KidsGuard Pro Review: What Can’t This App Do!

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Before reviewing any spyware, Franklin uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

KidsGuard Pro is one of the most affordable and reliable spy apps I have ever used. The app offers good value for money and is capable of spying on both Android and iPhone without rooting or jailbreaking it.

Even at such a competitive price point, the app offers lots of basic and advanced monitoring features that make your spying journey a lot easier. Apart from some elementary monitoring features such as text messages and call log tracking, keylogger, and location tracker there are some advanced features you get to see on KidsGuard Pro such as:

1. Call Recording: With KidsGuard Pro you can listen to the cell phone conversation of the target person remotely on your KidsGuard Pro dashboard. It’s a good tool for catching a cheating spouse.

2. Geofencing: Apart from tracking the target phone’s location, this app even allows you to set a geofence so that you can track your loved ones better.

3. Remote Camera Access: The app even lets you remotely access the target phone’s camera and capture photos using it.

Why Do I Recommend KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro is not only economical but it is also very effective. Also, there’s no learning curve to it as it is very simple to use. This means it’s best for those who have no experience with spy apps. Moreover, you get some advanced features like call recording and geofencing that are not available in most spyware out there which are more expensive than KidsGuard Pro. Probably, that’s what makes me recommend KidsGuard Pro to you guys.

Why I Don’t Recommend KidsGuard Pro?

At the price point at which this app comes, you cannot expect much from it. But still, there’s one thing that I would like this app to have and that is remote video capture as it can only capture photos by remotely accessing the target phone’s camera but not videos. Also, the location tracking is not 100% accurate there is a ± 100-meter difference.

KidsGuard Pro Quick Review

If you are a beginner or have a budget constraint then KidsGuard Pro is the best spy app you have in your hands. The app also offers a free demo so you can check it out as well before making your decision. All the features work really well and are reliable to my belief. So I would highly like to recommend this software to you. If you have time then I would encourage you to go on and read the full KidsGuard Pro review to make a well-informed decision about whether or not to go for it.

Free Trial   No
Free Demo   Yes
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Monthly price$29.99/ month
Supported Operating Systems Android & iPhone
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
SpyDrill Rating9.3/10

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Comprehensive KidsGuard Pro Review

As I don’t want to leave any stone unturned, therefore this KidsGuard review is going to be in-depth and detailed. To save you time I have provided shortcuts to all the specific parts of the article that you may be interested in.

But I would highly suggest you read the Clevguard KidsGuard Pro review completely so that you don’t miss anything that might be important for you.

Compatibility: Does KidsGuard Pro Works On iPhone & Android?

Successful spying software is one that supports the majority of cell phones that are in the smartphone market.

You will be glad to know that KidsGuard Pro supports both the popular and most used operating systems i.e. Android and iOS in smartphones. Along with that, it doesn’t require the smartphone to be rooted or jailbroken for its optimal working. It will also work flawlessly even if you have a rooted Android device or jailbroken iPhone.

KidsGuard Pro is supported on a wide variety of Android phones running on Android version 4.0 or above. While for iOS devices, it is compatible with iOS versions 9 and above.

For this review, I performed the testing on Samsung M12 which is running on Android 11.

How Does KidsGuard Pro Work?

1. Before you can begin with monitoring the smartphone of your loved ones you need to have a KidsGuard Pro account. To do so, you need to visit KidsGuard Pro official website to create an account. Here click on the Sign Up option given at the top.

sign up to kidsguard pro

2. Creating an account on the app is necessary for using its services. Provide your email id and set a password for your KidsGuard Pro account and click on Sign Up to continue further.

enter credentials

3. Make a selection among the various products that KidsGuard Pro offers to its users. I am choosing KidsGuard Pro for Android.

selecting android

4. Once you have selected a product for yourself, make a payment in order to purchase that product.

After making a payment you have you have your KidsGuard Pro account handy. Now, it’s time to start setting up KidsGuard Pro on your child’s or your lover’s device.

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How To Install ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro On The Target Android Phone?

Having physical access to the smartphone or tablet is essential for installing KidsGuard Pro on the target Android device. Physical access is necessary in order to install the app and give it permission to access the phone’s data and apps for complete and successful monitoring.

Have you ever installed a spying app by yourself before? If yes, then the installation process will be easy-peasy for you. And even if you’re new to this, then don’t worry just follow the steps mentioned below correctly to make sure the installation process goes like a breeze!

Disabling Google Play Protect On Target Device

Before downloading the KidsGuard Pro app you will need to disable Play Protect on the target Android device. It is required as Play Protect runs checks for harmful apps and if not disabled you’ll get unnecessary notifications.

1. To disable Play Protect you will need to open the Play Store and tap on the Hamburger icon at the top left. You will see a bunch of settings, from there select Play Protect.

Disabling Play Protect for installation of KidsGuard Pro

2. Once you tap on the Settings icon at the top right you’ll arrive at the Play Protect settings page. From there you need to toggle off Scan apps with Play Protect.

Disabling Scan Apps With Play Protect

3. After disabling it you’ll see a popup labeled Turn off app scanning? Press TURN OFF.

By following the above steps correctly you have disabled the Play Protect on the target device.

Downloading  And Installing KidsGuard Pro On Android Device

1. To download the KidsGuard Pro app on the target phone you have to open any browser and in the address bar type and hit enter. On the center of the screen, you will see a slider option that will say Slide right to download. Slide it to the right to begin the download.

Download Page

2. After swiping right, a warning will appear. Press OK.

File Can Harm Device

Note: You can skip steps 4, 5, and 6 if you’ve already enabled the installation of apps from Unknown Sources.

4. Tapping OK will give a popup saying For security, your phone is set to block the installation of apps obtained from unknown sources. Solving this warning is easy. First, you need to tap on SETTINGS. 

Installing Apps From Unknown Sources

5. Then under Device administration, you will find Unknown Sources that you need to enable. Next, you will get a popup, there you’ll have to press OK.

Allowing Unknown Sources KidsGuard Pro

6. Head over to the downloads folder on the device and tap on the APK file downloaded above.

7. This time around you will not get any warning and the installation will begin. Now Press the INSTALL button.

how to Install KidsGuard Pro

8. Once the app is installed you need to press OPEN.

System Update Service Installed

9. Upon installing and opening the app the first thing you’ll require to do is to accept the ClevGuard End User Licence Agreement by pressing the Agree>> button.

