How To Monitor Child’s YouTube Watch History & Usage

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To get more views, more engagements, more subscribers, and ultimately to earn more money, people won’t step back from spreading vulgarity on YouTube.

It doesn’t matter to some people that their coarse and filthy content is also watched by kids and teens. All that matters to them is more and more traffic on their channel.

And surprisingly, the more indecent their content is, the more tasteful the teens find it. But as a parent, how can you let your child watch anything they like on YouTube?

What hasn’t technology made possible for us? Even monitoring the child’s YouTube watch history is achievable using the parental control apps today.

To get better control on kids’ YouTube usage, monitoring apps also allow you to block particular YouTube videos, channels, or restrict the YouTube app and site altogether on your teen’s phone or computer. Moreover, you can also limit the usage of the YouTube app or site to prevent your kids from getting addicted to YouTube.

I’m going to show you the working of two parental control apps that work for the parents and help you check the child’s YouTube history and give you full control over the child’s YouTube account.

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How To See What Your Child Watches On YouTube

FamiSafe app makes it possible for parents to know what their child watches on YouTube. In order to use the FamiSafe YouTube monitoring software, you need to create an account on the app and install it on the target phone.

No matter if the child uses an Android phone, iPhone, Mac, or a Windows PC, you can use FamiSafe on any device.

Installation And Setup Of FamiSafe

1. First, you need to create an account on the FamiSafe app by going to its official website. Click on the Try It Free option that you see on the top.

try famisafe

2. Now provide the credentials using which you want to create an account with FamiSafe and click on SIGN UP. Finally, after making a payment, your FamiSafe account is ready.

3. Now you have to install the FamiSafe app on the phone whose YouTube history you want to check. For this, you need to take physical access to that phone.

4. Using the kid’s phone, reach the official website of FamiSafe and login on to the app using the same credentials that were used to make your FamiSafe account.

famisafe login details

5. Now choose whose device is this. Select the Kid option to continue further.

select device owner

6. Enter the name and age of your kid and tap on Next.

kids details

7. It’s time to change various settings on the kid’s phone to make the FamiSafe app work on the phone fluently. These settings include accessibility, usage access, notification access, and device administration.

accesibility settings


8. Next you have to allow some permissions to the FamiSafe app. These permissions include location, contacts, and photos, and media.

With this, the FamiSafe app installation is complete on the target phone and now it’s time to track their YouTube watch history while keeping an eye on other things as well.

How To View Someone’s YouTube History

After your first login on FamiSafe, the app will take you to its dashboard. Here you will see various options using which you can keep a track of your kids.

For knowing what your kid watches on YouTube, you need to go to the YouTube App Control feature if the child uses an Android Phone while in the case of iOS, this feature is available by the name YouTube Content Detection.

list of youtube videos watched by kid

Here you will see the list of all the videos that your kid watches on YouTube. You will see the exact title of that YouTube video along with the time when the teen was watching it.

Now suppose you saw some explicit video that the kid watched on YouTube and you don’t want them to open that video again.

That’s made possible by FamiSafe. All you have to do is, click on the lock option available on the side of each YouTube video and click on the Block video option. This will take immediate action and the child won’t be able to watch that YouTube video on their device again.

blocking YouTube video or channel

If all the videos on that YouTube channel are not fit for teens to watch then you can simply block the whole channel. For that, all you have to do is, click on the Block channel option.

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How To Block And Limit Child’s YouTube Usage?

Adult content is not the only problem with YouTube, it’s addiction can also be a pain for the parents. But FamiSafe has a feature that can help your kids not get addicted to YouTube by blocking adult content or the app itself. And if they are already addicted, then the same feature will help them free from that addiction.

This feature comes under the name App Usage And Blocker. If you notice your child is using the YouTube app more than necessary (using the Screen Time feature), then you can stay put on their YouTube use with the App Usage And Blocker feature.

selecting app

All you need to do is, click on the button adjacent to YouTube in order to stop its use. Once you click on the cross button, the YouTube app will not open on the kid’s phone.

blocking youtube app use

By clicking on the clock icon, you can also set the time for which you want to allow the child to use the YouTube app.

Click on Enable Screen Time Limit option and now you can customize the duration for each day or set the Time limit for the present day.

enable or restrict YouTube app use

As easily you can set the time for use, you can also set the time for which the app will be restricted.

Even after blocking the YouTube app on their phone, the kid will still try to use YouTube. But this time using the browser of their phone.

So while you are blocking the YouTube app, don’t forget to block all the browsers on their phone. If you don’t want to block the complete use of the browser, then you can simply add the YouTube URL and stop the use of the YouTube web.

To restrict the YouTube site from opening, you can add the YouTube link ( in the Add website section of Web Filter. Then, click on Block, and finally, SAVE your changes.

block youtube website

That’s how FamiSafe makes it possible for you to keep a track of the YouTube history and block the content on the app.

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FamiSafe is not only a YouTube monitoring app but it can do a lot more tracking for you. Read our FamiSafe review to learn about all of its features.

Alternate Method: How To See YouTube History And Limit YouTube Use

FamiSafe is a great app for keeping a check on YouTube activities but it’s always good to have a second option in hand.

So here’s how Qustodio works to monitor YouTube history and block its use.

Just like in FamiSafe, the Qustodio app also needs an installation on the target device after creating an account on it. Although it’s quite easy, you can know the complete installation process by going through the detailed installation and setup process discussed in our Qustodio review.

After you’re done with the installation and setup, you need to go to the YouTube Monitoring section of Qustodio to control the child’s YouTube app and see YouTube history.

Qustodio allows you to set the time for which a person can use the YouTube app. All you need to do is, click on the Set time limit option and set the time for which you want to use YouTube.

youtube control features

If the app is blocked, the child might try luck with the YouTube website. You can easily block the YouTube site by toggling on the button adjacent to it.

To see all the videos they watched on YouTube, you need to click on the here option. The title of the video can be seen here along with the date and time when those videos were watched.

monitor youtube watch history

The working of the Qustodio app for the monitoring of YouTube will impress you. After putting a command for blocking the YouTube website or app, YouTube will become inaccessible with immediate effect.

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If you’re a bit confused about which app to go for then check out Qustodio and FamiSafe comparison.

Why YouTube Monitoring Is Important?

The answer to this question is simple. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that consist of stuff that is not appropriate for kids.

And once the child watches any video of such kind, YouTube will show similar content in the child’s recommendations. This may lead a simple mistake of the child into an addiction.

This is what makes it important for parents to view the history of the YouTube app.


How To View History On YouTube App Without Signing In?

The only way to view the child's YouTube history without signing in is by using the child monitoring apps like FamiSafe and Qustodio.

How Can I See My Kid's Watch History For Free?

There's no app that can let you check the YouTube watch history for free.

Can I Block The Content On YouTube?

Yes, you can block the content that you child watches on youTube using Famisafe and Qustodio

Can Parental Control Apps See Deleted History?

Yes, the parental control apps like FamiSafe and Qustodio see the deleted history on YouTube.

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