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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

MoniMaster is one of the best value-for-money spy apps for Android and iPhone. This affordable monitoring app offers some advanced features that are not even seen on some of the most expensive spy apps. These advanced features include:

Live Recording: Under this feature, MoniMaster allows you to remotely listen to target phone call recordings, surrounding sounds, and VoIP calls, i.e., calls made on certain social media apps.

Remote Control: As the name suggests, this feature lets you remotely control the target phone to capture screenshots and photos on the target device without them knowing.

Social Apps: This feature lets you spy on the target person’s social media activities, which includes all popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. It records social media activities using screenshots and the keylogger.

Why Should You Pick It?

Honestly, I’m genuinely impressed with the MoniMaster app. It’s remarkable how it offers an extensive range of features at such a reasonable price. The inclusion of call recording and VoIP call recording without root, typically found in more costly spy apps like FlexiSPY, is a standout feature.

Moreover, the app’s ability to swiftly and accurately track activities on the target phone and seamlessly sync them to the dashboard for convenient viewing is truly commendable. The effectiveness of social media tracking further adds to the app’s overall appeal.

Why Should You Skip It?

At the price point it comes and the features it provides, I have no complaints about it. However, it’s not perfect, just like anything else. I have found that if you delete a message instantly on the target device, then it may not be able to record it. Also, it shows you the thumbnail of the videos stored on the target phone but is unable to play them online.

Quick Review

To be honest, MoniMaster is one of the best Android spyware I have used so far. It does track iPhones as well, but it’s not perfect for that. However, when it comes to Android, there’s no doubt it is one of the best. It does have some drawbacks, but the advantages of this software overshadow its drawbacks. I especially love the live listening and remote control features on such affordable software, and most importantly, you don’t need to root the target Android phone to use them.

Free Trial   No
Free Demo   Yes
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Monthly price$29.99/month for Android & $39.99/ month for iPhone
Supported Operating System Android & iPhone
Works Without Rooting Or JailbreakYes
SpyDrill Rating9.3/10

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Full MoniMaster Review

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MoniMaster is a spying tool that works on both iPhones and Android devices. The good thing is you don’t have to go through the complicated processes of rooting or jailbreaking the target phone for it to work well.

It’s compatible with all Android phones running on version 4 and above. In the case of an iPhone, it supports iOS devices running on iOS 9 and above.

For your information, I have tested it on a non-rooted Android Phone running on Android 13 (Samsung M12).

How Does It Work?

MoniMaster is a tool that lets you secretly monitor someone’s phone activity. For Android phones, you need to install the app on the target device. But for iPhones, you can do it without installing anything by using the iCloud credentials of the target person.

Once set up, you can log into your MoniMaster online account to see all the monitored data without the person knowing. By doing so, it allows you to keep tabs on your partner’s phone activities remotely.


MoniMaster boasts a colorful and intuitive dashboard that consolidates all recorded data seamlessly. This visually engaging interface presents comprehensive insights into app activities, the device’s last known location, recent screenshots, device information, and recent key logs.

Monimaster dashboard

The brilliance of the MoniMaster dashboard lies in its ability to effortlessly centralize recent updates, eliminating the need to navigate through various sections for specific information. This design not only enhances the overall user experience but also simplifies the monitoring process, making it a remarkably straightforward and user-friendly experience

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Let’s talk about the cool things MoniMaster can do. It’s packed with lots of features, and I’ll walk you through each one to let you know how well they work.

1. Logs

The first thing you’ll notice on the dashboard is the “Logs” section. This feature shows you everything that happens on the target person’s phone. It tells you when they turned on their phone, which apps they used, and even the exact times they opened and closed each app. In my testing, I found this feature to be super accurate.


On top of that, it also keeps track of all the notifications the phone gets from different apps. This part worked well in my tests, giving a clear picture of what was happening on the phone.


2. Call Logs

For concerned parents seeking reassurance, MoniMaster offers a valuable feature to keep an eye on their teens’ phone calls. This function gives detailed information such as the caller’s name, number, type of call, and how long it lasted. It goes a step further by retrieving deleted call logs. However, in my test, I observed that it might not capture calls instantly deleted upon receipt but it does allow you to listen to someone’s phone conversation, more on that later.

call logs

3. Messages

MoniMaster helps parents and partners keep an eye on the text messages of their loved ones. It shows who someone’s texting, what they’re saying, and when these conversations happen.