Accepting ClevGuard End User

10. On the next screen, you’ll need to enter the credentials of your KidsGuard Pro account and then tap Sign In.

KidsGuard Pro Sign-in Android

11. After sign-in you’ll have to give access to photos and media to KidsGuard Pro by tapping on ALLOW.

Allowing System Update For KidsGuard Pro

12. Next, you’ll need to enter the name and age of the target person and press Next.

Entering Child Info KidsGuard Pro

13. Now you have to grant some permissions to KidsGuard Pro. On pressing the Got it button you’ll get a popup where you need to tap Yes. 

Screen Overlay Permission KidsGuard Pro

14. The next step is to Disable Play Protect. As I have already disabled it in the beginning so you will need to press Proceed To Settings and then press Already Set. After that, you’ll receive a popup, press Yes to continue.

KidsGuard Pro Play Protect

15. Next, again tap on Proceed to Settings to enable Accessibility. Under Accessibility, you will find System Update Service. You need to change the status from off to on so that you can monitor the updates of the target device instantly. After toggling it you’ll receive a popup, where you’ll have to press OK.

Activate Accessibility On KidsGuard Pro

16. Once more press on Proceed to Settings. This time it is to Activate App Supervision.

Activate App Supervision

17. Under Apps with usage access, tap on System Update Service. Then you’ll need to enable the Permit usage access and press back.

Allowing App Supervision KidsGuard Pro

18. Now you have to provide Notification Access permission to KidsGuard Pro. Tap on Proceed to Settings.

Activate Notification Access

19. Under Notification access, enable the System Update service. You will get a popup on which you have to press ALLOW.

installing KidsGuard Pro on target device

20. The next permission is to Activate Administrator Access. Tap on Proceed to Settings and press ACTIVATE.

Activate Admin Access For KidsGaurd Pro

21. For capturing the screen of the target phone you have to Activate Screen Capture. Tap on Proceed to Settings. After that, you have to tick the checkbox that says Don’t show again and then press START NOW.

Screen Recording On KidsGuard Pro

22. To provide KidsGuard Pro with access to Messages, Contact, Call Log, Calendar, and Location press Allow All.

Activating Data Access

23. The next permission is to Ignore the Battery Optimization. Tapping on Ignore will bring a popup where you have to press Yes.

Disabling Battery Saver For KidsGaurd Pro

24. Finally, tap on Start Monitoring.

installation complete

By following all the above steps correctly you have successfully installed KidsGuard Pro. And you’re now ready to monitor the target device remotely from your KidsGuard Pro account.

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How To Install KidsGuard Pro On iPhone?

Do you want to know how does KidsGuard Pro works on iPhone? Then let me tell you that, unlike Android phones, it is not compulsory to have physical access to the target iOS device. For iOS, KidsGuard Pro has two monitoring methods i.e. KidsGuard Pro for iOS and KidsGuard Pro for iCloud.

In KidsGuard Pro for iOS, you need to have physical access to the iPhone for installing KidsGuard Pro.

But what if you don’t want to install any app and want to track the target iPhone remotely? Then you can opt for the iCloud monitoring solution of KidsGuard Pro.

For iCloud monitoring, you will require a couple of things before setting up KidsGuard Pro.

The first thing you’ll need is their iCloud credentials. To monitor the target iPhone/iPad you have to make sure that the iCloud backup is turned on.

Plus, you need to make sure that two-factor authentication is turned off on their phone. If 2FA is enabled, in that case, you might have to take the physical access of the target iPhone, and the reason being the 2FA code required to complete the setup process will be received on their phone.

Therefore, to monitor an iPhone with KidsGuard Pro you need to make a selection between iOS monitoring and iCloud monitoring.

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KidsGuard Pro Features: What Can KidsGuard Pro Do?

Before I start with the features, you can get the hang of what all KidsGuard Pro will offer to you in your account and how it will be presented with its live demo. All of the target phone’s data will be available to you remotely in your KidsGuard Pro account.

Click Here to Check KidsGuard Pro Demo


After signing into your KidsGuard Pro account you will arrive at the Dashboard that is the entry point on the portal.

KidsGuard Pro Dashboard

On the dashboard, you can view Account and Order Info along with the Device Information like Battery Level, GPS, Device Status, etc.

Having information like battery level and GPS can come in handy in case something goes wrong.

Along with the device information on the dashboard you can see Calls, Messages, and Last Known Locations.

Clicking on the Top 8 Calls and Top 8 Messages will reveal calls and messages on the basis of duration and interaction on the target device. So you will get to know with whom your teen is communicating and how much!

Keeping Track Of Calls And Messages

With KidsGuard Pro, keeping track of the last known location of your spouse is also possible. Along with location it also updates the visited time as well as the address of the locality. Zooming in and out on the map will reveal more detailed information.

Phone Files Section

On the left side of the portal, you will see the Phone Files tab. Under this, the categories of different file types on the target device are shown i.e. Calls Logs, Messages, Contacts, and Browser History are some of them.

Phone Files Section

Making a selection on the list will take you to the desired section from where you’ll get information like a child’s text messages, boyfriend’s call logs, husband’s text messages, etc.

1. Call Logs

Are you worried about your teen’s phone calls and want to know with whom they talked, without physically inspecting their phone? if yes, then that’s possible via the KidsGuard Pro Call Logs feature.

Spy On Calls

All the relevant information regarding the calls like name, phone number, type of call (Incoming or Outgoing), duration along with date and time is tracked.

So KidsGuard Pro can take care of your worries regarding the calls of your loved ones. Moreover, deleted call logs are also available for you. Only the call records that are deleted within seconds after the call are not recorded.

Do you suspect somebody with evil intentions talking with your loved ones?

If that’s the case, then take a deep breath and relax! KidsGuard Pro has got you covered.

You can search for a specific contact using the search bar whom you consider as a suspect. Heads-up though, it’s case sensitive i.e. Sam is not the same as sam.

Searching For Call Logs

What I Loved
  • Call records are updated within 10 minutes
  • Colored representation of incoming call (green color), outgoing call (blue color), missed call (red color) enhances the visual look
  • Calls logs can be sorted and filtered on the day, month, year-wise, and also on the basis of recent calls to old calls
  • Searching for a specific contact works great
  • Calls logs dated 2019 were also tracked
What I Didn't Like
  • Call logs cannot be sorted on the basis of call duration


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2. Does KidsGuard Show Deleted Messages?

Text message is the most common choice of communication among people. That’s because messages can convey information instantly if I compare it with calling.

