Is Viber Safe To Use? Is Viber Video Call Secure?

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There are more than 1 billion users who use Viber on a daily basis and the number keeps increasing. The new users who join this platform have some doubts about Viber before joining it. For example, is Viber safe for privacy, or how dangerous it is to give Viber access to contacts on an Android phone? etc.

If you are also looking to join Viber then you must also have questions like, is Viber safe to use for making video calls, sending pictures, and more? Keep reading the article to know if it’s possible for someone to spy on your Viber account or not.

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Is Viber Safe For Privacy?

is viber safe

In this section, we will see what features Viber provides to its users to make it safe and secure for their privacy.

1. Viber allows users to hide their online status so that other Viber members can’t see their status.

2. Allow or disallow users who aren’t currently in your contact list to view your profile photos.

3. If you don’t want someone else to read your Viber messages without permission then you can choose to hide the chats by setting up a 4-digit PIN.

4. All the chats and calls made on the Viber Messenger are end-to-end encrypted. This means that no third person can read or hear your conversation.

5. You also get a two-factor authentication feature on Viber which makes your app secure. Once you have enabled it, no one can sign into your account without your permission.

6. You can also set your own rules for data collection. All social media apps collect your data for making the app better for you and showing relevant apps. However, giving access to your personal details to an app can make it dangerous for you. But here you can manage what data you want the app to collect about you.

Viber needs a lot of permission on your device in order to work to its full potential. Some of them are as follows.

  • Read call logs
  • Edit contacts
  • Camera access
  • GPS for location tracking
  • Microphone access

Not just these, there are lots of other permissions that Viber needs in order to work properly, you can learn about them here.

After giving so many permissions it is obvious to worry about your privacy on Viber. But Viber is transparent about its requirements and it states that it only requires permissions that are really important for its proper functioning. Moreover, it allows you to manage the permission settings. Looking at all this, I can say that Viber is a safe app to use.

Now, let’s talk about some other questions related to Viber security so that you can be 100% sure that Viber is a safe app to use.

Is Viber Safe To Send Pictures?

viber safe for sending pictures

Viber has an end-to-end encryption feature that makes it safe to send pictures, texts, and videos through its messaging platform. This means no one except you and the sender/receiver can see the shared photos, not even Viber itself.

Moreover, it provides you with a hidden chat feature. Using this feature you can make your messages even more secure by hiding them under a 4-digit pin. So that no one can read your messages or see your pictures even if they get access to your phone.

However, there are some Viber spyware out there that can help someone see the pictures that you share or receive through Viber. If someone has secretly installed these apps on your phone then even after end-to-end encryption and a hidden chat feature someone can see your Viber photos.

Is Viber Safe And Secure For Video Calls?

Just like messages, Viber voice and video calls are end-to-end encrypted so there’s no reason to worry. However, there are some VOIP call recording apps out there like FlexiSPY that can let someone listen to Facebook Messenger calls, Skype, and Viber Messenger calls.

People generally ask can Viber calls be monitored or can Viber calls be intercepted. Yes, it’s possible. However, for that, someone has to install the FelxiSPY app on your phone. Without the help of these apps, there’s no way that someone can intercept your calls on Viber.

Is Viber Safe To Download?

Viber is a trustworthy app and does not contain any malware or virus. Moreover, Viber isn’t a spy app either. If that were the case then it wouldn’t be available to download on the Google Play Store or App Store. Because it is against Google and Apple’s policy to promote viruses or spyware on their platform. Hence, all the apps available on these platforms are safe and secure. Therefore, we can conclude that Viber is a totally safe app to download and use.

Is Viber More Secure Than WhatsApp, Messenger & Telegram?

WhatsApp and Messenger apps are end-to-end encrypted just like Viber. This means WhatsApp and Messenger are equally secure as Viber.

When it comes to comparison with Telegram, Viber is definitely more secure than the popular instant messenger. This is because on Telegram only secret chats are end-to-end encrypted while group and private chats are not encrypted.

However, no matter how secure an app is from the inside, all of them can be monitored from the outside using monitoring tools. So you have to be careful while using all these apps no matter how safe and secure they are.

How Secure Is Viber? Final Verdict

From their end, Viber has left no stone unturned to make it a safe app for its users. However, it can be monitored from the outside by hackers or someone you know using third-party spy apps. To protect your privacy on Viber you need to make sure that you have set a strong password, enabled two-factor authentication, and never click on any spam links. If you follow this advice then you can use Viber without any worry.

Additionally, you should always stay alert so that you can know if someone is spying on your Viber account in time. This will help you neutralize the situation before they can do any harm.


Is Viber End To End Encrypted?

Yes, Viber Messenger is end-to-end encrypted.

Can Someone Read Your Viber Messages?

No, no one can read your Viber messages, not even Viber itself.

Can Someone Spy On Your Viber Account?

Yes, using spy apps and phishing techniques a hacker can spy on your Viber account.

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