features and ultimately buy the app.

But what these apps won’t reveal in open is about their legality. While installing the app, there will be a pop-up related to their terms and conditions and that too written in small letters, which mostly all of us ignore.

Except for that, you won’t find any statement on these spy software sites that states how their service can be harmful to you.

So it’s better not to fall for their fancy talks and poppy images and learn more about the legal use of spy services.

Is Spying On Someone’s Cell Phone Illegal?

is it illegal to spy on someone's cell phone

How would you feel if you get to know that someone is spying on your cell phone and that too without telling you?

Obviously, it’s gonna be really shocking and you’ll feel like the breach of your privacy has been done. You’ll be aware that something has been done that is not legal or at least not right.

So this gives us the answer that spying on someone’s device without their consent is totally inappropriate and illegal in the eyes of law.

Be it the tracking of their social media accounts, looking through their photos, tracking of location, or listening to the calls, each and every activity is a punishable offense.

The punishment for the breach of security can be different for the different countries. But it’s not legal to spy on someone’s cell phone without their consent and that’s for sure.

Punishments can be related to fines, remuneration to the target person, and even jail. So make sure that the step taken is well calculated and under the set laws.

How Is Spying On Someone’s Phone Legal?

There are plenty of spying apps in the market and it’s obvious that they all exist as they are working in a legal manner.

So, all you need to do is, learn the appropriate way to use these spying apps. You should be aware of their legal and illegal use. And that’s enough to save you from all the possible threats attached to tracking apps.

Taking Consent

The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind. You can only spy after taking the consent of the target person.

Yes, it is true that in most cases, spying becomes useless if the target person knows about the installation of the spying app.

But you’ll find yourself in big trouble if the target person gets to know about the app installation by itself. You might find yourself stuck in the legal problems. Or at least the distortion of your relationship with that person.

Tracking Of  A Child

kid monitoring

If your child is not an adult, you can monitor them even without telling them about the spying app.

Even though it’s not necessary to tell the teens about the installation of a tracking app on their phone, it’s suggested you reveal it to them.

You should make the child understand, how spying app will work in their favor. And how, it’s for their own benefit.

The only reason we suggest you disclose about the app is that it will lead to a better understanding between you and your kids.

Otherwise, they might think that you don’t trust them, which will lead to an unhealthy relationship.

Owning A Cellphone

If you’re an owner of a business then we know that it’s really hard to completely trust the employees.

You might always feel insecure about all the confidential information that you and your employees know about the company.

Due to this reason, you might always feel that it would have been better if you were able to keep an eye on the employees.

track employees with spy apps

But is it ok that you install a spying app on their personal mobile? Obviously not. So it’s better that you take their consent and provide a company cellphone with a monitoring app installed in it.

Now, you’ll be able to keep a track of the flow of company information. Where the information has been shared, who all knows about it, everything will be handy.

Keep In Mind!!

This article just shares some major legal procedure that everyone needs to follow for the appropriate use of the tracking software like iKeyMonitor and mSpy.

But other rules and regulations might differ from country to country.

So make sure you are following all the legal norms and using the spy app without going against the law.

Also, don’t forget to read the legal user agreement and terms and conditions of the app before using it to track someone, not to forget, after taking their consent.


Is it legal to look through someone's phone without permission?

No, it is absolutely illegal to check someone's phone without taking their consent unless you have a warrant to do so.

Is it illegal to read someone's text messages on their phone?

No, it's not illegal to do so as long as you have taken their consent.

Can you sue someone for sharing private messages and information?

If the conversation was private and the person hasn't taken your consent before doing so, in that case, you can sue another person for sharing private messages and information.

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