KidsGuard Pro Vs mSpy: Every Possible Factor Compared

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If you have teens in your home or have a lover whom you suspect of cheating then you might not able to take a sound sleep for even a moment.

For them, the spy app is not something they would just use for fun. Rather, it’s a tool that’s going to unveil the truth even if it’s bitter.

But in order to use a spy app for monitoring the target person’s device, you need to bear the risk of taking their device handy and setting up the app. And as it’s a huge risk, you can afford to take it only once.

So why not take it with the app that completes its promise of being the best app in the market?

Given the high reputation of both KidsGuard Pro and mSpy, you yourself are going to be in a dilemma that which among the given two apps will work best for me.

In order to ease your decision-making, I have done a comprehensive KidsGuard Pro vs mSpy comparison using the factors that I deem necessary to have in a perfect spy app.

KidsGuard Pro Vs mSpy

Here are the factors that I’m going to use in order to compare the two best spy apps.


After being impressed by the features of a spy app, you purchase it. But after purchasing, you realize that the app is not working on the target phone. And the reason is that the target person’s device is not compatible.

Now your money is wasted and you wonder that it would have been better if I checked the compatibility of the app with the phone first.

Let not this be your story and check beforehand which devices and versions both the apps support.

KidsGuard Pro

If your teen owns an Android phone then KidsGuard Pro is available to help you monitor their device. All the Android cell phones working on version 4.0 to 11 are compatible with the KidsGuard Pro app.

Almost all the Android devices today run on a higher version than 4. It means that every Android phone can be used with KidsGuard Pro.

KidsGuard Pro also offers iPhone monitoring solution. If your spouse’s or your teen’s iPhone is working on version 9 to 14 then KidsGuard Pro will track their iPhone activities.

In the case of teens and kids who own a computer instead of a phone, you would certainly want to spy on their PC activities.

All the Windows PC and laptops running on versions 7,8,10 are workable with KidsGuard Pro.


Most of you might be more eager to know the compatibility of mSpy, right?

mSpy can be used with all the Android phones that are working on Android version 4 and above. Putting it in simpler terms, all Android phones are compatible with mSpy.

When it comes to iOS devices, the compatibility varies for jailbroken iPhones and the ones that are not jailbroken.

As for the jailbroken ones, the iPhones working on versions 7 to 9.1 are compatible with mSpy. On the other hand, iPhones running on all the versions are compatible if an iPhone is not jailbroken which makes mSpy one of the best iPhone spy apps without jailbreak.

Looking for a PC solution? Unluckily, mSpy hasn’t got any plans for computer devices.


KidsGuard Pro and mSpy, both apps cover their services for Android and iPhones. But KidsGuard wins here as it also offers its services for PC and laptops. As for mSpy, the app doesn’t have any PC monitoring plans.

Installation And Setup

You’re not going to get much alone time with the target person’s phone, we know that much. This makes it necessary for a spy app to complete the installation as quickly as possible.

KidsGuard Pro

For setting up the KidsGuard Pro app, you have to start with the purchasing of the app services and creating an account on the app. For that, you have to go to the official website of KidsGuard Pro and create an account by clicking on the Sign Up option.

sign up on kidsguard pro

Now you have to provide the credentials with which you want to create your KidsGuard Pro account.

sign up credentials

After you make the payment, your KidsGuard Pro account will successfully be created.

Now’s the time when you have to take the risk of taking the target phone handy in order to set up the KidsGuard Pro app successfully.

Before you even try to install the app, you have to disable the Play Protect option in the Play Store app. If you miss this part, you might end up giving the notification to the target person regarding the suspicious app installation.

disable play protect

Using any browser go to the app downloading page of the KidsGuard Pro app, that is,, and download the app.

app downloading page

After the download is complete, you have to start with the installation of the app. You have to Agree to the EULA and privacy policy of KidsGuard Pro.

eula and privacy

Sign In to the app using the same credentials and continue your installation by giving the necessary permissions.

kidsguard pro sign in

Fill in the details about the target teen you are about to monitor. These details include the name and age of the kid.

information about teen

Some settings need to be changed on the target phone for the successful setup of the app. These settings include activating accessibility, app supervision, screen capture, data access, and so on.

necessary settings

With this, you have successfully installed the KidsGuard Pro app on the target phone.


Just like every other spy app, for mSpy also you have to create an account on its official website.

On the top, you will see a TRY NOW option which will take you to the page where you need to register yourself by providing an email account.

official mspy website

Next, you have to select the type of device that the target person owns, that is, Android or iOS.

mspy device selection

You will now receive your mSpy login credentials along with the registration code that will be required to set up the target device.

mspy login credentials

Now take the teen’s phone handy to set up the mSpy app on it.

Similar to KidsGuard Pro, in mSpy also you have to disable the Play Protect option first and then start with the app setup process.

You have to go to the special app downloading page of mSpy, that is,, and download the app.

mspy download

For continuing with the app setup process, you have to provide the registration code and give all the necessary permissions to the app like access to photos, videos, location, and so on.

give permissions to mspy

Some settings need to be altered now like you have to make the app undetectable, enable message tracker, and prevent app installation.

prevent mspy uninstallation

After you are done with all these steps, you have successfully installed the mSpy app on the target device.


Spy apps usually take time to install and set up on the target device and the same is the case with both KidsGuard Pro and mSpy. Both the apps take almost 5-10 minutes for a complete setup. So it’s a tie.

Number Of Tracking Features

A spy app with just a bunch of nugatory features won’t do any good for you. You need plenty of features in order to actually know what’s going on in various apps of the target phone.