Within seconds a message can be transferred that can have a night-out plan, planning of bunking lectures, date night, to name a few.

Therefore most likely your loved one might be typing a message right now. So it’s better to be prepared and catch your teen red-handed who is planning to bunk lectures.

With KidsGuard Pro spying on a child’s text messages is possible.

Monitoring Spouse Messages

Along with the message, you’ll also get to know the date and time of the message. Clicking on any contact will open the conversations that happened between the two.

As messages are widely used there’s a possibility that you will find numerous messages on your spouse’s phone. Here KidsGuard Pro has provided a Search bar from where you can look out for any particular contact which you suspect.

Just like in the Call Logs, the search bar in messages is also case-sensitive. While testing the KidsGuard Pro app, I found that it does show deleted messages. However, it does not detect the ones that are instantly deleted after sending or receiving them.

Searching Messages On Kids Phone

What I Loved
  • Messages from the past years were also synced
  • The messages are sorted on the basis of arrival
  • Recent messages were updated within minutes
What I Didn't Like
  • If messages (received or sent) are instantly deleted then those will not be tracked

3. Contacts

Have you fooled around your grandparents by changing their contact numbers with different/fake numbers? If yes, seems like you had quite fun in your childhood!

But as funny as it sounds maybe this trick has been applied to you and you never noticed.

Clever people tend to save someone else’s number with a common contact that can be mutual between both of you. This can convince you that they are talking to a known person. However, the reality is quite different.

So to rein in clever people, smart people like you use KidsGuard Pro!

Monitor Spouse Contacts

KidsGuard Pro can show you all the numbers that are associated with a contact name. Along with numbers, email IDs, and addresses are also linked to the particular contact.

If your spouse has changed a number pretending as a mutual contact even then you will be easily able to track the changes. Our suggestion to you is to also check all the contacts whether you know them or not.

As there will be various business, formal, and informal contacts on the device. With the KidsGuard Pro search feature finding a specific contact is possible.

KidsGuard Pro features

What I Loved
  • In my testing, recently added/edited contacts were updated within 10 minutes
  • Search option made the whole searching process quite easy
What I Didn't Like
  • Uneven sorting of contacts
  • Look and feel needs polishing

4. Browser History

The internet is full of information and the thing which may bother you as a guardian is that it can’t identify whether the search is made by a mature person or a kid and the search result will stay the same.

The odds of your teen searching for content that is inappropriate to their age group can be quite high. On top of it when you check their phone for browser history you find nothing!

If that happens with you quite often then put the thoughts to the rest and smile! KidsGuard Pro can do that for you!

Keeping track of browsing history is the forte of  KidsGuard Pro. Even if the searches are made in Incognito or Private mode browsers!

Providing information like URL, the title of the website, the number of visits to a particular web page along with date and time of access is not a problem either!

Retrive Browser History

All drop-down buttons will let you see data specific to the current day, current month, last month, and last year with just one click!

Do you want to see the web history for a particular website? If yes, then today is your lucky day!

In my testing, I found that KidsGuard Pro was able to sync the search history from the target phone to my ClevGuard account within seconds, yes it’s that quick.

Spy On Spouse Web History

What I Loved
  • Browser history is updated within seconds
  • Links shown in the account are clickable
  • The title was shown for every website
  • Incognito or private mode searches were also monitored
  • Deleted web history is tracked
What I Didn't Like
  • The search bar needs a complete website name including the extension that makes searching hard

5. Photos

If actions speak 1000 words then a photo can explain the whole story! Because a photo expresses emotions and purpose.

Photos that contain explicit content, anger, rage, or violence can bring behavioral changes in teens. So keeping track of photos becomes essential.

With KidsGuard Pro parental control app you can take care of photos on your loved one’s device.

So all the photos that are on the phone be it in internal storage or memory card, everything will be under your supervision!

Spying On Someones Photos

Other spyware also has this feature but one thing I really like about KidsGuard Pro is that it arranges all the photos folder-wise. This makes monitoring their media quite easy.

DCIM is the default folder on Android where you’ll find all the photos taken from the camera. The rest of the folders are pertaining to each app like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

Android smartphones can change the photo location to external storage (memory card). Because of this some Android spy apps, can’t monitor the data. KidsGuard Pro has provided a storage folder in which photos on the memory card will be shown.

Hovering over any picture will provide you with a magnifying glass icon. Clicking on it will reveal the photo in full size for better visibility.

Accessing Spouse Photos On Android

When the photo is open in full screen you will find the option to download the picture. This will be very beneficial if you find something that is inappropriate for their age group and needs immediate attention.

Download Photos From Teens Phone

In fact, photos shared or received via instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram are tracked too! The only thing to keep in mind is that the new photos taken or received will be updated via Wi-Fi only.

What I Loved
  • Updation on the portal was within minutes
  • Photos are sorted on the basis of new to old
  • Deleted photos are also retrieved
  • Folder-wise grouping helps to check specific apps
What I Didn't Like
  • Photos will require Wi-Fi on the target phone for uploading to your KidsGuard Pro account


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6. Video Preview

Videos are even more menacing than photos. The reason for saying this is that the videos are broadly shared on social networking apps as well as instant messengers.

Therefore, any video that is floating around might contain information that is in bad taste or explicit content for your teen.

Those videos can change the thought process or affect the foundations of your loved ones. As teens and tweens are generally easy to be misguided they can be a victim of a politically driven video, false and misleading information regarding any particular religion, etc.

So keeping them safe from miscreants is equally important.

Moreover, personal videos can also reveal if your lover is meeting someone unknown and spending quality time with them.

Video Preview On KidsGaurd Pro

KidsGuard Pro is capable of tracking videos that are on the device, irrespective of the stored location i.e. internal or external storage. You will see small thumbnails on each video.

For your convenience, videos are sorted on a recent to old basis. So the recent ones will be shown at the top while the old ones will be at the bottom.

Each video will have a timestamp from which you can check the arrival time/sent time. With this timestamp, you can get to know about time patterns when these videos made their place on the target device.

What I Loved
  • Videos are sorted on the basis of new to old
  • Updation on the portal was within minutes
  • Old videos dated 2018 were also monitored
  • Videos shared on social media apps were tracked
What I Didn't Like
  • In our testing, video playback was not working
  • Like photos, videos are not categorized on the basis of apps.

