Is Your Car Spying On You? How To Tell If It’s Bugged?

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Cars are getting smarter day by day and Tesla is a prime example of it. With so much connected technology coming into cars the owners are concerned about their privacy. Questions such as is your car spying on you? Or how to know if your car is bugged? are surfacing online.

I have also been getting lots of these questions from the followers of SpyDrill’s website and YouTube channel. So I thought to address this question in this article. Here, we will have a look at the possibility of your new car spying on you and whether you should be worried about it or if it’s just a plain myth. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

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As more technology is being introduced in our cars it is becoming easier for hackers to spy on us through our cars. However, if you take precautions then stopping someone from spying on you in your car is possible. If you notice signs of spying such as you hear strange sounds or find unusual devices in your car then you need to be careful. If you suspect someone is spying on your car you must report this incident to the police.

Is Your Car Spying On You?

is your car spying on you

With the increasing number of smart and connected features being introduced in your car, it is possible for someone to remotely hack it. Consequently, they can access the private data stored in your car such as location details and personal information.

It is not just a possibility but there are a few incidences in the past where carmakers were criticized for gathering the personal data of their customers without their consent. So not just hackers but car makers can also be the enemy of your privacy.

What Personal Data Is Stored In Your Car?

You would not know but your new car has lots of personal data about you that you have knowingly or unknowingly provided to the car yourself. Following is some information stored in your car that can put your privacy at stake if accessed by someone.

Your personal information: These days you can connect your phone to your car’s infotainment system via USB or wirelessly. If you also do so to listen to your favorite songs then beware that your car may access your phone data such as your SMS, call logs, internet history, and much more.

Your current location: Almost all new cars are equipped with GPS these days. So at any given point in time, the car owner or someone who has hacked your car can know your location without you knowing about it.

Your Audio recordings: If you own a new car then it must have some sort of an AI assistant that talks back to you and follow your commands. It’s a norm these days. Your car has a microphone that listens to your commands. However, if someone hacks your car they can also remotely listen to all the conversations happening inside the car.

How To Know If Your Car Is Spying On You?

how to know if car is spying

Following are some signs that tell if someone has bugged your car and is spying on you secretly.

You hear strange sounds: If you hear some unusual sounds coming from your car’s interior such as a clicking or buzzing sound then it could mean that someone has installed an audio bug in your car.

Battery drain: If someone has bugged your car with a spy device then it will draw its power from your car battery. In that case, your car battery will drain faster than usual.

You find a GPS tracking device: It’s an obvious sign that someone is spying on your car if you find a hidden GPS device in it.

Signal interference: If your car radio is experiencing some signal interference then it could be a sign that there’s a spy device hidden in the car.

How To Stop Someone From Spying On Your Car?

If you suspect someone is spying on your car then here are a few steps you can take to prevent someone from spying on you.

Look for hidden tracking devices: It’s easy to hide spy cameras in the car. Hence, if you suspect that someone is spying on you in your car then you must look for such hidden devices.

Always keep your car locked: Installing a listening device or hidden camera inside your car is only possible if your car is unlocked. So it is important that you always keep your car doors locked.

Install a dashcam: A Dashcam like this one can help you protect your car from any kind of tempering. If your car has a dashcam no one will dare to install a tracking device on it.

Use a bug detector: You can easily find a good bug detector on Amazon. These small devices will help you sweep your car for hidden tracking devices in a matter of a few minutes.

Park your car carefully: You should not park your car at an abundant place because there anyone can temper with it. Always try to park it in a public place, in well-lit surroundings, or inside your garage.

Take the help of the police: You can tell the local police department of your state about the incident and they will help you with it. Not only will they find the hidden device but will also catch the culprit.

How To Tell If Your Car Is Bugged? Final Verdict

As cars get more advanced the risk of them spying on you is also increasing. Since it is easy for a hacker to hack a car that is connected to the internet than your vintage car. Hence, if you are owning a modern luxury car with all the latest features then you need to be a little careful. You can take the precautions that I have shared above to stop someone from spying on your car.

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Is It Possible To Spy On Someones Car?

Yes, it is possible to spy on someones car without them knowing by secretly installing a tracking device in your car.

Can Someone Spy On My Car Without Physically Installing A Tracking Device?

Its tough to track a car without a tracking device. But if your car is connected to the internet then a hacker may get remote access to it by hacking your cars infotainment system.

Can I Detect A Tracking Device On My Car?

Yes, it is possible to detect a tracking device on your car through manual inspection or by using a GPS detector device.

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