How To Listen To Another Phone Surroundings Remotely

Teenage is a kind of mirror that can easily shred with the stone of bad influence that the society pelts. But the same mirror shines for the rest of the life when it gets polished with the etiquettes and good conduct which the child learns from the parents.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Raising a child and making them a gentlemen/gentlewomen is a long road to cover. It takes years and the starting has to be done from childhood days.

No doubt you keep a keen eye on your kids when they are present at home. But what about the time when they’re not physically present?

You have a full right to know what they do, with whom they meet secretly, where do they go. You have the right to get every single detail of your kid.

And this is only possible with a monitoring app like iKeyMonitor. This app lets you listen to someone’s Android device’s surrounding sounds remotely and that too without the rooting of the device.

Moreover, it’s really easy to use iKeyMonitor for listening to the ambient voices. So let’s see how the app works and help us achieve the desired goal.

Listen To Someone’s Phone Surroundings

So, let’s start with the installation process of iKeyMonitor first.

Installation Process On Parent device

1. Go to the official site of iKeyMonitor on the parent device and click on SIGN UP at the top-right corner.ikeymonitor sign up with parent device

2. Choose the platform according to the target device’s operating system. (If the target device is iOS then sadly, it’s not possible to listen to the ambient sounds using iKeyMonitor until the device is not jailbroken.)

device type selection

3. You have to get the physical access of the device and being a parent we consider that it’s not hard for you to do so. That’s why you have to click on “Yes. I can get the device in my hand and unlock it.

installation wizard parent device

4. Register yourself by providing some important details like User ID and Email, and tap on SIGN UP.

ikeymonitor sign up with parent device

5. Now, you’ll receive an email from iKeyMonitor. This email contains your login details.

login credentials received by email

6. Simply log in with the credentials provided to you by iKeyMonitor.

login ikeymonitor with parent device

Installation Process On Kid’s Or Target Device

Now, it’s time to start the installation of the app on the kid’s phone. Get the physical access of the device to get started.

1. Use any browser and reach the official iKeyMonitor site. Tap on the hamburger icon given on the screen and select the LOG IN option.

login on child phone with ikeymonitor

2. Use the same log in details that were used to sign up on the parent’s device.

ikeymonitor login with same credentials

3. As we have told before that iKeyMonitor only allows Android devices to use the surroundings feature, we assume your kid owns an Android device. iOS device needs to be jailbroken.

selecting android as the device type

4. Go for the option “Yes. I will download the spy app directly on the device and install it.”

install wizard on child phone

5. Now you need to Download iKeyMonitor for Android.

download ikeymonitor on target device

6. Tap on INSTALL to continue installing iKeyMonitor on the target device.

install ikeymonitor on target phone

7. iKeyMonitor will require some permissions to make it possible for you to listen to the surrounding voices remotely. Allow iKeyMonitor to access media, photos, and files. Allow it to take pictures and give all the necessary permissions.

give the required permissions for installation

8. Next, you have to simply tap on the Login as there’s no password set for the iKeyMonitor app.

login with blank password

9. There’s no point in rooting the Android device because the feature works with non-rooted devices as well. That said, tap on Continue as User App (No Root.)

continue as user app

10. Time to configure some settings, Let’s start with battery settings.

battery optimization settings

11. Google Play doesn’t allow you to install the unknown app but it’s completely ok to use iKeyMonitor. So you need to turn off the Play Protect and enable the Internet Service by tapping on Configure.

disable play protect settings

12. Configure the Usage Access, Accessibility, Screen Capturing, and other settings as well.

configure screen capturing

13. There’s no point in keeping the app icon, so you have to uncheck both, Display status bar icon and Display home screen icon.

dont display ikeymonitor icon

14. Give a final check to all the permissions you have given. Some of the permissions might have a question mark, but if the permissions are given, tap on the question mark, select Already Confirmed, and tap on Next.

configuration check for settings

Now the iKeyMonitor app is all set and you can use it to listen to live phone surroundings.

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Record And Listen To The Ambient Sounds In Real-Time

1. At the initial login, you’ll be at the Dashboard of iKeyMonitor. Go to the Logs option Choose Surrounding from the list of features.

2. Now simply click on the Record Live Surrounding Sound option to listen to the ambient sounds of the target phone remotely.

listen to someone's phone surroundings

The command can be given for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 120 minutes. The surrounding sound will be recorded for the time you choose.

iKeyMonitor takes a little bit in executing the command, but it will surely follow the command given and provide you with the ambient sound ones it’s recorded.

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Final Words

Not only can you listen to ambient audio of someone’s phone remotely with iKeyMonitor but it also offers a lot of other monitoring features. Read our detailed review of the app here to learn more.

It’s really good that you care about your kids and you don’t want them to be in any kind of problem. And for the same reason, you want to listen to the surrounding sounds near their phones. But it’s quite unethical if you do it without taking their consent or without telling them.

So you should at least make them aware that you’re gonna use a monitoring app to get access to their device’s microphone and hear everything near them.

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