7. App Activities

Are you curious to know how much time is being spent by your teen on the phone while doing unproductive things? If yes, then KidsGuard Pro with its App Activities can help you out with this.Checking Kids Daily Smartphone Activity

App Activities will let you check out the details about the app in use like app name, version, size, installed date, today’s frequency, and today’s screen time.

Today’s frequency and screen time of their device will let you know how many times the app was visited by your loved ones and how much total time they spent on it.

On the basis of this data, you can monitor app(s) and by doing so, you will not be leaving any stone unturned in their protection.

The best part about KidsGuard Pro is that it has a search bar where you can search for any specific app to check its daily frequency and today’s screen time. While searching, keep in mind that the search bar is case-sensitive.

Check App Usage On Spouse Smartphone

Pressing the All drop-down button will provide you with all the sorting options like a current day, this month, last month, and last year.

What I Loved
  • I found today’s activity and screen time data to be accurate
  • Sorting based on today’s frequency was a nice touch
What I Didn't Like
  • Screen time of apps like Telegram and Podcasts was not showing

8. Keylogger

Keylogger is the most essential feature for any spying app. Whenever any key is pressed on a keyboard it is known as a keystroke. So the keylogger collects or records the keystrokes each time something is typed on a keyboard.

And the specialty of keyloggers is that they work in the background without giving any notifications to the user. By doing so keylogger work as programmed and the user will not recognize that they are being monitored!

Therefore, if your spouse is planning on doing something in your absence or behind your back it will be taken care of with the help of a keylogger.

On KidsGuard Pro, the functionality of the keylogger is improved way beyond making it one of the best keyloggers for Android at such an affordable price.

Keylogger On KidsGuard Pro

While inspecting this feature of KidsGuard Pro, I noticed that it tracks the keystrokes on the basis of the app on which they are performed. For instance, if you want to check out keystrokes made on Google Chrome you have to select Chrome on the left, and then on the right, you’ll find all the keystrokes made on Google Chrome.

Moreover, you can take benefit of the search bar to look out for a specific word in a particular app. Also, it is case sensitive i.e. A is not a!

Under the Keylogger you will only find native apps like Google Play Store, Calendar, Chrome, and Contacts, to name a few.

But I am happy to say that social apps are also well taken care of! But for checking them out you have to go under their specific sections that I will explain later in the Social section of the article.

What I Loved
  • Updates were happening within seconds
  • Keystrokes recorded under their respective app categories makes the experience less clustered
  • Keystrokes performed under incognito or private mode are also monitored
  • Data that has been copied and pasted will also be tracked
  • The date and timestamp of the keystroke will also be recorded
What I Didn't Like
  • The search bar was not able to perform a search


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9. Calendar

Calendars are not only for checking the upcoming holidays but also it’s very important for a working professional or someone who keeps everything organized in advance.

Schedules of the day are planned on a calendar beforehand. So if you have access to someone’s calendar then you know what their day is going to be like.

Therefore, monitoring your partner’s calendar can be a valuable and life-saving factor if something goes sideways.

Most spy apps tend to ignore this simple yet important feature and if it matters to you, then KidsGuard Pro makes even more sense for you.

Spy On Someones Calendar

It can come in handy when you want to check your spouse’s work routine and plan to surprise them with a visit in-between their appointments!

Sorting of data on the basis of the current date, current month, last month, and last year is also achieved by pressing the All drop-down button.

What I Loved
  • Updates to the calendar are synced within minutes
What I Didn't Like
  • The search bar needs exact keywords to process the results which you might not know

10. Locations

Do you know what gives pleasure when you’re not around your loved ones? It’s the update by which you get to know that they have reached home safely and securely.

Being a guardian of a teen I can understand the worries that eat you from the inside when they don’t pick up your calls.

What if I say you can throw away your worries out of the window regarding their whereabouts?

That’s possible with KidsGuard Pro!

KidsGuard Pro Locations can help you know your loved one’s recent locations with date and timestamp.

On the map, you can zoom in and zoom out, and pan around for a better view.

Just below the map, you will find other important details like Address, Longitude and Latitude, Location Date And Time, and Map View.

Find Out Teens Recent Locations

From the Address, you will get to know the area name, Longitude, and Latitude will provide you with precise coordinates for better monitoring.

Map View on KidsGuard Pro is the inclusion of Google Maps for improved location tracking and for more comprehensive area details.Google Maps On KidsGuard Pro

What I Loved
  • The area name was always shown, unlike some other spying apps
  • Built-in Google Maps enhances the overall experience
  • The presence of Longitude and Latitude helps in finding the precise location
What I Didn't Like
  • For some reason, it was showing a different country even though the location was enabled on the target device

11. Geofence

Geofence is a marked area that according to you is a safe place. Let’s say your house and neighborhood. Next to your neighborhood, there’s an area that seems dodgy to you for the safety of your loved ones. As you are occupied in your life you can’t always keep track of your kid’s outdoor activities.

To take care of this, KidsGuard Pro has provided Geofence in location tracking.

Geofencing On KidsGuard Pro Portal

When you have set up a safe area you will be notified when your loved ones enter or exit the safe area on the portal as well as by Email (if opted).

Geofencing Notification On KidsGuard Pro

The notifications give a sense of security and pleasure in knowing that your kid has safely entered the neighborhood or house.

Setting up geofence is very easy and can be set up within minutes. You need to click on Add a geofence (shown in the above screenshot) and you will be required to choose the area radius that you allow for your kid.

Setting Geofencing

If you need to receive emails regarding your teen’s entry and exit from the safe area, it can be enabled while setting up the geofencing.

Do you need to enable geofence on specific days or times of the day? That can also be achieved using the KidsGuard Pro Geofence feature.

You can enter a Start Time, End Time, and the number of days you want to set up the geofence area limiter.

Geofencing Date And Time

I have thoroughly analyzed this feature and come to the conclusion that KidsGuard Pro is one of the best Geofencing tools out there.

What I Loved
  • Notifications related to Geofence on KidsGuard Pro account as well as email were instant
  • KidsGuard Pro was even able to detect activity even if the GPS of the phone was off
  • Setting up geofence is very easy
What I Didn't Like
  • None

12. Wi-Fi Logger

Wi-Fi Logger is a very unique measure of tracking. Whenever you’ll connect your device to any Wi-Fi router or hotspot it will generate a session in which the details of the connection are saved but not shown.

KidsGuard Pro Wi-Fi Logger will provide you with all the important information like the Name of the device, Start Time, End Time, and Duration.

