How To Monitor Employee Emails In Gmail?

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Gmail is the most used email client for personal and professional use. And why not? It’s quick, safe, easy to use, and most importantly available worldwide. However, most businesses use Google Workspace priorly known as G Suite instead of the personal Gmail client.

No matter what email client you use as an employer, you must be looking to monitor your employee email, isn’t it? Don’t worry in this article I will show you how to monitor employee emails in Gmail & Google Workspace. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

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Gmail VS Google Workspace

employee gmail

Before we move on to monitoring employee email in Gmail part. Let’s discuss the difference between Gmail & G Suite and how monitoring both of them is different.

So basically Gmail is made for personal use which means you are the admin of your account and you have full control over it. Here you get a personalized email account with an email address something like It’s totally free to create and use a Gmail account.

On the other hand, G Suite or Google Workspace is made for business and professional use only. Here only the admin of your company is in control of your account. The email address you get here looks like However, unlike Gmail, G Suite is not free, you have to pay a recurring monthly fee for each user.

Why You Should Monitor Employee Email?

Before moving further, let’s find out some main reasons why you should monitor employee email.

1. Productivity

By tracking your employee’s emails in Gmail you can ensure whether your workers are actually working or just procrastinating. Also if an employee has an extra workload, by monitoring their emails the boss can share the load equally with other employees. This overall increases productivity in an organization.

2. Protect Company Privacy

It’s possible that your competitor pays your employee to leak your company’s secret information to them. However, if you are tracking your employee’s emails then you can make sure that they are not leaking critical company information.

3. Measure Employee Performance

By monitoring employee emails you can rate their performance. So that at the time of appraisal the right deserving candidate gets the benefit and not someone who just pretends to work but doesn’t work properly.

How To Read Employee Email In The G Suite?

read employee email in gsuite

G Suite or Google Workspace offers the Gmail Investigation tool to the admin to access data related to company email through Gmail. The information you can track with this tool includes email content and Gmail messages.

The main purpose of using this tool is to investigate privacy and security-related issues of an organization. And here’s how to use the Gmail Investigation tool to read employees’ emails in the G Suite.

Note:  You can only use this tool if you are having administrator permission in your company’s G Suite account. Also, you cannot use this tool to spy on employees outside of work.

  •  Log in to the Gmail Admin Console. Next, you need to find the Security > Investigation tool option.
  • Next, you need to choose the Gmail messages that you want to read from the list.
  • Now, click on the Add Condition option.
  • You can find the email you want to read by searching for it. After finding the email, click on the message ID or subject.
  • Before reading the message you will have to give the reason why you want to read this email. It will be recorded for future reference. Finally, click on Confirm.

With this, now you will be able to read the message. After reading if you wish to quarantine or spam the message then you can do that.

How To Monitor Employee Emails In Gmail?

Tracking employees’ email in the G Suite (Gmail for business) is very easy, you don’t need any external help for tracking it. However, the same is not the case with their personal Gmail account. Most small and medium-sized businesses still don’t use G Suite. Moreover, it is possible that your employee must be using their personal email to leak company policies. In that case, you must keep an eye on their personal Gmail account as well, and here’s how you can do that.

Use pcTattletale

pcTattletale is one of the best employee monitoring tools out there. The reason is that it tracks everything the employee does on their phone or computer in video format. Moreover, it allows you to live stream their screen recording on your device. That means at any given point in time you can see what your employees are doing on their devices. This will help you find out if your employees are indulging in time theft.

Moreover, with the screen recordings, you can clearly monitor the employee emails in Gmail or any other email client, and that too remotely. If you have doubts about some employees and want to secretly collect proof against them then you can also do that. Since pcTattletale is hidden on their device, they won’t know about it unless you tell them yourself.

spy on employee email in gmail

Apart from that, there are other features available on pcTattletale that gives you more option to monitor your employees such as keystroke logger, click activity, and more. Overall, if you want to monitor your employees without Google Workspace then pcTattletale is the best option you have.

Alternate App To Spy on Employee Emails

If you don’t want to go with pcTattletale for any reason then I have another solution that will make sure whether your employees are working or not. The name of the solution is MoniVisor. This employee monitoring software is similar to pcTattletale as it also stays hidden on the target device. So if you want to secretly monitor the emails of some notorious employees then you can definitely use it.

With MoniVisor, you can spy on Gmail accounts of your workers. Not just Gmail, but you can also monitor other email clients such as Yahoo, and Outlook.

monitor employee email

You can read the email they have sent or received. Moreover, you can see the person with whom the email was shared and also the time at which the email was sent. All this makes this employee monitoring app a good investment, especially for small businesses that aren’t using the G Suite yet.

How Do I Monitor My Employees Emails On Gmail? Final Verdict

Monitoring employee emails is crucial for productivity and company safety. Hence if you are running a business then you must think about it. In case you are using Google workspace then you don’t have to worry much because the monitoring features are built into it. You don’t need any third-party Gmail investigation tool for employee email monitoring.

However, if you are not using G Suite for your company then you will definitely need a third-party tool for monitoring Gmail of your employees. pcTattletale is the best tool for the job as it can monitor emails on both phones as well as PC. You can give it a try for sure.


Is It Legal To Check Your Employee’s Email?

Yes, it’s legal to check your employee’s email as long as you abide by the state laws.

Can Employers Monitor Their Worker's Emails Without Permission?

No, employers cannot track their employee’s email without permission.

Can You Monitor Employees’ Personal Emails?

No, you cannot monitor the employee’s personal emails. It's against the law.

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