You can even search for messages from specific people. Moreover, it can also reveal deleted messages. However, in my test, I found unlike SpyBubble Pro and mSpy it may not show you deleted messages which were instantly removed. Nonetheless, it is still a great tool for keeping track of messages in a detailed way.

4. Contacts

MoniMaster can uncover detailed information about contacts saved on the targeted phone, including their phone number, email, and address.


So, if someone tries to fool you by changing their number, MoniMaster catches them in the act. It functions like a detective tool, making it simple for you to find and monitor someone’s contacts, even if they attempt to conceal their details.

5. Browsing History

MoniMaster acts as a detective for your teen’s internet searches. Even if they’re using secret mode browsers, MoniMaster can still track everything searched in incognito mode. It reveals the website address, how many times your teen visited it, and exactly when they did so.

browser history

And here’s the impressive part: you can easily check all this information for today, this month, last month, or even last year with just a click!

select date

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6. Photos

This app is like your personal tool to check out all the photos on your teen’s phone, whether they’re in the phone’s memory or on a memory card. You get to be in control of all the pictures. What makes MoniMaster cool is how it organizes photos neatly into folders.

monimaster photo

The main one is for camera photos, and there are special folders for different apps like WhatsApp or Snapchat.

Now, here’s the awesome part: when you’re looking at a picture, you can zoom in to see it better. And if you need to, you can even download it which helps deal with anything inappropriate.

monimaster review

7. Video Preview

MoniMaster safeguards teens from potentially harmful videos by carefully tracking them and providing thumbnails and timestamps. Whether these videos are stored internally or externally, the app ensures thorough monitoring.

video preview

This feature is essential for shielding teens from misleading content on social networks and messaging apps. However, the thing I dislike about this feature is that unlike other spy apps like mSpy, uMobix, and others you cannot watch the videos stored on the target device. You can only see the thumbnails of the video, which is sometimes not sufficient for proper monitoring.

8. App Activites

Curious about what your teen is up to on their phone? MoniMaster app activities feature has got you covered. You can easily check their daily phone actions, like which apps they use, how much, and for how long.

app activity

This helps you know their online habits and keeps them safe from potential risks. You can even look for specific apps and see how they’ve been used by searching for them from the search bar at the top right corner. It’s like having a detective tool for your teen’s phone.

9. Keylogger

MoniMaster’s keylogger works like a secret agent, quietly recording every tap on the keyboard without the person knowing. This is useful if you’re worried about what your spouse is doing. It keeps track of the keys pressed in certain apps like Chrome, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, etc., and even lets you search for specific words.


MoniMaster’s Android keylogger is both affordable and effective, making it a great option for secretly keeping an eye on what someone is doing on their smartphone.

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10. Calendar

Understanding someone’s schedule feels like a sneak peek into their daily life and with MoniMaster you can do just that by tracking their Calendar.


MoniMaster recognizes the importance of this, setting it apart from other spy apps. It becomes your reliable tool for reviewing your partner’s calendar, enabling you to plan surprises or stay updated on their work routine.

11. App Library

A recent addition to MoniMaster is a feature that displays all the apps installed on the targeted phone. It provides details like the installation date and the app’s size. The noteworthy aspect is that it also reveals the last time each app was used, allowing you to track when they were active.

App library

Additionally, this feature displays information about apps that have been uninstalled on the target phone.

uninstalled apps

This means that even if someone used an inappropriate app and uninstalled it to avoid detection, you can still find out about it.

12. Location

With MoniMaster, keeping tabs on your loved ones’ whereabouts becomes a breeze. You get a map showcasing their travel history, and you can easily zoom in for a closer look. Beneath the map, crucial details like the address, precise coordinates (longitude and latitude), and the time spent in that location are laid out.


So, tracking where your teens have been becomes a simple task, reassuring you about their safety.

13. Geofence

Geofence acts like a safety zone you can establish for your children. Whenever they enter or exit this area, you receive notifications on your MoniMaster account and even through email if you prefer.

Setting up a Geofence is a piece of cake. Just click to add one, choose the size of the safe area, and opt for email alerts if you wish. Moreover, if you only want this safety net during specific days or times, you can customize that too.


In essence, with MoniMaster Geofence, you gain peace of mind. It’s a handy tool to ensure your kids are where they should be, and you’ll be promptly notified if they step outside the safe zone.

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14. Wi-Fi Logger

Think of the Wi-Fi Logger as a special way to track the target device’s connections. When the target person connects to Wi-Fi, it records details like the device’s name, connection start and end times, and duration.