Wifi Logger

Along with this information, it will also let you know the location where the Wi-Fi session has been initiated. Clicking on the location link will open the exact address on Google Maps. With that information, you can get to know the unexpected stop that took place and for how long.

Wi-Fi logger on KidsGuard Pro has a search bar where you can look for a particular device i.e. iPhone, Motorola, etc. This search bar is also case-sensitive.

What I Loved
  • The Wi-Fi logger data was very accurate
  • Sorting of the data on the basis of the current day, current month, the last month, and last year is provided
  • Searching for a specific device is also possible
What I Didn't Like
  • Just like locations, Wi-Fi logger was sometimes showing a different country
  • Sorting of data on the basis of duration is not available

13. Social


Monitoring of calls, messages, contacts, browsers, keyloggers is the need of the hour. However, having a blind eye to social media apps used by your loved ones can be a big mistake.

As your teen will be new to social apps, they will not be able to distinguish the good and bad on the internet. Therefore, teens can be an easy target for bad pursuers.

So to safeguard them from something bad happening, you can track their social apps using KidsGuard Pro!

The basic working of social apps remains the same. As soon as the app is open on the target device you will start receiving screenshots as well as chats.

Some of the apps that I have tested are WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Snapchat. So let’s begin the experience!

13.1 How To Use KidsGuard For WhatsApp?

Monitoring WhatsApp using KidsGuard Pro is very easy and instant. As soon as the app is opened on the target device, you will start receiving screenshots. With the help of the keylogger, you will also be able to track chats!

To get instant updates you will need to click on the Sync button to check the results.

On clicking the screenshot you will see a full-size screenshot on the screen. The name, profile photo, and time of the chat with whom the chat is being done will be clearly shown.

Monitor Spouse WhatsApp - KidsGuard Pro review

Clicking on the left and right arrows will play a series of screenshots taken while the target was chatting on WhatsApp. On the bottom, you will find a download button. Clicking on it will allow you to download the screenshot if in case you found something inappropriate.

KidsGuard Pro has a case-sensitive search bar in WhatsApp that will help you in searching for a specific word.

Spy On Spouse WhatsApp

So that’s how KidsGuard Pro works for WhatsApp. If you want to monitor the WhatsApp activities of your loved ones even more effectively, like listening to their WhatsApp calls or checking their WhatsApp status without them knowing then you can check KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp. It is dedicated spyware that tracks WhatsApp only and that too without rooting the target device.

What I Loved
  • Updates were given within seconds
  • The keylogger integration in WhatsApp helps in recording the text conversations
  • Deleted messages are recorded too
What I Didn't Like
  • The search bar requires polishing as it was not able to perform searches sometimes


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13.2 Facebook

KidsGuard Pro Facebook monitoring works as well as spying on WhatsApp. Screenshots will be taken anywhere anytime while using the app. Even if your spouse is watching a video, scrolling through feeds, or commenting on a post.

All of this will start happening when your spouse opens Facebook! Just like on WhatsApp, the keylogger is also enabled on Facebook. So if the screenshot misses some text then the keylogger will be able to record the keystrokes.

Monitor Someones Facebook

Clicking on the screenshots will reveal a full-screen size image with all the relevant information. Screenshots can be taken while posting a status, writing a comment, or watching stories.

Just the way KidsGuard Pro works on WhatsApp, you can click the download button to download the screenshot if in case something is not right.

All of the photos will be backed up on KidsGuard Pro servers when the target device will connect to Wi-Fi. The reason for doing so is that, if the photos are uploaded via mobile data they might notice the data consumption.

With KidsGuard Pro, monitoring the safety of your loved ones is in good hands.

All these things make KidsGuard Pro the best Facebook tracker that I have tested yet.

What I Loved
  • Within a fraction of seconds, you will see updates remotely
  • Sorting of the data on the basis of the current date, this month, last month, and last year is possible
  • Even app notifications on the notification bar are also monitored
  • Facebook searches are tracked as well
What I Didn't Like
  • Searching sometimes doesn’t reflect results even if the exact word is searched

13.3 Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a very popular IM (Instant messenger). It allows you to chat and call anyone on your Facebook friend list. As it’s connected with Facebook, your contact list will be seamless.

So even the people who rarely know your lover can try to have contact with them.

But we’re happy to report that spying on Messenger works equally well as any other social app.

Spy Messenger Via Keylogger

KidsGuard Pro will start pushing updates on the portal as soon as the app is opened.

If your boyfriend is using cellular services then you will only receive the text i.e. written chat. As soon as they’ll connect to Wi-Fi, all the screenshots will be available in no time!

Just like WhatsApp, clicking on any screenshot will open it in full size. Pressing the left or right arrow key will open the previous/new pictures.

Spy On Your Spouse Messenger

Pressing the download icon will download the screenshot so that you can catch the cheater red-handed!

What I Loved
  • Monitoring will commence under 3 seconds
  • Screenshots of calls, chats, watching stories, Facebook profile search, etc. everything is monitored
  • Sorting of data on a daily basis is viable
What I Didn't Like
  • The search bar needs improvements

13.4 Does KidsGuard Pro Monitor Snapchat?

Snapchat is a different instant messenger. In Snapchat when someone sends you a message or a story it stays till the person stays in the chat. As soon they leave the chat, it’s automatically deleted.

On top of it, if someone tries to take a screenshot of the chat, the other person will get to know about the screenshot.

Because of these reasons, most people use Snapchat for inappropriate use.

KidsGuard Pro has done its homework and has implemented such an amazing feature that everything on Snapchat is monitored without your spouse knowing.

When I put the Snapchat monitor feature of KidsGuard Pro to the test, I found out it works quite effectively. It provides screenshots irrespective of what your spouse is doing on Snapchat like chatting, voice/video calls, and checking out stories of friends, and celebrities.

Spy Snapchat Via Keylogger

With the help of a keylogger, all the chats that have taken place are monitored. At the moment they connect to Wi-Fi all the screenshots will be updated.

Monitor Someones Chat On Snapchat

Clicking on the screenshots will allow you to see the main content of the photo. The screenshot worked like a charm. In the above picture, the screenshot of a chat was taken without any notification to the end user.

Now even if they leave the chat and the message gets deleted, you will have the evidence with you on your KidsGuard Pro account.

By clicking the download button you can have a copy of the data with yourself. Left and right arrows are provided for convenience so that you can check out all the screenshots that took place.