KidsGuard Pro

It’s not even worth mentioning that KidsGuard Pro will provide you the basic features like calls, contacts, photos, videos, keylogger, web browser, text messages, locations, and so on. But that’s not all.

basic features of kidsguard pro

Along with the basic features, you will get to use other features as well that you’re hardly going to find in any basic spy app.

These advanced features include, geo-fencing, call recording, keyword tracking, social media tracking, capture remote screenshots, take photos remotely, and block websites.

kidsguard pro call recordings

The geofencing feature will help you set up an imaginary fence that when crossed will notify about the target person leaving or entering that place.

Using the record calls feature you can listen to the conversation done on the phone call. You can also track the words used by the teen using the keyword tracking feature of the app.

Apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger can be monitored using the social media tracking capabilities of KidsGuard Pro.

With the help of capture screenshots, and take photos, you can know what’s going in the target phone and around the target person.

kidsguard pro advanced features

Block websites will help you put restrictions on the use of adult and unnecessary websites.

Learn about all the KidsGuard Pro features in our review.


mSpy also has a huge list of basic features. These features include the tracking of calls, contacts, messages, photos, videos, events, Wi-Fi networks, Keylogger, installed apps, and location tracking.

basic features of mspy

But to give you a deeper look into the target device and its activities, you are given a handful of advanced features too.

These advanced features include keyword tracking, geofencing, social media spying, email tracking, and blocking of Wi-Fi, websites, and apps.

set geofence with mspy

With the use of the keyword tracking feature, you will get updated on the use of words that you don’t want your teen to use.

To get updates when the teen is out somewhere you don’t want them to go, the geofencing feature will help.

By blocking certain Wi-Fi, websites, and apps, you can secure you kids from unnecessary use of phone, apps, and sites.

block websites

Learn about all the mSpy features in our review.


Given the list of features that both the apps offer, it’s a tie. Both KidsGuard Pro and mSpy have a long list of basic and advanced features.

Performance Of Tracking Features

A huge list of features only matters when these given features also work in the way they should. Let’s see how the given features of both apps perform.

KidsGuard Pro

Giving an honest review about the app, KidsGuard Pro is a paradigm of perfection. Each and everything about the app is just next to perfect.

A little problem that you might encounter while using the app could be in the call recording section. The voice from the other end might be a bit lower than it should be. But this problem is also highly unlikely to occur.


My overall experience with mSpy was pretty good but some features of the app surely let me down.

Let’s start with the photos and videos feature first. According to my testing, only a few photos and videos got updated on the app’s portal.

You will be able to see all the new photos that take place on your spouse’s phone after the mSpy installation. As for the old ones, just a few of them will be available to check.

The screen recorder feature of mSpy is supposed to show you the screenshots from multiple social media and instant messaging apps.

But unfortunately, I could only see the results from the WhatsApp section and not any other app.


It’s not even debatable that KidsGuard Pro’s performance is better than that of mSpy. Every feature of KidsGuard Pro worked as it should be. So KidsGuard Pro is a winner.

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Data Sync Speed

The time that the app takes in uploading the new data is a major factor in deciding which app you choose.

KidsGuard Pro

There’s literally no app in the market that can compete with the data sync speed of KidsGuard Pro. To bring it into the countable form, the updates are given within 5-10 seconds.

Putting it in simpler terms, you will be tracking the target person in real-time that too remotely. And if you notice some activity taking place that requires taking quick action, then you’ll be able to do so. All thanks to the quick syncing of KidsGuard Pro.


The data sync speed of mSpy is a bit lousy. You will notice the new data appearing every 5-10 minutes.

So if you are someone who can’t wait for long then mSpy is going to be more of a headache for you rather than of any help.


It’s easy to conclude that mSpy doesn’t stand any chance in front of KidsGuard Pro when data sync speed is concerned. So KidsGuard Pro wins here.


You certainly don’t have a sack full of easy money to purchase the services of the spy app without considering the price of the app for even once. Along with other factors, the cost of the app matters a lot.

KidsGuard Pro

pricing kidsguard pro

The three plans of KidsGuard Pro are based on the time for which you want to purchase them.

The 1-month plan of the app costs $29.95/month, the 3-months plan costs $16.65/month, and the 1-year plan costs $8.32/month.


mSpy has two different plans for you, one is the Basic plan and the other one is the Premium plan.

The Basic plan of the app costs $29.99/month and when it comes to the Premium plan, it can be subcategorized into 3 different plans based on the time for which you want to purchase the plan.

The 1-month plan of mSpy is available for $69.99/month, the 3-month plan can be brought for $39.99/month, and the 1-year plan can be purchased for $16.66/month.


It can be clearly seen that the plans of KidsGuard Pro are cheaper than that of Premium plans of mSpy. This means KidsGuard Pro wins.

KidsGuard Pro Vs mSpy Final Verdict

After comparing all the factors, it’s easy to conclude that KidsGuard Pro takes the final crown. There’s not even a single factor where mSpy can beat Kidsguard Pro.

And as for KidsGuard Pro, the app easily defeats mSpy in sections like the performance of tracking features, data sync speed, and pricing.

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Is KidsGuard Pro Undetectable?

Yes, KidsGuard Pro is completely undetectable. The user won't see any app icon in the app drawer.

Is mSpy Worth The Price?

Yes, mSpy is totally worth the price but KidsGuard Pro is better than mSpy and cheaper as well.

Which App Is Better, KidsGuard Pro Or mSpy?

KidsGuard Pro is way better than mSpy. Not just mSpy but it's better than every spy app in the market.

Can mSpy Record Calls?

No, mSpy cannot record the calls for you. But if it's a feature that you must want in a spy app then you can choose KidsGuard Pro.

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