How To Record & Listen To Someone’s Phone Calls Remotely

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Do you always wonder who your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is secretly talking to over the phone all the time? Do you want to record calls on someone else’s phone so that you can find out who your partner is talking to?

But then is it possible to listen others call on my phone? Yes, it is and in this article, I am going to show you how to bug a cell phone to listen in.

If you have a question in your mind like how to listen to cell phone conversations from another phone then keep reading the article because you are going to get your answer here. So without wasting any time let’s see how to listen to someone else calls without them knowing.

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Quick Summary 
It is illegal to hear other phone call. However, if you still want to trace a phone call conversation then let me tell you that it is not possible to bug a cell phone to listen in for free. You have to make use of special apps that record phone calls such as KidsGuard Pro, FlexiSPY, and TheOneSpy and they are not free. However, they do provide a free demo so you can check them before actually purchasing the apps.

How To Listen To Cell Phone Conversations From Another Phone For Free?

If you want to listen to someone else calls without them knowing then there’s no free way to do that. Either you have to hide an audio bug in their house using which you can listen to their cell phone conversation or you can install a spy app on their phone that can record another person’s call.

Both methods are not free, as you have to invest in a new audio bug or app that records phone calls. If you have decided to make the investment then it’s better you make it in the spy app. Because an audio bug can only record one side of the conversation whereas a spyware can record both sides of the conversation clearly. Also, the spy app allows you to monitor other things as well such as text messages, social media activities, location, etc.

Not all spy apps have a call recording facility, there are only a few apps that have it. Don’t worry, I am going to introduce you to them in the following part of the article.

Apps To Record Another Person Calls

1. Listen To Other Phone Calls With KidsGuard Pro

kidsguard pro call recording

In order to record another person call, firstly, you need to register on KidsGuard Pro. After that, a successful installation and set up of KidsGuard Pro is necessary in order to eavesdrop on the child’s phone calls.

It becomes really easy to hear the phone calls remotely once you’ve set up the KidsGuard Pro app on the target device and logged in on your device.

Whenever the target person receives a call, KidsGuard Pro starts recording the phone call. And 5-10 minutes after the call ends, KidsGuard Pro uploads the complete call recording of your child or your partner with the other user on their online portal where you can listen to the call remotely anytime you feel convenient.

While using the app, I discovered that the voice from both ends is crisp and clear as if you are listening to their calls live. However, it would have been better if the voice from the other person was louder.

KidsGuard Pro makes it possible for you to simply listen to phone calls of anyone. Once it is uploaded to the portal just by tapping on the Audio option. It even allows you to hear others’ phone calls on your mobile by downloading the call recordings to your device.

Downloading the recording can be a great idea when you find something inappropriate and you want the proof to be locally saved on your device.

While listening to the call recording, you don’t need to wonder who’s the other person behind the call. The name and number of the contact are given with each and every recording.

Other information includes the date and time of the call, the duration of the call, and the type of call (incoming or outgoing.)

If you want to look for the call recordings of the target person with a specific contact, you can use the search option given at the top.

KidsGuard Pro For Android doesn’t support WhatsApp call recording. If you are interested in listening to your kid’s or spouse’s WhatsApp calls then you can go for KidsGuard for WhatsApp. It is a spy app dedicated to tracking WhatsApp calls and messages only.

KidsGuard Pro offers many other features as well that will assist you in keeping a keen eye on your loved ones. You can learn about those features in my detailed KidsGuard Pro review.

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Things To Keep In Mind

  • There are 3 pricing plans in KidsGuard Pro that the user can choose from. And with all the plans of KidsGuard Pro, it’s possible to record and listen to someone’s phone calls. No need to root the target device for recording as well.
  • KidsGuard Pro works with both Android and iOS devices if we talk about its compatibility with smartphones. But the call recording feature is only available for Android users.
  • Make sure you’ve taken the consent of the target person before installing KidsGuard Pro on their device. It’s illegal to monitor someone or listen to call recordings of other mobiles without them knowing.
  • Even if you’re using KidsGuard Pro to secure your kids or employees, do let them know about the installation first. It might result in a distortion of the relationship if they find out about the apps themselves.
  • KidsGuard Pro for Android and KidsGuard for WhatsApp are two different apps from the same company. If you wish to monitor call recordings for both cellular phone calls and WhatsApp calls then you’ll have to subscribe to their plans separately.