What I Loved
  • Monitoring starts within seconds
  • Keylogger and screenshots keep everything recorded
  • Screenshots of the Discover section on Snapchat are also tracked
  • Sorting of data on the basis of day, month, last month, and last year are present
What I Didn't Like
  • Just like in other features search bar on Snapchat needs improvements


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13.5 Instagram

The Instagram app is quite popular among youth and millennials these days. So social media tracking is not complete without monitoring their Instagram activities. Besides youth and adults, kids are also getting used to Instagram. Looking at the dangers of the Instagram platform you should not allow your kids to use it without your knowledge.

instagram monitoring

With the KidsGuard Pro app, you can spy on someone’s Instagram direct messages without them knowing. You can see who they are following on it, their DMs, and what kind of posts they are liking.

The Instagram vanish mode makes it an app that cheaters prefer to use. This is because the messages get deleted automatically when the receiver reads them. Therefore, no proof of cheating is left behind. But if you have KidsGuard Pro on your side you can even read the chats made on the vanish mode with help of screenshots and the keylogger. The black screen background means the chat is happening in vanish mode as you can see below.

vanish mode

If the target phone is connected to WiFi then the Instagram screenshot and keylogger data are synced within a couple of minutes. If the phone is not connected to WiFi then the data is only synced once it gets connected to WiFi.

What I Loved
  • With screenshot+keylogger data you can’t miss any of their Instagram activities
  • It even shows the app notifications
  • You can even download the screenshots
What I Didn't Like
  • None

13.6 Kik

Kik is a popular app among youth these days because it provides complete privacy to its users. Here you can meet strangers without even revealing your identity and that’s what makes it more fun. However, due to the same reason, the app is widely used by pedophiles and child predators to find their next target, and therefore Kik is not considered safe for kids.

Don’t worry with KidsGuard Pro, you can spy on the Kik account of your child and protect them from online predators. It shares screenshots of the Kik app whenever your kids open it on their device. So you can know what they are doing on it and who they are chatting with.

kik monitoring

Overall, you can ensure your child’s safety online if you have KidsGuard Pro with you.

What I Loved
  • Captures screenshot in high quality so you can see everything clearly
  • Tracks everything typed on it using keylogger
  • Also record app notifications
What I Didn't Like
  • Screenshots are only synced over WiFi

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14. Record Calls

How good it would be if you could hear the conversations of your loved ones with contacts you don’t recognize. Maybe someone is trying to persuade your loved ones in doing something unethical behind your back.

If these questions bother you as a well-wisher then relax and smile because they can be taken care of via the KidsGuard Pro Record Calls feature!

All the calls that took place (incoming or outgoing) will be recorded on KidsGuard Pro however it will be synced when the device is connected via Wi-Fi.

As sometimes calls are long they might consume more data if they use cellular services. Therefore, KidsGuard Pro follows the Wi-Fi approach.

By using Wi-Fi, the calls are synced without consuming your loved ones’ cellular internet so that they don’t recognize the data consumption of syncing call recordings to your KidsGuard Pro account.

KidsGuard Pro Review - Call Recording

With the call recording, relevant information like the name and phone number of the contact, when the call took place, the type of the call (incoming or outgoing), and duration, can be easily known.

Clicking the play icon under the Audio will provide options to play the particular call or press the right arrow to play the next recording. Clicking the left arrow will play the previous recording.

Call Recordings With KidsGuard Pro

The call recording worked very well. However, one thing I noticed during inspecting this feature was that the audio from both ends was clear and understandable.

Downloading the recorded calls was not a problem either. Clicking the Download button will start downloading the calls within seconds.

If you need to check results pertaining to a particular person you can do it with the help of a search bar. The search will only work if you type the exact name.

What I Loved
  • The recorded calls will start reflecting within 10 minutes after the target phone is connected to Wi-Fi
  • I found no disturbance in the recorded calls
  • Sorting of calls is possible as of today, this month, last month, and last year
  • Search will help you find recorded calls for specific contacts
What I Didn't Like
  • The receiving voice could have been better
  • Sorting of calls on the basis of duration is missing


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15. Capture Screenshots

Record AudioYes
Take Remote PictureYes
Capture Remote  ScreenshotsYes

Capture Screenshots will come in handy when you want to know what your spouse is doing on their cell phone currently.

It can be anything i.e. taking calls, texting, swiping through Facebook, checking out Instagram stories, etc.

With KidsGuard Pro the screenshot is taken without giving any hint to the target device. However, the screenshot will be taken when the device is in an unlocked state.

Pressing the Take Screenshots button will snap the screenshot within seconds. And the screenshot will pop up under the day it has been taken. If it doesn’t come within seconds you can always press the Sync button that will force the update.

Capture Screenshot Of Your Spouse Phone

By hovering the mouse on any photo, you will see a magnifying glass and a download button. Clicking on the magnifying glass will open the photo on full screen. Pressing the download button will download the photo without opening the photo on full screen.

Full Screenshot KidsGuard Pro

The complete screenshot of the display is taken without missing out on any detail! On the full screen, you will see a download icon at the bottom that will let you keep a copy of the screenshot for future use.

Pressing the left and right arrows will show you the other screenshots that you have taken by pressing the Take Screenshot button.

What I Loved
  • The screenshot will update within seconds after pressing the Take Screenshots button
  • A screenshot can be taken of any page or app that is currently open on the screen
  • Images will be sorted on a new to old basis
What I Didn't Like
  • Some time I faced issues while taking a screenshot but pressing the Sync button rectified the error

16. Take Photo

Do you feel your spouse is somewhere else but lying to you about their location? If that’s on your mind then KidsGuard Pro will help you with this too!

The Take Photo feature on KidsGuard Pro can utilize the rear camera of your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s device and will capture a photo without them knowing!

With those photos, you can figure out whether it’s a club or an office!

On the right side, you will see a Shoot button. Pressing it will take a photo using the rear camera. For this feature to work, you need to know a few things.

Remote access to target phones camera

The phone needs to be in a working state. If the phone is in a bag or pocket (unusable state) then it will also not work.

When you’ll press the Shoot button, within 15 seconds the photo from your loved one’s device will be presented on the portal.

While hovering over the photo you will see a magnifying glass. Clicking on it will reveal the photo on full screen. So you will be able to check their surrounding. In my case, it’s an office!

Monitor Your Spouse Rear Camera

On the enlarged image, you will find left and right-pointing arrows from where you can check out all the photos that you have taken.