WiFi logger

The Wi-Fi Logger also shows where the connection happened. Clicking the location link opens the exact address on Google Maps, helping you spot unexpected stops. However, in my test, it couldn’t provide the location of the WiFi network, it only provided the name and duration of the WiFi network.

15. Social

It’s crucial to monitor calls, messages, and browsers, but don’t forget about social media apps, especially for teens who might not know online safety well. MoniMaster helps you track these apps effortlessly!

Once your teen opens a social app, you get screenshots and chats sent to you. It covers all major sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and much more. Let’s see how it works with them.


Monitoring WhatsApp with MoniMaster is quick and easy. You get screenshots and you can also track messages with the keylogger. Just click Sync for the latest updates. You can view details like names, profile photos, and chat times using the screenshots captured by MoniMaster.

whatsapp monitoring


MoniMaster can spy on Facebook by taking screenshots whenever the target person uses the app. Like WhatsApp, it also uses a keylogger to record text. Click on screenshots to see full details, whether it’s a status, comment, or story. Besides screenshots, it also records the app notifications for you.

Monimaster android review


For Instagram, MoniMaster lets you secretly check messages, followers, direct messages, and liked posts. It even works in vanish mode, hence allowing you to read messages sent privately. It does so by capturing screenshots and keylogger data.  You can double-click on the screenshots to see them in full-screen mode for clear viewing of the target person’s Instagram DM’s or activities.

track instagram


MoniMaster cleverly monitors Snapchat without notifying the other person. It captures screenshots of chats, calls, and stories. With the keylogger, it tracks all chats. Once the target device connects to Wi-Fi, all screenshots are synced to your MoniMaster dashboard. It even shows all the notifications received on the Snapchat app similar to how you can see in the image below.


In a nutshell, MoniMaster makes keeping loved ones safe online super easy by effectively tracking all the popular social media apps which include apps like Viber, LINE, Kik, Telegram, Tinder, Instagram, Discord, Skype, Messenger, and more.

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16. Video Apps

MoniMaster includes a Video Apps feature, monitoring activities on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. This feature provides insights into the target person’s search history and timeline on these apps, along with details on the number of viewed videos and screen time. It serves as a vital parental control tool, enabling users to monitor their children’s screen time and the content they engage with.


However, in my testing, this feature fell short of expectations as it only displayed screen time data and didn’t provide information on viewed videos, watch timelines, or search history.

17. Record Surround

This impressive feature allows users to remotely listen to the surroundings of the target device. Simply click the Record Now button, choose the recording duration, and the recording starts automatically.

Additionally, it incorporates an AI background noise removal feature that effectively eliminates background noise during recording. Having tested it both with and without the AI feature, I can confirm that the AI works exceptionally well, it significantly reduces background noise, enhancing audio clarity and volume.

record surround

You have the option to download the recorded audio or play it directly on the dashboard. My experience with this feature was thoroughly enjoyable as it performs exceptionally well.

18. App Calls

This feature is typically found only in advanced spyware like FlexiSPY, making it noteworthy that MoniMaster includes it at such an affordable price. However, unlike FlexiSPY, MoniMaster has limitations in tracking calls on all social media apps; it currently supports calls on WhatsApp, Line, and Instagram.

app calls

Having tested this feature on all three supported apps, I can confirm that MoniMaster adeptly records both incoming and outgoing calls with clear and audible audio from both ends. The convenience of downloading the recordings or playing them directly on the dashboard adds to its appeal.

19. Record Calls

This functionality records all phone calls, whether incoming or outgoing. Also, it only synchronizes the recorded calls when connected to Wi-Fi to prevent excessive data usage. This enables you to discreetly monitor your loved ones without their awareness.

With MoniMaster, you gain essential details such as the contact’s name, phone number, call timing, direction (incoming or outgoing), and duration. Listening to recordings is hassle-free, just click the play icon under Audio.

phone recording

In my experience with this feature, navigating through recordings was seamless, with clear and understandable audio from both parties. If you wish to retain a copy, downloading recorded calls is a swift process, simply click the Download button.

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20. Record Screen

Would you like to observe the ongoing activities on the target person’s phone screen? MoniMaster enables you to remotely record the screen on the target phone and monitor their actions. Simply click on the Record button and choose the duration, ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute.

screen recording

During my testing, I found that MoniMaster promptly responded to my commands, efficiently recording the screen on the target device. Moreover, once the recording concluded, it seamlessly synced to my MoniMaster dashboard for immediate viewing. This feature left a strong impression on me.