2. Trace A Phone Call Conversation With FlexiSPY

Just like KidsGuard Pro, in order to listen to someone else calls without them knowing, first, you need to register an account on FlexiSPY. After that, complete the installation and setup process in order to successfully record and listen call recordings of other mobiles.

You can learn the setup process and other features of FlexiSPY in detail in my review.

FlexiSPY provides its users with heaps of amazing features, and one such feature is tracing a phone call conversation.

Kids are easy to manipulate and if you have given them a cell phone then you must keep an eye on them considering the negative effects of cell phones on teenagers and students. You never know when they might receive a bogus call asking for personal or bank details.

So it’s better to keep a constant eye on the calls they are receiving by tapping their mobile phone calls with the help of FlexiSPY.

Under the Call Recording section, you will see all the recordings that FlexiSPY has done. Identify the call you want to listen to using the date and time stamps given with each call recording.

Once you know which call you wish to listen to, just tap on the Download option given. It’s not possible in FlexiSPY to listen to phone calls without downloading.

app to listen to someone's phone calls

FlexiSPY also shows the contact name, number, duration of the call, and if the call was incoming or outgoing.

Apart from just recording the cell phone conversation, FlexiSPY even lets you intercept an ongoing call. This means that you can listen to live phone calls of someone without them knowing. However, for this feature to work the target phone must be rooted.

One thing I noticed while comparing FlexiSPY with KidsGuard Pro is that FlexiSPY can record VoIP calls as well as cellular calls. This means you can listen to someone’s Messenger calls, Skype, or WhatsApp calls without installing any other app. Also, in earlier FlexiSPY versions this feature was only available on a rooted target phone but now you can record and listen to internet calls without root.

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Things To Keep In Mind

  • In the case of FlexiSPY, you get 3 pricing plans to choose from, LITE, PREMIUM, and, EXTREME plan. Go for the EXTREME plan to make it possible to record and listen to the phone calls of your lover, employees, or your kid.
  • Unlike KidsGuard Pro,  FlexiSPY works for both Android and iOS devices. On Android devices, it’s possible to record the calls without rooting.
  • But for listening and recording phone calls on an iOS device, it has to be jailbroken first.
  • Just like in the case of KidsGuard Pro, make the target person aware of the installation of FlexiSPY on their device, be it your employee, kid, or your lover.

3. Hear Other Phone Call Using TheOneSpy

Similar to KidsGuard Pro and FlexiSPY, TheOneSpy app also lets you listen to other people’s phone call conversation. The app works on both Android and iPhone. However, the target iOS device needs to be jailbroken just as in the case of FlexiSPY to listen into phone calls on iPhone. In the case of Android, you can record cell phone conversations without rooting.

The app even lets you set the loudness of the call recording so that you can clearly listen to the cell phone conversation. This feature is missing on the other two apps. However, it doesn’t make that much of a difference, to be honest.

hear phone call recording

From my TheOneSpy review you can find out that apart from phone calls, the app even records calls made on social media apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Be it cellular calls or VoIP calls it lets you download them on your device so that you can keep them as proof.

Things To Keep In Mind

TheOneSpy has two plans for Android which are LITE & Premium and they cost $25/ month and $43/month respectively. However, for iPhone, it only has a single plan which costs $55/month.

The app can record phone calls on Android without rooting. However, if you want to listen in on iPhone remotely then it has to be jailbroken.

Once the app is installed the target person will not know about it since the app is totally hidden.

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How To Do Remote Call Recording? Final Verdict

Now we know that KidGuard Pro, FlexiSPY, and TheOneSpy make it easy for parents to track their kids, and allow listening to their calls remotely with just a single click.

But there are many other exciting features that both apps offer to monitor loved ones in a better way.

Some of these features include screen capture, remote photos, location tracking, and social media tracking.

So if you are truly dedicated to protecting your kids, lover, or employees from any danger coming their way, make use of any of these spy services.


Can you record the phone call without letting the other person know?

Yes, both apps make it possible to record calls without letting the other person know as the app works in stealth mode. However, it is not appropriate to do so without the consent of another person and it is illegal in most cases.

Can you listen to previous phone calls?

After installing FlexiSPY, KidsGuard Pro, or TheOneSpy app on the target device, you will be able to listen to the upcoming phone calls but not the calls that took place before the installation was done. However, checking the details of the calls is possible on FlexiSPY.

Can you intercept calls?

No, it is not possible to intercept the call and listen to the conversation on KidsGuard Pro. In FlexiSPY, if you root or jailbreak the target device, then it is possible to do so.

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