Here you will also get a download icon that will let you keep a copy of the photo.

What I Loved
  • Take Photo feature works on cellular data as well as Wi-Fi
  • Instant results for the photos
  • Photos will be automatically sorted on the basis of arrival i.e. new to old
What I Didn't Like
  • Sometimes I were getting errors while taking pictures even when the device was in an active state
  • If the phone is not stationary then photos will result in blurriness.

17. Data Export

Do you need to download monitored content with just one click? If yes, then Data Export can help you out!

With the Data Export feature, you can download the spied content of your loved ones. All the data in the form of Call Logs, Messages, Contacts, Browser History, Social Apps, etc. can be locally saved with just a few clicks.

Keeping a copy of the complete data can be a lifesaver. If something wrong happens on their website then your data will not be lost.

Exporting Data

As in our case, I wanted to check the Calls Log. So in modules, I selected Calls Logs and clicked on the Export button.

A file in CSV format containing the call logs will download in a few seconds.

You can open the file in Excel or notepad on your Windows PC/Mac.

At the beginning of the file, you will find the document structure that will help you in accessing the document easily.

Call Logs

What I Loved
  • Content related to every feature of KidsGuard Pro can be downloaded
  • Files are very less in size
What I Didn't Like
  • Can be complicated for someone who is new to words and numbers in that format

18. Permission Check

To preserve battery and improve smartphone performance, teens usually turn off a few settings that can hinder the performance of a few features, like locations.

Rectifying this error using KidsGuard Pro is very easy. It has a Troubleshooting section from where you’ll get to know any settings that have been disabled for any reason.

Checking App Permission Of KidsGuard Pro

In my case, permission to Access Camera was disabled. You can’t simply enable it from the portal you need to have physical access to the smartphone. Next to the Status, you are provided with a Path that you have to access on the target device and enable the settings that are disabled.

If all the permissions are enabled and you still face errors you can submit an error log from the portal itself.

Can KidsGuard Pro Be Detected?

I have tested over a dozen of spy apps on SpyDrill, and all of them have some impact on the target phone. Some consume a lot of battery, while some heat up the phone, and a few even cause the lagging issue. But KidsGuard Pro is one of the few spy apps that has a negligible amount of impact on the target phone hence it leaves no footprint behind and the victim never gets suspicious of it. Hence KidsGuard Pro is undetectable.

How’s The KidsGuard Pro Customer Support?

Good customer support is necessary, especially in the case of spyware because these things can get complicated if you are using them for the first time. However, that’s not the case with KidsGuard Pro because it is a pretty simple and beginner-friendly app but still, if you face any issues while using or installing the app then you can seek help from KidsGuard Pro.

I faced a little issue while installing the app on the target phone, I asked them for help and they sent me a mail within a few hours telling me how to go about the issue.

How Much Does KidsGuard Membership Cost? Is KidsGuard Pro Free?

As all the features are now explained it’s time when I should talk about money! KidsGuard Pro supports a variety of devices. Depending upon your target device type you have to select a plan accordingly.

KidsGuard Pro subscription is available in 3 types: KidsGuard Pro for Android, KidsGuard Pro for iOS device, and KidsGuard Pro for an iCloud account.

KidsGuard Pro for Android comes with 1 plan that has all the bells and whistles.

cost of KidsGuard Pro

One month’s subscription will cost you $ 29.95.

If you want to save a few dollars then you can opt for either a 3-month plan or a 1-year plan. However, for 3 months or 12 months, you have to make a one-time payment. Choosing the 3-month plan will cost you $49.95 while saving you $39.9 over the monthly subscription.

A one-year plan holds the most value for your dollars. If you opt for a 1-year plan then the cost will be $99.95, and you will save $259.45, if you choose it over the monthly subscription.

If you ask us, I would want you to save most of your dollars therefore choosing a 1-year plan will be cost-effective.

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud monitoring also comes with one plan with 3 duration options i.e. monthly, 3-months, and 1-year plans.

KidsGuard Pro iCloud Monitoring Pricing

Just like the Android subscription, the cost of KidsGuard Pro for iCloud monitoring is similar. Therefore, the one-month subscription will cost you $29.95. Paying upfront for 3 months will be $49.95 saving you $39.9.

The subscription plan with the most value for your money will be a 1-year plan costing just $95.95 saving you $259.45 a year!

Just like in Android and iCloud, KidsGuard Pro for iOS devices comes in one plan with 3 easy subscriptions.

KidsGuard Pro iOS Plans

The monthly cost of a subscription is $39.95. opting for 3 months and the 1-year plan will be an economical choice. If you choose a 3-month plan subscription over a monthly subscription, the cost will be $59.95 saving you almost the same amount as you paid.

The most value for your bucks lies with a 1-yearly plan. The cost of a yearly subscription is only $109.95, saving you $369.45 over a year.

So to answer your question – is KidsGuard Pro Free? I would like to answer that no KidsGuard Pro is not free but it is really inexpensive.

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KidsGuard Pro Vs uMobix: Which One Is The Better Spyware?

If there is one spy app that can compete with KidsGuard Pro in price to features ratio then it has to be uMobix, read my uMobix review and you’ll know why. Just like KidsGuard Pro, uMobix is also available for both Android and iPhone. However, what sets uMobix apart is its capability to track iPhone without jailbreaking. With uMobix, it is possible to monitor Instagram and Facebook without jailbreaking iOS devices.

However, when it comes to tracking an Android phone then KidsGuard Pro is slightly better than uMobix. It is because with KidsGuard Pro you can record calls and use the geofencing feature which is not possible with uMobix. However, uMobix can record ambient surrounding sounds by remotely accessing the target phone’s microphone and can also play a video stored on the target phone. Whereas KidsGuard Pro only shares the thumbnail of the video but can’t play it. So if I compare them side by side both KidsGuard Pro and uMobix are great spyware to keep track of someone’s activities.

Review Verdict: Should You Buy KidsGuard Pro For All Your Worries?

Here’s a video review by us providing you with our detailed KidsGuard Pro review.

As you can make out after reading our KidsGuard review, I’ve written it after performing thorough testing and checking every feature in detail. I strongly believe that KidsGuard Pro is the most appropriate choice for you.

It packs pretty much all the features you could have asked for. From general monitoring like calls, messages, contacts, keyloggers, browser history, and photos, everything works flawlessly.

Update within minutes and complete information monitoring make us recommend it to you with flying colors!