21. Capture Screenshots

MoniMaster’s Screenshots Capture feature discreetly reveals the target person’s activities without their awareness. It captures a comprehensive range of data, including calls, texts, and social media engagements on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

To utilize this feature, simply click on the “Take Screenshots” button, and the snapshots will be organized by the respective day. If they don’t appear, a quick update can be initiated by hitting the “Sync” button.

capture screenshot

Hovering over a photo enables zooming in or downloading, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Overall, MoniMaster is one of the best screenshot-capture spyware out there.

22. Take Photo

MoniMaster provides the Take Photo feature, which utilizes your partner’s phone camera to discreetly capture images without their knowledge. Simply click the Shoot button on the right to initiate a photo capture. To ensure effectiveness, the phone must be operational and not stowed away in a bag or pocket.

take photo

In my test, I found that within 15 seconds of pressing Shoot, the photo is accessible on the portal. Hover over the image for a fullscreen view, allowing you to scrutinize their surroundings.

23. Track Keywords

MoniMaster’s keyword monitoring feature empowers you to track specific words that, when typed by the target individual, trigger notifications for you. To utilize this feature, you simply need to input the keywords you want to be alerted about.

add keywords

Once the keywords are added, you await the moment when the target person types those words on their phone. Instantly, all the relevant details will be accessible on your dashboard.

track keywords

If preferred, you can opt to receive notifications via email. In my test I found this feature to be highly reliable, offering you a trustworthy tool to enhance the online safety of your children.

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Monimaster plans

MoniMaster for Android has three plans based on the duration of the package. You can purchase it for $29.99 per month, and if you prefer a longer commitment, there are 3-month and 12-month plans available at $49.99 and $99.99 respectively.

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Monimaster iOS price

The prices mentioned earlier are for using MoniMaster on Android. If you want to track an iPhone then there’s a little extra cost. For iPhone tracking, it’s $39.99 per month, $19.98 per month for the 3-month plan, and $9.16 per month for the yearly plan.

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Android Installation Guide

  • It’s easy to install the MoniMaster app on the target Android phone. You need to first visit the MoniMaster website and click on the Try Now button. Then you need to choose the target device.

choose target device

  • Next, you need to select a plan and then enter your email address, and finally make the payment.

make payment

  • As soon as the payment is processed, you will receive an email containing the registration code and login details. Use these details to log into your MoniMaster account.

login Monimaster

  • Now as you log into your account you will get detailed instructions to download and easily install the spy app on the target device. Follow these instructions to successfully install the app.
  • MoniMaster provides you with two options which are: manual setup and automatic setup. Choose the Automatic setup and the app will automatically grant itself all the permissions needed on the target device.

automatic installation

Wait till the installation process is completed. You can now log into your MoniMaster account and start monitoring the target device remotely from the comfort of your device.

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iPhone Installation Process

To install MoniMaster on an iPhone, you have two methods: one where you physically access the iPhone, and another where you do it remotely using iCloud.

If you go for the physical access method (iOS option), you’ll need to physically get to the iPhone to monitor its activities.

The other method involves iCloud monitoring, which means you can track the iPhone from a distance without installing anything on it. For this, you need the iCloud login details of the target, ensure their iCloud backup is turned on, and if they have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, you might need physical access for the setup.

So, choose between the two methods based on what works best for you and how you can access the target device.

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My Final Verdict

Based on my thorough testing and personal experience with MoniMaster, I find it difficult to identify any compelling reasons not to choose this app. Having experimented with nearly every spy application available, it’s rare to come across a spyware solution that offers such an extensive array of monitoring features at such a budget-friendly price point.

Additionally, I appreciate the convenience that comes with not having to root or jailbreak the target phone for most of these features. In conclusion, if you’re seeking the optimal online investigation partner with affordability in mind, MoniMaster stands out as a top choice.



Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Customer Support


Impact On The Target Phone


Value for Money



  • Quick installation
  • Easy to use
  • Instatnly syncs the recorded data from target phone to it's server for remote viewing
  • Allows cellular call recording including recording of calls made on some social media apps
  • Accurate location tracking with Geofencing feature
  • Effective social media tracking
  • Remote sound recording and photo capture feature work well
  • Affordable pricing


  • Doesn't play the videos stored on target device only shows their thumbnail
  • iPhone pricing is higher than Android
  • Lacks advanced monitoring feature such as call recording on iPhone
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