The story of social monitoring is even more magnificent. You name it you got it! Most of the popular social apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Messenger that I tested worked great.

You will get complete protection for your loved ones, I can vouch for it! As soon as the app is up and running you will start receiving the updates within seconds in the form of text as well as screenshots.

Every company aims to be having perfect software. But in the case of KidsGuard Pro, I can say that they are almost there! In my testing, I found a few things that need to be worked on.

First of all, it does not provide a video playback feature as seen on uMobix. It only shares the video preview which is sometimes not enough to judge what’s in the video.

It was able to detect new videos that were shared via social apps however I was not able to play them.

Secondly, it was the search bar. It was sometimes showing results of a search performed but most of the time it was simply ignoring the result even though the word was present there.

Though these are not big things, still if they could fix these issues then KidsGuard Pro can turn out to be the best spying software.

KidsGuard Pro Complete Video Series | 10 Videos Playlist


Does KidsGuard Pro Work?

KidsGuard Pro can supervise your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/employee smartphone (Android and iOS).

What is KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro is a smartphone monitoring app for Android and iOS that can track all the activities from messages to social accounts of the target phone.

Can KidsGuard Pro Record Calls?

KidsGuard Pro can record calls and the recordings have no disturbance.

Can KidsGuard Pro Monitor Snapchat?

Yes, KidsGuard Pro can monitor Snapchat by providing screenshots and chats.

Can I Hide KidsGuard Pro App?

After the installation of the KidsGuard Pro app on the Android phone, the app is automatically hidden.

Do I Need A Rooted Android Phone For The KidsGuard Pro App To Work?

No, you don’t need to have a rooted device for KidsGuard Pro to work.

Is Jailbroken iPhone Required For The KidsGuard Pro App To Work?

KidsGuard Pro doesn’t require your iPhone to be Jailbroken.

Can You See Deleted Browser History On KidsGuard Pro?

Yes, deleted browser history can be recovered using this software.

How Much Does KidsGuard Pro Cost?

KidsGuard Pro pricing starts at $29.95/month.

Can KidsGuard Pro Be Installed Remotely?

In the case of Android, you need to have physical access to the phone as there are certain permissions that need to be allowed. For monitoring using iCloud, you do not need to have physical access to the iOS device.

Is KidsGuard Pro Legal?

Yes, KidsGuard Pro is legal. However, whoever you are spying on must be aware of it. In the case of kids who are not adults, there is no need to tell.

KidsGuard Pro


Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Impact On Target Phone


Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Updates from target device are instant
  • Keylogger was quick and accurate
  • Call recording feature was available without rooting
  • Photo tracking provided quick updates
  • Social media tracking is spot on
  • Updates in browser history were instant
  • Syncs data from the target device to your KidsGuard Pro account almost instantly
  • Affordable


  • Location feature was inaccurate sometimes
  • Search bar of the software needs to be fixed
  • Call recording from 2nd person was not loud enough
About the Author

Franklin manages a remote team using monitoring apps to keep track of their working hours and performance. He has been using tracking apps for monitoring employees for over 6 years now. He started SpyDrill to share his experience with monitoring apps and hence help others who want to track someone. Franklin holds a bachelor's degree in engineering and a master's degree in business administration.

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    66 thoughts on “KidsGuard Pro Review: What Can’t This App Do!”

    1. Kidsguard pro is not undetectable on the target phone. My 13-year-old found it in minutes. Not the app itself but that something was installed on the phone. 1st when she went to Facebook a pop-up appeared very very quickly and disappeared, then it happened on a few of her other apps as well. Then she noticed at the top right-hand corner of the phone by the battery icon, there was a small icon notification letting her know her mirroring setting was on. After several attempts to shut it off, it continued to come back on. Then she realized the pop up was also mentioning the mirroring setting was active. She tried turning off the phone for several minutes and also restarting several times prior to turning it completely off. Nothing worked so she reset her phone to factory setting, then reloaded all her apps, and I lost connection to her phone, in a matter of 5-10 minutes of installing it on there. Now I have an idea how to put it back without her just having the same warning signs as the first time, and just resetting the phone again.

      • Can you let us know which brand’s phone does your child uses? Because sometimes the problem differs from brand to brand. Based on that we will give you the best solution to your problem.

    2. Hello

      After reading your review I created an account with Clevguard and installed the app on my son’s device. But after a few minutes a sign appeared next to the battery sign ( looks like a screen with waves on the left corner more like a mirroring sign) and it’s been there since I installed the app yesterday.

      Now, what’s the best solution to hide that sign?
      As it’s not mentioned on the Clevguard website nor on your website that such a sign could apear. It’s said the app is undetectable.

      my sons device is Huawie nova 5t. its not old it was released just last year.

      or as a last solution if you could suggest another spy app that is actualy UNDEDECTABLE for andriod without root.

      many thanks

      • The sign represents that KidsGuard Pro is taking screenshots. It is not displayed all the time.
        It will appear when the target phone is using social apps (Automatic screenshot function is triggered by Kidsguard Pro at this time) or when the user is using screenshots function himself.

        I am sorry that there is no solution to hide the sign currently, even the competing products can’t solve this issue.

    3. Also one day after installing Kidsguard Pro my son keeps getting notifications from play protect about a harmful app installed on his device and giving him the option to uninstall that app.

      What’s the solution for that, please?

    4. I would give them 5 stars for their customer service and professionalism. The app works fine, logs basic stuff, but I asked them for a full refund due to few issues unique to my case (which I think would not matter at all for the general mass). They refunded me in no time and always replied me on time. I would definitely buy the app again again in the future as they are improving/updating it.

    5. Want to ask , if I’m buying the KidsGuard pro for iCloud, will the target phone ( iPhone 13 pro max ) have such signs as well ?

      Also wants someone to confirm to me that KidsGuard pro for iCloud monitors the WhatsApp.
      Thanks .

      • Hi,

        Here are the answers to your queries.

        1. No signs in target devices. Also, no need to touch the target phone because it is monitored via Apple ID.
        2. KidsGuard Pro for iCloud can not monitor WhatsApp, which captures the data only in the Apple iCloud.

        Hope it helps you.

    6. Does KidsGuard have full functionality on Android 12?

      I have noticed other apps just fail on many features if installed on the latest Android version and also Clevguard website states versions 4-11?

      • It depends on the model of the target phone. Some devices have full features on Android 12. But on occasion, it may require manual setup to allow the program to access the phone. In most cases, it has full features.

        Hope it can help you.


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